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  1. Whats the EKG showing How long does the seizure last Do we have a Istat to check lactate as PM requested what is the BGL in mg/dl Did the EKG change after the seizure Would versed be a choice to control the seizures
  2. So let me get this straight in my head. A compassion code may be beneficial since you are demonstrating to the family that everything is being done?
  3. Adios my friend your on your own. I see that obesity can be in issue with intubating in general but Im sure im missing something else.
  4. she just answered it. Thats what I was wondering
  5. Pardon if this sounds cold, heartless, shameful. But if their no signs of life in the patient I feel its a waste of energy, supplies, and my blood sweat and tears to work someone who's long gone. I thought for the past 2 1/2 years that my own logic was reasonable. But when my partner brought that up I saw it in a view that I never considered. I brought my question here to see what the EMS community thinks.
  6. BLS transfer. Im AMFYOYO. In a ALS crew. Granted we have suspicion for another stroke but im rather curious if this is a possible pulmonary embolus. Chest x-ray would be nice to rule that out real quick. RSI and place on vent to bring up the SPO2. Initiate a second IV 18 ga or largest possible set to TKO. What was the result of the initial attempted cardioversion. Did it rhythm change after the initial dose of adenocard. After the intubation did the SPO2 improve. If nothing improves than request for a medevac. 2 hours is way too long for a patient in that condition and is still deteriorating.
  7. Dang, I was about to go to town on this scenario. But this is a text book question. Its been said by several others and I will say it too. Use common sense and read your book.
  8. I chose to call it. My partner brought it up after the call it just made me stop and think. And for me personally I had a pile of evidence to prove that this patient would not benefit from CPR, or any ALS measures.
  9. I came across a situation today which got me thinking. Which choice is better to the family. When you come across a patient who is obviously been dead for several hours (lividity, rigor, pupils fixed, etc) would you want to work that code for a round or two of CPR and call it or would you simply confirm asystole in all three leads and call it than. Is the trauma of seeing their family member worked outweigh the possible peace of mind of knowing that everything that could have been done was done. Whats everyone's thoughts?
  10. To my knowledge the way the state of texas has it written I would not be legally able to honor it. I need the OOH DNR form from the state of texas with all required signatures. CYA purposes.
  11. Really. Does med act still use it in johnson county?
  12. C,mon Mike. When a nurse says a naroctic antagonist is a pain killer and a fib is a shockable rhythm I draw the line for stupidity. However I will admit that there is a opiod antagonist such a nubain that is a pain killer. And depending on the stability of the a-fib it can be shocked to correct it . However it can be managed with medications also.
  13. I kind of figured. Ive never used vecuronium before. Ive always used sux and roc but this in the OR with a anesthesiologist breathing down my neck in case i missed.
  14. Answer to question one: If hes A/Ox3 he has the right to refuse. Just be ready to respond to the adress again for a full code in a bit Answer to question two: Try getting the wife to convince him to go. use any other family members present, ask him if you may take a look at him. if he does use non invasive diagnostic tools only (twelve lead, lung sounds, BP, spo2, and pulse). This sounds to me like a text book case of an MI. If my theory is correct and the twelve lead shows it you can use that as evidence to back up your suggestion to go the hospital Answer to question 3: yes if he becomes unconscious check for pulse. if none present begin cpr, begin ACLS protocols, and request back up (we call out two additional medics while working a code) , if pulse is found go under implied consent, get a EKG, Iv established, secure airway if compromised, at the very least give Hi-con O2. Answer to question 4: depends on what the advance directive states.
  15. Son, both jobs are stressful. For example: stupid nursing home staff call you rather than 911 for a critical patient/ ER docs calling a rig an with a hour ETA to make a three hour transport which that pt requires a bird. sub standard equipment and pitiful protocols when your transporting unstable patients writing 12 reports per shift with four pages of paperwork a pop little to no respect from the 911 service (its that way no my area cant speak for the rest of the nation.) your a patch and a pulse in private now for the 911 getting called out twice a day for the same person because they are so drunk "they cant move" getting called out 15 minutes before your shift end having to drive 30 miles out to bring back a critical patient (Im out in a frontier service so that's normal) Having to wait for the fire department to arrive on scene to cut out a severely injured patient that is circling the drain before you eyes good luck being able to have a hot meal on shift the biggest one especially working small town is you never know when someone you know will be the next dead on scene, cardiac arrest, car wreck, or accident. They both are stressful. Its an occupation which if you don't care for yourself it will take your own life (heart attack, stroke) or your sanity. Pardon if that sounds a bit harsh but this isn't like emergency.
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