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  1. UglyEMT,

    I read your post about your strange shoulder pain after a particularly long CPR. I, unfortunately, found my best friend sitting in a chair after apparently aspirating and asphyxiating. He was about 225 lbs. I picked him up out of the chair, dragged him across the room to have room to work on him, and then performed CPR until help arrived. I've since (6 weeks now) had really sharp pains in the top of my shoulder when I lift my arm upward. Even reaching for the turn signal in my truck hurts, and sleeping sucks royally. Did you ever find anything that worked to relieve it, or see a doc about your pain? I'm pretty sure it's my AC joint, but nothing on xrays. Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. uglyEMT


      Sorry to hear about a your friend.  Those are hard calls.

      I did get resolution of my pain with some NSAIDs and Arnica gel.  My Dr did an MRI and XRays and both came back negative.  It was just inflammation of the joint.  I have had prior shoulder injuries from when I was younger so we feel it was an aggravating factor. 

      Try some OTC pain reliever and also try to limit the motion.  I slinged mine for a long weekend and it seemed to help.  

      Hope this helps.

  2. I stop by from time to time to look around.
  3. Ruff just beat me too it. In my response area the PD has Narcan in prefilled syringes for nasal administration. So far since implementation it has been credited with over 500 saves. Their training was a 1,ONE, hour course before shift. In my area, anyway, it is as easy as an EpiPen. We let children self administer EpiPens do we not? Now if we are talking about moving beyond prefilled and going into actual draws then no I do not think EMT's should be doing it unless their training includes IV med administration.
  4. Finally arrived!!

  5. Thanks Island. Yes it is a short course with a ton of things. I was glad they give you the material ahead of time, I was able to start getting into it before actual class time. The class time itself was brutal we were going from 8am to 10pm or 11pm at night every night except the night before the boards. They let us out early to study. I will say I learned a ton of things in that amount of time that I don't think I would have ever been exposed to otherwise. It will make be a better provider because of it. I started working at my Dive job over the weekend so I am already putting it
  6. Hey everyone. Well I did it. Past my Boards. Talk about a rough class. Tons of physics involved, forgot about all that math LOL Then you through in gas laws and saturation tables. Then to make things interesting lets get into mixed gas and partial pressures. Took some time to find my groove with learning it all but once I did it started to come together. After the written exam I was on pins and needles waiting to hear. Finally I have heard and I made it. Thanks to all of those that helped me along the way. Those that pushed me towards this goal I am forever in your debt. I will w
  7. Don't think I have heard of IV alcohol use but I would assume it would be the same metabolism as "butt chugging". In that the toxicity spikes real quick and the crash seems harder. I say seems because of observation, nothing scientific. I have witnessed a patient start the withdrawal process within a short time span vs hours. As for the opiod abuse my area has gotten so bad now that we have Narcan IN injectors given to LEOs and stock them on BLS rigs. It is a serious explosion around here and it is worrisome, especially seeing some of the ages of patients. Most of it stemmed from Rx a
  8. Hey everyone. You wanted to stay updated so I figured now would be a good time to start. Well so far nothing much has happened yet. We did get our course material, forgot how many books are involved in courses LOL, and got some paperwork taken care of. Syllabus will be given in a few days according to the proctors. So far just some preliminary schedule info, 8 to 5 then dinner then ACLS afterwards so my plate will be pretty full. Dive chamber training and practicals are on days 2 and 3 so for anyone flying there will be no issues. That's about it so far. As for the course materials. Wo
  9. COA = Course of Action maybe?? It fits though. COG = Cognitive I am assuming SMR = Spinal Motion Restriction otherwise know as Spinal Immobilization, again I assume Never liked acronyms unless they are widely know such as c/o, w/o, PEARL, LOC, IV, IM, IN, ect ect. The time saved is easily lost in translation such as in this case. In this case I would be checking the ABC's first and foremost (action based on findings) then asking witnesses to find out just what the hell happened, if witnessed that is. Without the witnesses I would be looking for possible fall points, such as ladde
  10. Yea Ruff up around these parts is damn scary what little goes into getting your card. it went from 150 hrs to 200 and those 50 extra hrs were to teach BGL and aspirin admin(and trust me it was drama to add them) then you had 10 hrs of ride time OR 10 hrs in an ED. And still, Finney not saying you here, folks are still bitching about how long and hard the course is, how it will mean less providers, and it shouldn't be required to do all that. (3 nights a week, 4 hrs a night, 17 weeks) As my instructor said at graduation, "Congratulations, you now know enough to kill a person." T
  11. It is also a good video showing folks what a flash over looks like and how fast fire propagates.
  12. Well NJ adopted the same requirements last year and do 210 hr courses. The rural volly agencies (yes NJ has rural areas akin to Upstate) made a stink about the added time, cost, yada yada. Nothing happened! Ranks didn't drop except for the folks that didn't want to recert under the new guidlines. The classes are usually booked up when checking the website so new EMT's are certainly happening. Most first time EMT's do not have the option of non classroom learning. After you are certified there are online CEU's available. The whole dropping ranks thing is because those EMT's don't
  13. Island she is doing great. Thanks for asking. Amazing little thing, she already has me around her finger hehe Ruff. Shhhhh don't want to scare away any future partners lol
  14. Eyegor not a problem. I hope to do a good write up as I go through or at least once I finish. I also think ti will be interesting. Also I have my local group of divers eager to hear about the course and want a write up but looking at it the other way, as a diver being helped so they can understand what may be required of them in an emergency.
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