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  1. Kiwi...??? are you even in NZ? you know a lot of people tolerate your arrogance, "talking the piss", because you had some pretty solid post. There was no reason that I would of ever thought that you were not a Medic. I am truly at a loss of words. Because as others have said, with the type of forum that this is, what you say here is taken not only did you research it, but also had some type of practical experience with the knowledge that you share here. Had I known, that you were not a Medic I probably would not care. You apparently have a good science background and a good understandi
  2. New Years Eve 2005, sitting in my station with a Basic that had just cleared his orientation three hours before this call. At about 1215 the tones go off for a single vehicle roll over in a field....bystanders will show you the way to the accident...AAAAH Shit (when that sinking feeling just hits you). Get to the field, sure enough bystanders guide us in to this backwoods gulley. In the gulley is a mud buggy of sorts flipped upside down with about 7 people spread out all over the scene. I have two VFD types and an off duty police officer doing CPR on the driver. The rest of the passengers
  3. Wendy, I have had it to where I have had guidlelines/protocols to go by. If you see this, give them that.....if this test says that, give them this (cookie cutter medicine). I have also had access to Medical Direction via phone. What I have tried to do is come up with some kind of plan with about two or three options for the Doc to choose from or sometimes I will say this is what I think it is, how about I give them drug xyz. The Doc will either say yeah or nay and give me their recommendation. Most often if they have dealt with certain Medics enough, then they will pretty much go with w
  4. Kiwi I think that we have found something that we agree on as far antibiotics being used wrongly, however I think that starts in the Doctors office. Now my disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to know more than a doctor, with that being said.....I am not sure what it is like in NZ, but in the US if a patient wants an antibiotic and the Doctor disagrees, then the patient just goes to the next Doctor until they get what they want. So what happens is business gets in the way of good medical decisions. They don't want to loose their patients, because that hits them in the pocket book i
  5. I remember reading about a program in Main or Mass. (I don't remember which) where Paramedics would go to homes to do house calls. They would have a pretty expanded scope of practice (similiar to that of a Remote Medic). They would do antibiotic therap, minor suturing, along with a whole host of treatments right in the patients home. I have no seen much press on how it faired or if it even still exist in that area. I do know that this is becoming a popular idea in Texas. I personally know of a company that is starting up right now that will be doing this exact thing. They will be usin
  6. After reading the threads from this article, I am just simply amazed. First off, this was during an ATHEIST parade. In order to have a parade (at least in any community that I have ever lived in) you have to have some type of permit in order for that parade to take place. truth be known, that is not even the most important factor in this debate and that is that this person (a Muslim) attacked this other guy (an Atheist) for his dressing up like a zombie Mohammad. The judge in this case (according to the article) ruled in favor of the Muslim, because he was acting in accordance with Sharia
  7. Just for your info, nothing more, but I have a little over 20 years in this field...I have seen plenty of changes (some to the good some to the bad) in this field. It is like I said in my last post, I have a lot of respect for the job that fire services do. However, I do not like arrogant, pompous asses telling those of in EMS that our job is any less important than theirs. Like I said not all FF's are assholes like that and are all around good guys. That was my main point, other than educating the young lad on some the history of EMS. At least that I am aware of. Although I was a lit
  8. If you read my earlier post, you would of seen that I was defending the FF/Medic that was on the plane. However, that is pretty much where my defense for the fire services ends. Because, it is arrogant asses like you that give the fire services it's much needed reputation. If you really want to know where modern EMS evolved from, it was from the Medics that served in Vietnam. Yes it is true that originally the EMS service for the civilian world was devoloped within the fire services. However, it was seen that the fire services could not handle the call volume and that is why it started
  9. I am sickened and disgusted at all the negative conotations, condomnations, insuations, multiplications, resignations, and perpetuations that are being brought up with this topic....It goes against the independant decloration, the proclomations, and the gudiance of the siloconation. You might be ghetto if you try to protest like this...
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