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  1. thanks, well I had my emt-b license for 12 years but then I didn't get a refresher and had to go back through the program but I took a 4 years break, now I'm ready to go back to the ambulance and possibly try to get my paramedic, but I appreciate the advice but I also was a firefighter, I want to go back to fire dept, that's one reason I got my emt back, but if the shipyard calls I will go and what until the fire dept hires
  2. well I'm a NREMT-B, I applied for a fire safety officer for a large shipyard, I thought I would be operating as a medic, but they tell me I will be responding to medical calls inside the yard, but that I'm a safety officer and that company policies forbid me to operate as a emt, that I can only do first aide, something about this doesn't sit well, would I be held accountable for withholding treatment, or does the company policy cover me, seems like this company is just asking for a lawsuit, say I get called to an office where someone has had a heart attack and I shock them and get them back, but I can only give mouth to mouth, even though my license says I can do more, would the company be responsible or would I, seems like to me, if we went to court and a lawyers says, why didn't you provide more treatment, what would I say, the company said I couldn't, that's crazy, I think a lawyer would be all over that, why wouldn't they want me to operate at my full potential, not sure if I should take this job or just wait on the ambulance company to hire
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