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  1. Personally, I feel as if you would have learned more from a consultant rather then online forums. EMS is much more then just EMTs. Just saying there was a better approach to the situation.
  2. Seems like your only sole intention here is to advertise this game, You posted in the other forum but evidentally the same thing wouldn't fly so you decided to do it here instead. Not to discourage you but I highly doubt many in our field would de-stress by playing a game that focuses on what stresses us in the first place. For Reference: "Those are cool too. There is a new Paramedic game coming out pretty soon. I'll post it in the other forum shortly. Don't think I can post it here..."
  3. I agree with Ruff, Sometimes all you need is a break.This job can take a big toll on all of us at times. It'll all work out in the end. Perhaps maybe finding another option that you can see yourself doing for the long term while volunteering. Just another suggestion.
  4. The link is in fact broken, Sounds pretty petty to be doing that to one of your competitors, It most definitely won't end well.
  5. It really depends on the organization that you interview at
  6. One of the main reasons why I don't carry a jump bag is mostly due to the cost of setting one up. Employers don't typically set up one for you. In my opinion there's a limit of stuff you can do with just a jump bag anyway. Typically, I don't stop at accidents when I come across them because I am not equipped to handle the situation POV. I also have to agree with what @paramedicmike said when he said the only thing you really need is a cell phone with relatively good service.
  7. Working on prepping to go to Medic School. 


  8. I definitely would like to venture out of the state at some point in the future. I've gotten my national registry certification. From my understanding most of the country's EMS System is vastly different from NJs/
  9. I've been an EMT for over a year and had a few hundred patient contacts as a provider. I am seriously considering taking the next step in my EMS Education. I'm looking to find out what some of the good programs that are based in and around South Jersey. The one that's closest to me is Virtua's School of Paramedic Sciences. Has anyone had any experience with this programs and is able to provide any feedback. Thanks, It's greatly appreciated
  10. I agree with you, Captain. It's also kinda weird going with a bunch of people that know next to nothing about what they're getting themselves in to. I've run as a gopher for an ambulance volunteer organization for the last 4 or 5 months. So, I think I will also have a little bit of an advantage. Sorry, if it seems as if I revived a dead thread if ya'll consider it to be one.
  11. I'm officially starting EMT school this week. It's been something that I've really wanted to get accomplished over the past year or so. I'm glad that it's finally gonna happen though. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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