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  1. Yeah…What a loss... I heard he was 30ish? Also that he was due to be married next month. Sending love to his girl, and all of those that loved him from the Womacks in AZ, USA. This just breaks my heart. I miss you all! Dwayne
  2. Oh no....She was truly a doll... Thoughts for peace and healing for those that loved her...
  3. "You were awesome! Here's $20, now get out..."
  4. Still here at times!! Miss you Brother!
  5. I'm so sorry. I've been visiting with him for as long as I've been a medic, maybe even before. What a gift he was to us. Sending you thoughts for peace and healing from your EMS family in Colorado... God's speed Brother..
  6. Maybe what we need next is just a narcan pump, like for diabetics? Narc levels rise, resps drop, BANG, 0.5 Narcan! It would likely give a better assessment than many first responders that already know what the problem is because 'dispatch told them.'
  7. As the father of an 18 year old autistic son, I know the pain that the family feels, as I've seen it in so many. This family needs a bahavior specialist, and they need him/her right away. The anger they're seeing is not a symptom of Asperger's/autism, but of a child in a lot of pain. Many like to think of the rage as a symptom of the disorder, I think because it makes it easier for us not to feel guilty, but it's truly not. Force isn't going to work, threats will only make things worse, punishing the behavior will make it worse still, only identifying the source of his pain (It's almost certainly mental, emotional, and physical.), by someone qualified to do so, and helping to mitigate it will solve these problems... Please try to trust me on this. Sending happy thoughts to your girlfriend and her family, as well as you. You sound like a really, really awesome boyfriend.
  8. Hi guys, thanks for the welcome. Not dead, not made into Papuan soup...just drifted away from the forums for a bit because of life. I've missed you! It looks like I'm back just in time to try and hammer all of your weird opinions back onto the straight and narrow...
  9. It will actually be much more important to understand OSHA requirements on this job than first aid, for example, when and why you might apply a splint and what the consequences for the company might be should you choose to when it's not necessary. No medical director means no medical care above first aid. I would be curious if an AED would fall into this category, as they're placed in public areas now for layman use? What EMT skills above first aid would you feel might be used before an ambulance could arrive?
  10. So let's say that you can forgive or somehow excuse the mishandling of the trach, how do you, in any world, explain away them not noticing a dying patient happening right before their eyes? To the point where they attempt the handover of an actually dead patient? Makes me want to spit...
  11. If you're getting paid to go out with these guys, my guess is that alone is enough to lose your lisence as you don't have a medical director. If you're volunteering to go out, then I can't see any issues at all. I'm not even sure that your scope of practice matters if you're acting in good faith as a Good Samaritan. I can't imagine the senario where a Marine training mission would leave their Corpsmen home and take a civilain EMT. I also can't imagine the mission where they would choose to go into unsafe avalanche areas for training, especially while being responsible for a civilian EMT. I'm from Colorado, but that doesn't help, because as others have stated, your story stinks Brother. Tell the truth, or flesh out the details and more will be willing to help. But stick with the, "A civilian EMT going out on a dangerous training mission in support of the Marines? You all have never heard of that? Happens all the time..if you're as good as me..." And I don't care if you're friggin' Chuck Norris...just the suggestion that the Marines turned to their Corpsmen and said, "You guys sit this one out...we've got super EMT here to take care of us.." pisses me off...That just didn't happen.
  12. DwayneEMTP


    Man, great question.... I guess that it could be argued, "He refused to consent 10 minutes ago, with the information available then. He's now unresponsive, if he had the ability to make a new decisions with this new information he might choose differently." It's not my argument, but one that I can imagine. Is there a nation wide legal answer to this question?
  13. At first I felt guilty, as I too noticed the chick first. But second I noticed the color of his leg and circulation issues..then suddenly, "Holy crap! He's got a log stuck in his bum!" I like to feel that I'm pretty well balanced...
  14. Secouriste, I'm not sure what the science says, so I'm only speaking for myself. But if vacuum mattresses were commonly used by most my guess would be that this would be a completely different conversation. Know what I mean? We can't, or at least I can't, really compare a vacuum mattress to a straight backboard, the mattress being by far the superior choice. (My unscientific opinion only.) I am curious though if immobilization via vacuum mattress has been studied when compared to no board and the cot mattress only?
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