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    • Ok, heres what I purchased today from Amazon shears   BONTIME Trauma Shears - Premium Quality EMT Shears, Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors for Medical, First Aid, ER, Nurse, Doctor, 7-Inch(2- Pack, boots - already have non-steel toed boots.  I think I can wait a while to purchase those if ever.  I never needed them when I was practicing prior to leaving so I'm hedging my bets that I won't need them now.  pen light  - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07N1G7179/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Belt - going to purchase the belt when I get my pants Already have my field guide - have purchased already I think that's what a guy with a few years under his belt in the field actually needs.   any other suggestions that won't make me look like a total dumbass????   One other thing,  after digging through my storage boxes, I found my Littman Cardiology II stethoscope that I've had since 1992.  The only thing I need to purchase is new earpieces as there is a hole in one of them  The replacement earpieces will be here tomorrow.  
    • I want to add to my post Fentanyl is a great drug.  It can be used on most anyone.  I've used it from 2 year olds to 80 year olds and probably older but I can't remember.  I don't remember a patient ask me personally to give them fentanyl, but remember I've been out of the field full time for 9 years, (part time for several), but I've been asked to give patients dilaupid(yeah I know it's spelled wrong) more times than I have fingers and toes.   There is abuse potential in a lot of stuff we give.  Hell there's abuse potential in flexeril as well, that's what a friend of mine was hooked on and what eventually killed him in an over dose when he took an entire bottle (90) pills because he was just tired of livin and wanted out.   So I do not believe we should get rid of fentanyl just because it's the soup du jour of the addicts this year and last.   10 years ago, I believe diluadid was the soup du jour of addicts in my emergency room.  It's what they asked for by name.   Who knows what will be on the menu in 3-5 years from now.   But for goodness sake, don't take a tool out of our arsenal because a small subset of the population have made it their drug of choice to abuse and kill themselves with.  That would be I believe foolish and a knee jerk reaction, but then again, it's what we in america are known for, knee jerk reactions to a problem without finding a solution first.  
    • Yes.  Fentanyl is addictive with potential for misuse.  Morphine is also addictive with potential for abuse.  As are the benzos we carry for seizures/sedation.  Ketamine?  Well, that's so blatantly addictive/misused that it has it's own street name. When used appropriately it is exceptionally effective.  With what do you suggest it be replaced?
    • I think you should be good. If you are looking for a stethoscope, but don’t want to purchase an expensive one. ADC & MDF make good quality ones.
    • Ok, so I can make it official.  I got the call with the offer.  I will find out my start date Friday when I go down and pee in a cup and sign the forms for my background check.  I'm clean as a whistle though so that shouldn't be a problem.    Now I gotta figure out how to pay for all the gear(I'm not a noob so I won't go overboard) that I need.  2 - 3 pairs of ems pants stethoscope shears boots They provide the shirts but I have to buy them(they order them for me) pen light Belt Already have my field guide I think that's what a guy with a few years under his belt in the field actually needs.   any other suggestions that won't make me look like a total dumbass????
    • Yes we do have alternatives but I say keep it. A great mentor one time told me this,  if a person is going to get hooked off one single EMS administration of a drug we give them, then they are probably hooked on something already.    
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