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  1. Ty will be missed and I send my love to his family.
  2. I wish you best of luck. And you will be missed!!! you have helped me a lot in the past and i just wish you could still teach me but I am sure you on to bigger and better things!
  3. Cool thanks for the advice and chris i am in NJ for the summer
  4. I dont have money for that and i am not even in a place i can do that thanks chris but i just want to practic working through scenarios in here i am ok with my hands skills but i just want to work on going through some scenarios
  5. ok i fell a littly rusty with my scenarios and wanted to know if someone could give me one? Please and Thanks.
  6. Hi nice to meet you hope you like it here! it is a good place to learn!
  7. I am so board with a day off ! what to do?

  8. Ty are you mixing up the dates too? i know i am i think being in the woods is messing with my head
  9. Ok so i was right as long as the patient is oriented and all requirements are fully understood and know the risks of not going your not liable.
  10. When I was in EMT school I was told that if a patient wants to AMA you have to tell them all the risks ect... and I was also told that if they sign and they do get worse or die you are not liable for that. Today some one else was telling me I was taught wrong and no matter what you are liable for them. Is this right? and why?
  11. wow interesting. so what would replace the c-collar?
  12. Hi Kyle nice too meet you. If you have questions feel free to ask. And good luck in school.
  13. I am not sure about a quizzes but we give the students work sheets I can try to find one if you want?
  14. so if i remember right there different levels of the DNR. Are there? Do they very for each person?
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