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    • look up a EMS group on face book called the EMS Experience and ask there.  I know the owner of the group.  If you still cannot find a buddy, let me know.  I'm a medic but I'll help you out if you want.  You can study and bounce questions off me and I'll help ya out.  
    • Starting EMT school on monday, looking for a study buddy. Preferably one that has discord and/or facebook. thanks~!
    • Contraindications for morphine use include (among others): head injury, decreased mental status, multiple trauma.  Why? I understand why it's respiratory depression effect would make contraindicated for patients with COPD and asthmatic attacks, and why its effect on blood pressure would make it a bad choice for a hypotensive pt.  But why would multiple trauma and altered LOC/head injuries make it so?  I'd think head injuries would make rise of ICP an issue, one in which morphine would, if anything, help.
    • One more thing,  our new ambulance we are getting is gonna cost 235K,  if you want to put an X-ray on that new ambulance the cost just went up to maybe 300K, no hospital or ambulance service will justify that cost.    
    • So what are you asking us?  is this one of those "Our instructor gave us these two topics and we need to write a paper and I want you guys to write my paper for me" or what are you wanting from us?   Yes we have had those people come here with just such a request.   give us more info please in what you are asking.  
    • There is no guarantee he will continue on and get his EMT license.  Maybe he's just doing this for class time or some other reason.   I would take Off Label's advice and complete the course and mind your side of things.  These things have a way of working their way out.  
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