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  1. Wow - that is terrible news. I had lost track of her... and Don... I hope he is holding up ok. Thank you for posting this, and the GoFundMe.
  2. "I am so sorry" and "Condolences" just never seems to be quite enough. Barb was a woman who was so much more than could ever be put into words. Sending big hugs to Dwayne and Dylan.
  3. I haven't been here in ages! But, this thread kept showing up in my feed, so I am succumbing to peer pressure and responding.
  4. Just wandered back to see what's new....

  5. As some of you know, it has been a long time since I have really been here in the city... and to be honest, I have been avoiding it, mostly in shame. In 2009, I started paramedic classes... I loved it, even though juggling a not-so-stable home life, running my own business, and being guardian and sometimes caregiver for my mom was sometimes a challenge. I did well in my classes, and was looking forward to my practicums. In 2010, two tours into my practicum, my mom became acutely ill, and within 3 days, I had to make the decision to remove her from life support and explain it to the
  6. Medicgirl, when I read your post, part of me thought "you are reading my mind!" I have been in EMS for 16 years, sometimes part time, sometimes full time. I have had a number of personal struggles the past two years, and many times I have seriously considered leaving EMS altogether. I still wake up a lot of mornings and ask myself if this is where I should be. I don't have my answer yet... but I know that where I am now, is better than where I was before. The career I was in before EMS, the last while I was there, I would wake up in the morning and think "damn, I am not sick, so I c
  7. The death of Sally Ride is a sad occasion. I sincerely hope that those feminists who spent more time in front of the camera (the Jane Fondas of the world) will put their time to better use by sending well wishes to the family and friends of Ms Ride, than using her death as another excuse to get a few more minutes of camera time. I have read several articles about her life today, and she was truly an accomplished woman. One of the most striking things about her life, was that she did not attempt to glorify herself or her accomplishments as "feminist" but that she chose to use her skills t
  8. Hey send me a pm with your email address.... I will dig through my stuff - I am positive I have some med math review assignments...
  9. I had always considered myself on the side of those who oppose physician-assisted suicide, until I cared for my father when he was in end stage cancer. I wouldn't wish what he went through on my worst enemy, and if he could have moved to take his own life, he would have. The pain he endured was horrible. The stress it put on my mother, and my sisters and brother, were horrible. He hated every second that he stayed alive the last few days. It was all I could do, to not fill him full of every med I had at my disposal, to put him into a deep sleep that would allow his escape from his pain-fi
  10. Dwayne.... please please PLEASE delete my browser history if I die... Why fold a fittes sheet anyways? No one will see it. #10: Bad decisions make good stories.. AND KEEP ME EMPLOYED... I think another one to add to your list is: does anyone know what that blue screen of death on the computer really is? We all know it is bad, but then what?
  11. I have been following this thread for a couple days... and it is bothering me... I feel like there is something I am missing when I read the thread... The patient is wheezing, but has no history to support it, and vital signs show no distress... I get that the event could precipitate an asthma attack, and I can see where a neb could be justified. But, I can also see why comfort only is ok, since patient has good sats and is not complaining of any breathing distress. I want to dig a lot deeper into his history... is there anything.. ANYTHING.. that this wheezing can be attributed to?
  12. A KED is only to be used on a stable patient not requiring rapid extrication. That should be considered before "is my patient pregnant." I don't see where pregnancy would be an issue. If the situation warranted it, I would use a KED on that patient. Having the patient lying supine is an issue, but you will most likely be placing this patient on a board once they are out of the vehicle, and just put a blanket or pillow under the one side of the board so they are lying left lateral recumbant. I think practitioners who have not had a lot of experience or exposure to pregnant women tend
  13. 1, Do any of you guys consider pregnant patients with any level of trauma as a risk for miscarriage? All pregnancy carries some risk of miscarriage – it is a fact of life. The trauma may precipitate a miscarriage. Now, that being said, even the most minor of trauma incidents, I recommend the patient go to the ER or to their doc for follow-up. They may feel fine, but going to see a doc will put any fears to rest that there is any risk to the baby. Sometimes the treatment is just directing them in the right direction so they get peace of mind. 2. Do you start IVs on all pregnant trau
  14. emtannie


    I am definitely not well read enough to argue the efficacy of vaccines with you... but I do know that I wish the chicken pox vaccine had been available for me as a kid, and as a young adult (yeah, I am showing my age)... I had chicken pox twice - the first time when I was 12, and I had pneumonia at the same time. From what I am told, I was near death for many days. I only really remember a bit of that time, and missing a lot of school. The second time, I was in my last semester of university, which then turned out not to be my last semester, as missing 3 weeks of school during midte
  15. Some good responses here, and some good questions so we can get more information. BoCat, you stated that this was "the first cardiac arrest I ran as a lone medic." Do not, do not, do not beat yourself up over this call! Of course you will ask yourself if there is anything you could have done better, or different. Of course you want to learn from this call, so that you will do something different or better next time. That is what a good medic does. But, if you are using this thread to prove to yourself that you did poorly, or did something wrong, that is a BAD BAD thing. There ar
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