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  2. PHO? I'm guessing that's what your service calls banked time?
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  4. Thanks! Were they allocated to NY?
  5. http://www.vch.ca/about-us/news/news-releases/vgh-leads-the-way-in-traumatic-brain-treatment Very long story short, look up the monro-kellie doctrine, and principles of cerebral perfusion pressure.
  6. From what I know of the US system I would suggest getting your RN and doing some form of Paramedic bridging program. Take that with a grain of salt however as I've come up through the Canadian system where working your way to the Critical Care Paramedic (CCP) level is the best way to gain entry to air ambulance work (1 year PCP education, 2 year ACP education, 2 year CCP education). As you can see the path is roughly 5 years of post secondary paramedic education in Canada, which you'll find is markedly different from the US path.
  7. I have seen this idea being brought up on social media. What are your thoughts?
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  9. Go to this website (CDC) and they have a couple of suggestions. I don't know if I agree with them. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/respirators-strategy/contingency-capacity-strategies.html
  10. Yes, I think Just Plain Ruff's advice is a good starting place. This is a question neither you nor any of us can answer until you (and we) understand what he means. In preparing for that conversation (or evaluating it later), you would be well-advised in my opinion to review the closely related but very different concepts of compassion and empathy. they are different but related. Like so many things in life and especially in EMS, too much of even a very good thing, can become a bad thing. Using compassion as an example, it is a good thing to calm a worried, excited, and ill patient. It helps you get the info you need for a quality and accurate assessment. If the core complain is, for example, a twisted, dislocation, or fracture, and you are so compassionate that you stop your lifting or splinting every time the patient cries out in pain, you will actually cause the patient more intense and longer lasting pain than if you are less compassionate and plan your move fully with your partner, realize in advance that this will hurt and decide to complete the process in one move. Then there is the matter of time. Too much compassion may lead to longer on scene times, which is fine for minor complaints when multiple other response units are available. But, if the patient's condition is more serious, what they need is a quick (but still safe) ride to definitive care at the ER. When your patient has a relatively minor complaint but your system is out of resources and has calls holding, or is likely to have calls holding unless your unit gets back in service, then you have to also add the needs of those (perhaps not yet individually identified) patients into your overall decision. Finally, your employer also has an interest (that to me is a legitimate one to some degree) in seeing that you are not "unnecessarily" taking up either your time or the time of your patients when your patients are in fact your employer's customers (patients you are being compassionate with are also not spending money and, to be frank, compassion usually feels good, so it CAN be tempting to some providers to spend a bit too much time with talkative patients that are enjoying your supportive attention, which is another one of those too-much-of-a-good-thing situations.) Professionalism requires a good balance in all things, which is much easier to state in the abstract than to pull off in reality. Good on you for showing compassion! That alone gets you well on your way.
  11. What are the questions you would ask someone with dementia to figure out if their animal is a service animal or not. Federal law states can ask two questions is it a service animal and what is it trained to do....... If patient show signs of clear distress without animal but once animal is present they calm down, Possible indication this is a service animal ? thoughts ?
  12. I still drop by every now and then. Unfortunately, it's more then than now. Life is just too crazy to keep up with so much going on. ☹️
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  14. Looking for small town Ambulance Service.If your running out of funds or thinking about going bankruptcy.Or your town need a Ambulance Service.
  15. Hi Emma, I'd be happy to discuss with you what questions you have. Email me at ruffems@gmail.com and we can set up a time to discuss. I've been a paramedic for nearly 30 years and I am happy to answer your questions. I'll be at work tomorrow for a 24 hour shift so if you want to do the call tomorrow that would be fine. Michael
  16. Hey everyone! Saw we had no representation for the Sunshine State! Let's get it going!
  17. Looks like the Mass companies just keep on coming north.... https://www.conwaydailysun.com/business/local/action-ambulance-expanding-life-support-services/article_0fdaeca6-0578-11ea-9a0d-2b2874d78876.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share&fbclid=IwAR0_8A8lkyJehQ5x1NhdYXLnzdTGT4aLgUmKbzmU1z0xcyXAR-dm2ADUmis
  18. Could this be the future? I found this interesting article on ZDNet about the use of the new cellular technology to provide real time interaction with physician at the hospital. Is this something you would embrace or would you feel like someone is looking over your shoulder all the time? https://www.zdnet.com/video/how-to-make-the-most-of-big-data-in-your-organisation/
  19. look up a EMS group on face book called the EMS Experience and ask there. I know the owner of the group. If you still cannot find a buddy, let me know. I'm a medic but I'll help you out if you want. You can study and bounce questions off me and I'll help ya out.
  20. Can't believe my profile is still here after a 6 year absence.....

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      Hey Terri! IDK if I'm back, was just seeing if I was still on here and if this place was alive..lol

  21. Jess passed away July 16, 2016

  22. One more thing, our new ambulance we are getting is gonna cost 235K, if you want to put an X-ray on that new ambulance the cost just went up to maybe 300K, no hospital or ambulance service will justify that cost.
  23. So what are you asking us? is this one of those "Our instructor gave us these two topics and we need to write a paper and I want you guys to write my paper for me" or what are you wanting from us? Yes we have had those people come here with just such a request. give us more info please in what you are asking.
  24. There is no guarantee he will continue on and get his EMT license. Maybe he's just doing this for class time or some other reason. I would take Off Label's advice and complete the course and mind your side of things. These things have a way of working their way out.
  25. Good afternoon EMS people. Please assist me. Is there anyone here who has done the FREC LEVEL 5 DIPLOMA COURSE at RONIN SA? If yes, was your qualification accepted in the UK, seeing that it was obtained outside the UK? Where did you do your practical placements? Thank you in advance for your help. 🙏🙏
  27. Off Label

    CRASH 3; TBI and TXA

    The issues of hyperfibrinolysis and fibrinolysis shutdown are issues that bring to the fore the importance of timing of TXA, TBI aside. Multisystem trauma is pretty likely in patients with TBI, and I think one of the CRASH trials does suggest that if you don't get the timing right, you may do harm.
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