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Our Mission

EMT City exists to provide a safe and professional educational forum for people to gather and discuss and share ideas that relate to Emergency Medical Services worldwide. We also strive to maintain a friendly and supportive community atmosphere in order to encourage participation and fellowship among our membership. We will meet these goals through objective moderation, as well as through responsiveness to the needs and suggestions of the members of our community.

By registration and usage of this site, users agree to these Terms Of Service:

1. You agree not to post or transmit any material that may reasonably be interpreted as abusive, slanderous, hateful, threatening, hostile, harassing, demeaning, intolerant, or intentionally offensive to any other member of this forum. This includes sarcastic, backhanded and double entendre comments, as well as any form of name-calling.

2. You agree not to post or transmit any material that may reasonably be interpreted as obscene, vulgar, or gratuitously sexually oriented. Profanity is not specifically prohibited, so long as it is used in a professional context, such as quotations. Profanity shall not be used in addressing any person or member of the community.

Acceptable: "The Ca Ca hit the fan at work last night!"

Unacceptable: "You're full of Ca Ca!"

Acceptable: "I got screwed on my last paycheck."

Unacceptable: "Screw you!"

Acceptable: "It was one hell of a wreck!'

Unacceptable: "Go to hell!'

3. You agree not to engage in any behavior that may violate the privacy of any other member of this forum. You may not divulge personal information, including but not limited to, names, addresses or contact information, photos, professional histories, or the contents of private e-mails or conversations between you and any other member of the forum without the consent of that member.

4. You agree to not incite, encourage, or participate in argumentative behavior. There is a fine line between spirited debate and argument. The former is encouraged. The latter is prohibited. If you are involved in a discussion that begins to take a turn for the worst, it is your responsibility to withdraw from the conversation, and if necessary, report it to a Moderator. Continuing to feed the fire will only result in you receiving the same discipline as those who may have started the problem.

5. You agree to not post any material that violates any local, state, or federal laws or regulations. Copyrighted material, whether text or images, may not be reproduced, posted, re-posted, or hotlinked to this sight without the express written consent of the Copyright holder. The IP address of all board users is logged, and Administration will cooperate with any official investigation of such violations. Members are responsible for their own content and will hold EMT City harmless for the content posted. Members are also required to notify administration of any such suspected copyright violations so that the content can be removed.

6. You agree not to engage in moderating or administrating behavior. If you believe that somebody here is in violation of our rules or community standards, report that behavior to a Moderator either by e-mail, or by clicking on the "Report Post" button at the offending post. Moderators will deal with disputes and other rule violations privately and behind the scenes. Members who attempt to assume authority over their fellow board members by playing Moderator, publicly calling them out, or otherwise attempting to limit their speech, shall be subject to disciplinary action.

7. You agree that the Webmaster, Administrator and Moderators of EMT City are the sole authority on the operations and policies of this forum. Member comments, recommendations and suggestions are both welcome and encouraged. However, such matters will be discussed only through private messages. Moderation and forum policies will not be publicly discussed in the forums. We reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time, without warning or discussion, should we believe it to be in the best interest of the community.

8. As a user you understand and agree that any information you enter, post, or upload to this website will be stored in a database. While this information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent, the Webmaster, Administrator and Moderators cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.

9. You agree to receive e-mail notifications and updates from the Administrator of EMT City regarding the forum and it's sponsors. Members whose e-mail addresses are found to be no longer may have their membership suspended pending an update of their contact information.

10. You agree not to post any type of commercial solicitation or advertising without the prior consent of the Webmaster or Administrator of EMT City. Anything that appears to be advertising or solicitation will be removed immediately; this includes the promotion of other websites or forums. This does not apply to legitimate discussion of news or information regarding EMS products or services.

We also ask that our members make an honest attempt to abide by these universally recognized standards of "Netiquette" when posting to EMT City forums:

Please try to do some basic research before posting. Most fundamental questions have already been discussed multiple times on this site. Take a moment to use the "Search" function on this site to find previous discussions regarding your topic before starting a new topic.

Read the entire topic before you reply. Chances are, somebody has already said the same thing you are about to say. If so, your input is probably no longer needed.

Do not hijack topics. Discussions should remain focused on the original poster's intended topic. If a separate topic or concern arises during the course of discussion, post that topic or concern in a new topic rather than sidetracking the original discussion.

Don't revive old, outdated topics unless you have something significant to add. If a topic has not been replied to in two or three months, it is probably because there is nothing left to add.

Choose a subject that describes your topic. When starting a new topic, it is important that you choose a subject title that accurately reflects the content of the thread. Do not make people guess what is in your topic. Threads posted with teaser titles like, "Guess what!," "I need help!," "What do you think?," "What would you do?," "What should be done?" or simply "Question!" will be deleted with extreme prejudice.

Give reasonable attention to your grammar. Although we want to maintain a casual atmosphere here, this is ultimately a PROFESSIONAL forum where members of the public are free to read and draw conclusions about us as a profession. There is an automatic spell checker provided on this forum. Please use it. Do not post messages that appear as if they were taken from a 13 year old girl's AOL chat. "You" is spelled YOU, not "u." "Whatever" is spelled WHATEVER, not "w/e." And punctuation is extremely important to those trying to understand your statements. If you are too pressed for time to type legibly and using punctuation and capitalization, then please come back later when you have more time. AND NEVER POST IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!

Edit the quotes in your replies. Don't re-quote the entire message of the post you are replying to. Either edit it down to only the relevant statement you are responding to, or delete the quotes altogether. If you don't know how to edit quotes, ask someone for help.

Do not post the same topic on several forums. Pick the most appropriate forum for your topic and post it there. Do not open the same discussion in multiple forums or threads. If you believe that your topic is so universally important that it needs to be in more than one forum, contact a moderator for assistance.

Do not "bump" your topic. Replying to your own topic to get it to the top is annoying. Try to have some patience; this is a bulletin board, not IRC. It may take some time (e.g., one or two days) before someone can answer your query or question.

Keep your signatures reasonably sized. Maximum of 3 lines of text using font size 12(bbcode font=Normal) or smaller and using forum width 680 pixels. Photos or images may be a maximum size 400x60 pixels, and maximum file size 10 kb.

Any benefit that is offered to sponsors/subscribers, may be changed, removed, or updated for no reason and without notice and without a refund.

Advertisers: All advertising is subject to approval from emtcity.com regarding subject matter, form size, wording, illustrations, animation and typography. The publishers reserve the right to edit, reject or cancel any advertisement at any time, before or after placement for any reason. The emtcity.com website does not accept online advertising for massage, escort services, astrology, (900) numbers, gambling, alcohol (including beer), tobacco, tea or coffee, NC-17 or X-rated movies, or any site deemed to contain pornographic material. Emtcity.com also reserves the right to reject ads form organizations that directly compete with emtcity.com or any business ventures of emtcity.com or its owner. The above list of excluded ads only represents some of the advertising that is not accepted by emtcity.com and does not prohibit emtcity.com from removing or not accepting an ad for any other reason, or no reason at all.

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