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  1. the 9 things you never say to a patient

    "You were awesome! Here's $20, now get out..."
  2. Old folks Still here?

    Still here at times!! Miss you Brother!
  3. Narcan at the EMT level.

    Maybe what we need next is just a narcan pump, like for diabetics? Narc levels rise, resps drop, BANG, 0.5 Narcan! It would likely give a better assessment than many first responders that already know what the problem is because 'dispatch told them.'
  4. Consent

    Man, great question.... I guess that it could be argued, "He refused to consent 10 minutes ago, with the information available then. He's now unresponsive, if he had the ability to make a new decisions with this new information he might choose differently." It's not my argument, but one that I can imagine. Is there a nation wide legal answer to this question?
  5. At first I felt guilty, as I too noticed the chick first. But second I noticed the color of his leg and circulation issues..then suddenly, "Holy crap! He's got a log stuck in his bum!" I like to feel that I'm pretty well balanced...
  6. 3 ft fall spinal immobolization

    Secouriste, I'm not sure what the science says, so I'm only speaking for myself. But if vacuum mattresses were commonly used by most my guess would be that this would be a completely different conversation. Know what I mean? We can't, or at least I can't, really compare a vacuum mattress to a straight backboard, the mattress being by far the superior choice. (My unscientific opinion only.) I am curious though if immobilization via vacuum mattress has been studied when compared to no board and the cot mattress only?
  7. Hey guys!

    I do know quite a few really smart medics that have told me that the flight exam is really, really tough. But not everyone needs it to be hired. In fact most of the medics that I know were hired without it on the condition that they pass it within a certain number of months... I'm in no way dissing flight medicine. The flight medics that I'm friends with are all much stronger, smarter and more experienced medics than I'm every likely to be. I'm only disagreeing with the "There's only one way to get in" argument, that I know to be untrue in many places.
  8. Hey guys!

    I see many here talking about how much experience is needed to become a flight provider, but I don't believe that the advice given is accurate. I know of several medics that work for flight services that had little experience, no degrees, and aren't very strong medics to boot. They were a warm body, and available, when a position needed filling. I can't imagine any of these types of providers working for a service like Flight for Life, as the providers that I know there are all really, really strong. But FfL doesn't own the entire market. There are plenty of really weak flight providers just as there are weak street providers...
  9. 3 ft fall spinal immobolization

    I wouldn't have immobilized, though with a head lac, I would have been prepared for blowback from the ER. Not from the docs most likely, but from some nurses. It can be complicated sometimes trying to do what's right for the patient, satisfying your protocols, and trying to keep a good relationship with the ER so that you can get the orders you'd like, when you'd like them.
  10. hey!

    Good on you girl!! As you go along, jump into some of the threads, especially the scenarios. You'll be shocked by how much better you'll do than the rest of your class... Keep your nose in your books and rock, OK?
  11. Search warrants and poss unethical searches

    Man, great question Island... I've never really thought about it. I'd always assumed that as the current shitheads in the TSA are federal that if you're getting on then you consent. But I've no idea what the legal standing is...
  12. Search warrants and poss unethical searches

    I wouldn't have participated without his consent... Doc, is there anything that dictates that Docs must perform these tests to fulfill the warant, regardless their personal feelings on the matter?
  13. I laughed way too much at this

    Those are the people that are going to save our world... Not religion, not philosophers, but people that are able to bring others together just by being silly..
  14. Hello

    The best way to handle the spine board is to stand and say, "Based on overwhelming scientific evidence I refuse to cause my patient additional pain and possibly increased morbidity secondary to using this archaic device." And then walk out.... I'm pretty sure that that will go ok.... But be prepared, with many of your EMT B proctors you should be prepared to explain 'overwhelming', 'scientific', 'evidence', 'morbidity', 'secondary', and 'archaic.' (Not a slam on EMTBs in general, but it's been my experience that many 'B' proctors are very uppity, arrogant, and are in that position as a favor, not because they're the best fit.)
  15. Evidenced Based Care Protocols

    I think that just the latest ACLS changes will give you some grist for the mill...