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    • 1. alternative funding for fire and EMS organizations. While several options exist, it is important to identify which options are available for non-profit and for-profit organizations. Which alternative funding option do you feel will result in the highest return on investment? Include an option for a non-profit organization and a for-profit organization, and explain. 2. Messages to the community are usually one of two categories: newsworthy or noteworthy. Based on your experiences, share with your class at least one example from each group. Which one had the most reaction in the community?
    • I have been an army medic for the past couple years. I figured EMT would be a good part time gig since I have the training for field treatment...I gotta say, for my state, my scope of practice as a medic goes sooooo far past what I'm legally able to do as an emt. I think we just got the ability to prick someone for their blood sugar. Awful. Anyway.  I am in class/ sidenote this is an extra course im taking on top of my other courses so I can be certified/ and there is this one individual. He has autism....specifically aspergers. Now mind you I have no issue with any persons who has a mental or physical issue. But this is EMS....this is make the choice or the patient dies decisions. This person gets extra time to test while the rest of us have to stick to the strick emt guidelines....I just fail to understand how anyone could have a partner who has this condition. Dont get me wrong I think people with mental conditions can be very intelligent in specific fields...but I feel like ems is a patient field. What I mean is we have to have social skills where we can interact with patients who are going through traumatic experiences....I dont know how I could deal with a partner who couldn't handle patients. I really wanna hear a general consensuses on this because Im not sure if im just a jerk. This guy blurts out random things during class and is just generally a disturbance. Multiple classmates have complained about the fact that he gets extra time during tests and skills.  It really just isn't fair. My instructors make us wear our "ems" uniforms to class and treat every scenario as if it was a real patient....I dont see how this guy gets the free pass for extra thinking time. 
    • Thanks rock_shoes. Makes me feel like I am learning something. Although I’m a bit surprised that local protocols don’t reflect evidence based research (which is just common sense here), especially as a “critical fail” point.  Well, as I said, I’m new to this. 
    • It's barely possible to justify ultrasound on most units never mind an X-ray generator. Big expense with marginal applicability to practice.
    • Perhaps try organizing your reporting into a systems based structure. Neuro Cardiovascular Respiratory GI/GU MSK Other (Obs/Endo/immune)
    • Good luck to you sir. I work flight in British Columbia, Canada and love the job. The US air ambulance safety record scares the living daylights out of me. Enough so I wouldn't be willing to work air ambulance in the US.
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