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the 9 things you never say to a patient


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1. ive only dropped one patient

2. oops wrong drug

3. its okay your my first patient

4. ive never done this before, lets give it a try

5. *starting a 14 ga IV* little poke on 3

6. hmmm that doesnt look right

7. what the f*ck

8. oh Sh*t

9. oops

anyone care to add

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"Ma'am, your daughter is adorable...oh, that's your son. Sorry about that."

"Sir, your mother tells me that you are having some chest pains...oh, that's your wife. Sorry about that."

See a pattern?

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How long have you been pregnant (to a heavyset lady)?

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"Well...it's got me buggered.........."

"Seeing you won't be using that "xxxxx" from now on, how much will you sell it for?........"

"What do I do with little piece that is left?"

"Do you think this will fit in that small size of an area?"

When placing an IV..........."just a little prick with a needle..."............and most times it is ....lol

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