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  1. The biggest problem was that the register for codeine based products was not compulsory. There is a good argument for some OTC Codeine to be available, either in conjunction with Paracetamol or ibuprofen. When it was initially approved for OTC sale there was supposed to be the implementation of an online register to control who, when & how much was bought. The pharmacists then lobbied through the big pharma companies to water this down & it became a voluntary register. This simply meant, like with anything, the honest people who use it for legitimate purposes, bought what they needed & when with advice from the pharmacist. Those who wanted to abuse the system simply found those pharmacies who did not participate in the register & went from shop to shop to purchase. In reality this has not really changed anything. If anything the supply & use of Codeine will actually decrease with an increase in other presciption meds such as Endone (oxycodone hydrochloride) & Tramal (Tramadol) increasing & becoming the drug of choice. They are easy to get & people will Dr shop & have other get scripts for them. Codein, in the OTC meds was safe & very low dose (15mg per tablet). The decision by our highly intelligent lawmakers to change this, while restricting the use of medical cannabis, is questionalble & could be easily resolved by reintroducing a compulsory online register. If, as a pharmacy you choose not to participate, then you are not licenced to sell it. Easy.
  2. Real men don't need padding, helmets & matching handbags
  3. What is the advantage in performing psych testing. I have said it before & will say it again, it is not an exact science, therefore, you bring me your psychiatrist who says you are sane & competent, & I will match you with one who says you have a mental illness or at the very least a mental disorder. Moreso is who is gonna be the first psychiatrist to put his neck on the line & say person x is sane, & 3 months later they use the weapon that was allowed to be purchased to use it for its intended purpose & then pleads insanity. Or you go for your psych testing & get declined because of it, you will sue because you want your guns for hunting & sport with friends, now you have no guns & a stigma that your crazy. Who is gonna be that shrink. Mental Health is too wide open to try to use it as a part of licensing. Who determines what mental illnesses can & cannot have a firearm? what degree of mental illness? I have one question for you to answer honestly scubanurse, & you should be able to answer if you take a complete history from your patients, How many of your patients, as a percentage (approx.) are on some form of antidepressant? The answer, sadly is quite high, so my supplementary question to you is should these people, who have a diagnosed mental health issue/illness, be precluded from gun licencing? Would you trust them with a gun? If you trust them, because they are medicated, how about a schizophrenic who is medicated?
  4. aussiephil

    Daytona 500

    Well my american friends, all I can say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Another bastion of Americandom, one of those Mom & Pop, apple pie things has fallen to the might of the Aussies. Yes, the Daytona 500. With an American driver the Chevrolet SS, Made in aussieland has kicked ass. God help you all, what will be next? an aussie in the NBA, too late, the NFL, too late...... http://www.holdenmotorsport.com/news/2013/02/25/holden-vf-commodore-wins-daytona-500
  5. I still think it should be called handball or maybe handbag ball. They rarely use their feet so how can it be football???
  6. Lets play a real Mans game... no matching handbags here
  7. chbare, well said. while I dont agree with you, you are the only one who has enough intestinal fortitude to actually reply. Bravo
  8. chbare, let's move on. You have again failed to answer the 2 questions I asked that are far more important. My challenge to you is to answer them.
  9. Chbare bravo for standing up to the argument. Albeit lame. Ok you got me on definition of weapon type. Symantics. You failed to address the 2 main points of my post. 1. Defining mental health & how it is do varied that no one would be allowed to own a gun with blanket statements like 'mental health patients shouldn't be allowed to have them'. I gave an example earlier. 2. What need is there for a weapon, either automatic or semi automatic, in a residential setting? I also enhanced this point earlier. Again I thank you for pointing out the difference between an automatic & semi-automatic weapon.
  10. Lifes a Bitch. Then You marry one, then you die

  11. http://allpsych.com/disorders/index.html This is where you will discover what constitutes a mental illness. This is an abstract from the publication by the American Psychiatric Association & is used to diagnose recognoised mental illnesses. My question is should someone who is diagnosed with a mental illness of Narcilepsy be categorised in the same way that someone with schizophrenia, paranoid type is? or should we look at each case individually, without tarring each person with mental illness with the same brush? If you want to be considered professional, take the emotion out of the gun debate. stop laying the blame on people with mental illness. Look at reality. I do not want to impinge on your constitutional right to bear arms, god forbid, but please answer me one question. Considering the types of weapons used in most gun crime, many are fully automatic weapons, like the bushmaster .223 capable of holding a 30 cartridge magazine, what need is there for them, outside a military use? Hunting does not need this capability, a true hunter is about the skill & aim for 1 shot, not 30. Why should these weapons not be restricted & manufacturers be accountrable for every one produced?
  12. We all know that they are compensating with those big hoses. The look at me attitude is what causes the problem. Fire is the only profession, other than politics, who can put enough spin on a failure that people think they have done a great job. Let's face it, a building is burned out, has to be demolished, but they claim it as a successful operation, because they contained it to that building but don't tell you about all the water damage to surrounding properties........
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