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    • There is a caveat to treatment called 'Informed Consent'.  If I break a wrist then I could assert myself calmly and do the 'AMA' thing.   And if transported certainly no clothes would be off or cut away.    Nor in the ER either.   I am an 18-year-old female who knows her rights.   I am a high risk person with Epilepsy and Ataxia (Degenerative Spinocerebellar type).  I am always skating on thin ice but where I can,  I assert myself. Everything in context.  
    • Good grief I only saw this now. Heartbreaking.
    • Thank you so much for your reply. And yes. I contacted a lawyer and he pretty much said the same thing. He said the board doesn't involve  them selves with stuff from schools, they simply don't have the time.  Also that he thinks someone just sent to them all of a sudden. I have an i dea of who. I just got hired at a hospital and they heard about what i'm trying to do and they don't like that i'm advancing and doing it so fast. No he didnt say why it took 2 years, he suspects its someone from my past that like you said is throwing atones and has an axe to grind. He specializes in med board lit and says in his years of practice he has never heard of a situation like mine and thinks it's ridiculous. 
    • Hi All   Im a paramedic with years of experience in fire, flight and third service.  I’ve been out of the field for a few years and am relocating to Jacksonville Florida.  I’d love a little part time or volunteer work, to keep my skills sharp and maintain my license.  I don’t care much about pay, I have a great full time job.  What I really want is a place I can run calls either EMS or CCT (I’m FP-C Certified) and am open to driving.  A huge plus would be a service that takes part in disaster relief so I can help in tropical storm situations.   Any recommendations would be really appreciated,  
    • Where did you get the idea that he was looking to become a managing editor?  
    • I would be worried but not extremely worried.  I would actually not be asking advice from a forum like this or from the internet at all, you should be talking to an attorney and seeing what he/she says. Good reputable attorney's often give 1 hour free consultations.  Or do you have a friend who is an attorney who could advise you.   I would continue on with your journey into Nursing or phsycianhood and follow what your attorney tells you to.  The internet is a minefield of bad advice and please don't step into it without getting an attorney involved.   did the investigator tell you why it's taken 2 years for them to get into this?  This sounds like someone from your past is throwing stones and trying to see what will hit.  did you have someone you pissed off way back at your old school that might have a old axe to grind???  Be honest with the investigator but only after you speak with the attorney.     Do you see the underlying theme of my advice - don't do anything until you have talked to your attorney.  I wish you the best.  
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