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  1. Absolutely Hockey!!!!! I've vowed to go to a Lacrosse game as well though.
  2. Rangers are ok....they have Prince Fielder so they can't be all bad.
  3. Bahaha fair enough! I'm from Wyoming...try and figure that one out!
  4. I'm not opposed..just like baseball better. :-):-):-)
  5. Oh yes!!! Huge baseball fan here.
  6. As do tattoos and the Dodgers!!! :-)
  7. Wait! This stuff comes in shot form? In all seriousness, rainbows mean sunshine and catfish means I have a fishing pole. That in my book is a good day indeed!
  8. Oh, it's a good place indeed. No supplier needed. :-)
  9. At that place in life where it's all Rainbows and Catfish....Hop you all have a fantastic night!!
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