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  1. Kaisu

    You Might Be A Firefighter if

    ... if you run out of a burning structure and grab a puppy ... for the photo op
  2. Kaisu

    Its been a while eh ?

    Great pic squint. I have a rott/pitt mix that was my brothers dog. He almost got himself shot by the cops when he refused to leave my brother's body. He is my dog now. Loyal, smart and great protector. He is 80 lbs of muscle. The vet nearly fell off his chair when he weighed him cause he don't look that big. I have a 50 lb female staffordshire/pit mix. She was found starving and shivering in a corner, her tail broken in 3 places. Sweetest tempered dog I have ever known. Happy and joyful. I wonder daily how she can be so loving after what people did to her. I have a purebred doberman. She's a tool :-) I have a half mastiff mix. He is a wonderful otteman. I have a shepherd/malemute mix. Also a rescue dog, he is a tad neurotic, but also smart and loving. It sounds like a lot of dogs, and I guess it is. I am undisputed ruler of the pack and rarely have to raise my voice. I love them all very much.
  3. Kaisu

    A humbling call

    The EMS Gods smile on those that consistently do their job at as high a level of proficiency, caring and effort as possible. The outcome was good - the sphincter constriction on what might have happened will help you keep your edge. Great story - thanks for sharing.
  4. Kaisu

    What would you do?

    On one of my first calls, I slammed a guy with 2.0 of narcan. I didn't mean to... I put it slowly into the lock, then flushed fast. I know - dumb dumb dumb. I was new and out of my depth - thrown to the wolves fresh out of school. The patient was a male in his 50s with a combination narc OD and a lot of alcohol. The mountain of puke that ensued just wouldn't stop. It bought the patient a tube in the ER and a doctor that took a strip off my hide. I felt so terrible. I had caused that patient a horribly invasive procedure. (The outcome was good - he was extubated with no complications about 3 hours later.) I never forgot it and learned my lesson about narcan.
  5. Kaisu

    Its been a while eh ?

    Squint I am soooo elated to see you. Man - sounds like you've run into a shit storm my friend. My brother offed himself 2 years ago. It certainly shakes us out of our ruts doesn't it? After he died, I just couldn't do it anymore. Every dead body I ever saw started running through my feeble little mind. Everybody I loved became a dead body in my brain. The joy of the job went out of me. My husband is a Vietnam combat vet. He was in Hue during Tet at the end of an impossible to believe people could survive tour. I have a PTSD diagnosis from childhood. Guess what? You learn to cope. You heal. My credo is that grass grows through concrete. Life is about growth and reaching for the sun. Even if you do nothing but just keep breathing from one day to the next, if a person gets some space and light, they heal. I am in school again and loving it. Once again, it is great to see you again
  6. Kaisu

    EMT Sued for "WIDE LOAD" and pic tweet

    I was absolutely shocked when I read the first few responses to this post. It's not warm and fuzzy and PC to avoid defamation and insults. It's human decency, empathy and emotional maturity. I challenge anyone of us to spend a few hours in this woman's wheels.
  7. Kaisu

    Was the helicopter necessary?

    I guess stupid people that lack pediatric assessment skills would find the helicopter necessary
  8. Kaisu

    DVT - Does ANYONE know what to expect?

    Ok. I misunderstood. And I am sorry I called you names. I was scared. So tell me Dwayne. Did you have the issue addressed? Were you assessed and/or treated? These things do recur and can cause all kinds of damage beyond the dreaded PE: most not as dramatic but unpleasant non the less Working beyond the pale makes it essential that you are healthy and taking care of yourself.
  9. Kaisu

    DVT - Does ANYONE know what to expect?

    Damn Dwayne you stupid son of a bitch. What would you tell a patient who is doing international flights with the frequency of Lindsay Lohan and has a DVT??? I can't believe you are trying to weigh the risks by finding out stuff. You KNOW what the right thing to do is. You take care of yourself first. You are no good to Babs or Dylan or me or anyone else dead. If it costs you this stupid job than so be it. It's about time you joined the real world of paramedicine and the hose wanker protocol monkey paradigm the rest of us deal with anyway.
  10. Kaisu

    Detroit Medic has Heart Attack while performing CPR

    Bad hours, bad pay and ambulance ass. I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often
  11. Kaisu

    Hello from Gulfport, Mississippi!

    Welcome to the city. I did a deployment in Jackson Mississippi a few years back and absolutely loved it. Others were sent to Gulfport and they enjoyed it too.
  12. You asked for anecdotes... There was the nun that had localized seizures that manifested with the most foul mouthed expletives emerging from her sweet elderly face that I have ever heard... and I've heard a lot. Episodes lasted 4 to 5 minutes and the lady had no recollection of her actions afterwards. It had been diagnosed as epilepsy.
  13. Kaisu

    Wiring two light heads to my POV?

    This is one of those instances where the local environment varies greatly. The culture and attitudes that are tacit in one area are considered "whacker" in another. I think generally speaking, at least on this site, progressive EMS emphasizes professional response in ambulances under medical control and oversight. Thus. issues of POV response are met with derision and a lack of interest/expertise. Personal attacks on individual posters are bad form and unhelpful. OP, I'm sorry but I don't think you will get useful information on POV lights here. You will get laughed at.
  14. Kaisu


    Those anniversary dates are always tough. From my vantage point of oldness, my biggest gratitude is reserved for unanswered prayers - the things I thought I wanted and didn't get. Your quote is right on the money.. hugs
  15. Kaisu

    In need of some EMS family advice.

    Kat - Canada is a different cup of tea entirely from the US. The privates and fire that dominate EMS have absolutely NO interest in advancing EMS. Fire fighters are doing it as an adjunct to what they consider their primary goal - fighting fire. The large privates would replace medics with firefighter medics (paid for by taxpayers) and provide EMTs to drive as long as they can (and do) charge for the transport. A paramedic fighting for advancement of the profession is fought every step of the way.