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  1. If you recall the short lived television show "First In" featuring Deputy Chief Marcel Melanson of the Compton FD you might find this of interest. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-compton-firefighter-arson-20130516,0,1156786.story NickD
  2. http://www.salon.com...leton/#comments http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e26YgJG0YD0&feature=bf_prev&list=ULr7ULc9l9uk0&lf=mfu_in_order
  3. There's only two ways you'll come out of any EMT, Paramedic, or Hospital type job interview. With your dignity or a job . . .
  4. Only because Dust is AWOL . . . >>Besides the ambulance and stracher<< Yeah, you'll need a stracher! LOL! I think one rule that should be implemented in the, "How do I start an ambulance company," paradigm is ten years working for a moronic ambulance company owner . . .
  5. If they get to the point where they ask if "you" have any questions ask the following . . . Are your city/fire/whatever contracts so important to you that you'll throw me overboard if I make a simple mistake, or someone complains about me? Are you the kind of company that believes EMTs are a dime a dozen and it's always better to hire new ones than nurture the current ones? Will I be supervised by family members of the company owners, or twenty something girls with big breasts, or other assorted ass kissers who don't know shit from Shinola? After you get your answers go get a job as a used car salesman. The hours are better, the pay is better, and you'll be a lot happier in the long run . . .
  6. I was talking to my young partner the other night about what we're going to do if/when the big earthquake hits Los Angeles. His response was, "I'm just going home!" My thoughts were when the communications go down and the roads become impassible we'd have to set up shop were ever we happened to be. We'd become a little Fort Apache clinic, providing some semblance of order and infrastructure, splinting, bandaging, and caring for all we could until we ran out of supplies and raiding the local pharmacy for more stuff. We'd also, I told him, have to defend our rig against marauding hordes of drug seekers and other evil doers. He just looked at me for a minute before saying, "You're f-ing nuts!" But dirty bombs and such, I don't know. It's like contemplating how do we respond to the sun exploding, or an asteroid the size of New Jersey just hit, do we head to the scene code two or three?" I'm all about doing my duty, but I'm drawing the line if the nukes start flying. I'm just going home . . .
  7. Something seems fishy about Righthaven LLC, the firm handling the lawsuits, and the Review Journal. Maybe a dying newspaper found a new business model. http://www.lasvegass...er-r-j-copyrig/ http://www.lasvegass...its-filed-over/ http://bloglawblog.c...?tag=righthaven
  8. You can do anything you want . . . This fellow is a Deputy Chief with Compton Fire here in Los Angeles. You know the drill Marine, improvise, adapt, overcome! Semper Fi, NickD 1st Mar Div USMC 1971 - 1975
  9. Hey Dust, how 'bout a radio check . . . ?
  10. Sure, there's goofballs all over, but why do so many of them work in EMS? Not funny . . . Didn't he stop to think about the note thing? The store owner could have pulled a gun and killed an innocent Explorer.
  11. NickD

    Come Meet Nina . . .

    Wow, that was a tough one, Lone Star, I'm very glad you're okay . . .
  12. NickD

    Come Meet Nina . . .

    I've seen my share of auto vs motorcycle on the job. And when the opportunity presents itself I always tell the cop on scene, "I didn't see the motorcycle is no excuse." They are doing a better job, at least in So Cal, with motorcycle PSAs. But here's some good ones from the Continent and Oz (and more like the type we should be airing on TV here.) Pay Attention!
  13. First off I have to blast a cosmic thanks into the ether to all my partners who put up with my motorcycle magazines and parts catalogs strewn all over the rig. I spent the last 18 months during my off time building myself a custom Harley. No, it's not a mid-life crisis, or watching too many of those chopper shows, I've always been a biker since the 1970s and I've always had a bike. But never one I built from the frame up. So after lot's of extra shifts to gather the funds, and coming home after work and picking up a wrench instead of some sleep her she is. I had to go easy on her the first time out as it's a fresh motor and not broke in yet, but I'm a happy boy . . . (Pronounced 9ina.)
  14. Mine's always been, "52 come back to station!" Then me and my partner spend the next 20 minutes wondering what the "F" we did wrong and how much BS trouble we're in for. I affectionately call it the "Anthony Parallax."
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