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  1. I say let's make it better. I am trying to do my part to get things going.
  2. It appears that New York City has jumped on board with other in eliminating backboards from their protocols. Here is the link to the announcement: http://thesocialmedic.net/files/2015/08/NYCREM-1-1.pdf When do you think the rest of the country will catch up?
  3. I heard that the side effects of intranasal delivery are less pronounced than IV.
  4. Does your system allow Narcan administration at the EMT level? What are your thoughts on it?
  5. I wonder is AMR will embrace the fire suppression side of Rural Metro?
  6. We have been told to keep burns dry in our area.
  7. Trench, what part of cananda is that?
  8. I would like to just be recognized something more than "The Ambulance Driver"
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