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  1. aussiephil

    The aggressive methamphetamine patient

    The biggest problem was that the register for codeine based products was not compulsory. There is a good argument for some OTC Codeine to be available, either in conjunction with Paracetamol or ibuprofen. When it was initially approved for OTC sale there was supposed to be the implementation of an online register to control who, when & how much was bought. The pharmacists then lobbied through the big pharma companies to water this down & it became a voluntary register. This simply meant, like with anything, the honest people who use it for legitimate purposes, bought what they needed & when with advice from the pharmacist. Those who wanted to abuse the system simply found those pharmacies who did not participate in the register & went from shop to shop to purchase. In reality this has not really changed anything. If anything the supply & use of Codeine will actually decrease with an increase in other presciption meds such as Endone (oxycodone hydrochloride) & Tramal (Tramadol) increasing & becoming the drug of choice. They are easy to get & people will Dr shop & have other get scripts for them. Codein, in the OTC meds was safe & very low dose (15mg per tablet). The decision by our highly intelligent lawmakers to change this, while restricting the use of medical cannabis, is questionalble & could be easily resolved by reintroducing a compulsory online register. If, as a pharmacy you choose not to participate, then you are not licenced to sell it. Easy.
  2. aussiephil

    NFL are wusses!

    Real men don't need padding, helmets & matching handbags
  3. Lifes a Bitch. Then You marry one, then you die

  4. Dwayne, i resemble that comment......
  5. We all know that they are compensating with those big hoses. The look at me attitude is what causes the problem. Fire is the only profession, other than politics, who can put enough spin on a failure that people think they have done a great job. Let's face it, a building is burned out, has to be demolished, but they claim it as a successful operation, because they contained it to that building but don't tell you about all the water damage to surrounding properties........
  6. aussiephil

    Site back up.

    Did you take too many retard pills again?????????
  7. aussiephil

    National Registration

    Bushy there has been representations since Adam played half back for Eden.......
  8. aussiephil

    National Registration

    Probably the 12th...... Of never. It has been talked about & talked about. Maybe when bushy is an old man, cynical as I & ready to retire they will still be discussing it!
  9. aussiephil

    Seizures - letting go or intervene?

    I also note here that this comment was made by a nurse in a neuro ward. A nice, clean, well lit, well controlled environment................ Thinking about the prehospital environment & thinking about where we find our patients & how long they have been seizing for, is it appropriate to compare treatments offered in a neuro ward to what we do pre hospital?? I mean that same pt in a neuro ward will have medical attention almost immediately. If they were at home, medical attention is maybe 15 minutes away.
  10. aussiephil

    If your over 45 take this test

    We are all perverts in our own special way
  11. aussiephil

    Western Australia SJA info wanted

    Queensland Ambulance have a comparison chart shows qualifications across the states
  12. aussiephil

    This one is just for AussiePhil but....

    Very tasteful tyler my student
  13. aussiephil

    Fire Service Based EMS, again.

    In thoery, I can't argue with this, however, fire in Australia have a nasty habit of entering into different areas via the back door, appearing to be offering a stellar service. In NSW they have sucessfully taken over rescue, & the Arson squad from the police. These are 2 major examples of wheat they did to gain pay rises through productivity gains. Rescue in this state was founded by the Ambulance Service, & I always thought that criminal investigation was the job of Police (my US friends, I refuse to use the wanky expaned terms like Law Enforcment Officers, they are Police, have been for hundreds of years & the dictionary definition is police(po¦lice) Pronunciation:/pəˈliːs/noun [treated as plural] (usually the police) the civil force of a state , responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order.) This is the same across the country. The problem is in the hospitals, the answer is not to allow fire to take on medical, they will require legislative changes to be able to transport. all that will happen is that people will be waiting with a Big Red Truck out the front of their house instead of a discrete ambulance. Currently only the statutory designated authority are allowed to transport. So do the community want the fire brigade & ambulance resources tied up because the health system cant cope?the fire brigades wont accept it. The answer is increasing funding to public hospitals, enbracing & enhancing Extended Care programs to reduce hospital presentations, not handing the fire brigades a reason to claim they can run ambulance services. Coronial inquests will always change policy & action. Especially in the case you described. The problem is the media focus on what sells their news, not what is reality, not necesarrily the full story. They are after sensationalism. The graduate programs are failing, they are failing because in reality, the degree means nothing. I can take a nursing degree & work as a registered nurse anywhere worldwide. The same cannot be said for paramedical sciences. This said, anyone seeing a tertiary education will not look at something that is not as recognised & the disparitry between what is taught in the Uni's is truly varied. Look at how many graduates there are from all the Universities & look at the numbers needed, once you look seriously at some of the graduates you see they will never be ambo's, for a number of reasons. I understand what you are saying about ambulance services in smaller communities, I have been there, but, the answer is NOT fire, in many cases they have less resources readily available than Ambulance Services. Timmy, you sight AED's as being a positive & we know from evidence based practice that early defibrilation will increase the possibility of a positive outcome, but, lets not kid ourselves, the survival rate is still less than 2%. Cardiac Arrests represent, overall, a small percentage of our role, can you really see our fire brigades responding to spit & dribble? They have said here that they only want the glory stuff, Trauma & Cardiac Arrest. The stuff that looks good on a TV Camera. Richard, when you said it is an interesting concept, & these were times before the communication options we have today. It is fantastic that you have the respect from you fire colleagues, here, unfortunatley, we do not get the same respect from fire, even the police have issues with them, but that is another story.....
  14. aussiephil

    Fire Service Based EMS, again.

    There are not Pro's to fire based EMS, never has been, never will be. EMS is as associated to fire as Security is to Fire. There is no relevence, except EMS can finacially justify Fire. The stats can be bent to suit their argument, they always will do that, but simply Fire is a Profession, EMS is a profession, why do we insist on the conversations when in reallity it is a disrespect to EMS to insist that they are better if they are fire based. Let me turn this around. As EMS do more work than fire, generate more revenue than fire, should we not look at fire being a part of EMS, making them the poor mistreated cousin?
  15. I think its sad when people take a fuuny pic you have found & claim it as their own