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  1. scubanurse

    Suggested watches?

    I wear an apple watch in the ER and a g-shock when I'm in the field. I have worn the apple watch a few times in the field but it wasn't the best option. In the ER I love my apple watch because i have a stop watch easily accessible and I am not distracted by my phone in patient rooms. In the field I just want something durable that can withstand me smashing it against concrete and I can dunk in bleach when I get blood on it.
  2. scubanurse

    Assaulted on the job?

    Suffered a brutal assault while an ER nurse, left me with PTSD that I am still struggling with.
  3. scubanurse

    Tyler Hastings Passing

    That's just awful, what a huge loss. Please pass along an address we can send cards to.
  4. scubanurse

    last post was Feb 22

    I've been so busy with NP school, changing jobs, struggling with PTSD, and life that I honestly forget about this place until 1 in the morning when I can't sleep and see it on my bookmarks page.
  5. scubanurse

    Another new guy, but perhaps a little different

    Welcome! Lots of seasoned folks here if you have any questions
  6. I'm sorry my friend. Colorado lost 3 officers one right after another and it has devastated us. This is all just too much and it hurts.
  7. scubanurse

    New To Site and Thanks for Allowing Me

    Welcome! Love working with the RRT's! I'm an ER/Trauma nurse and always fascinated by the amount of knowledge you guys have, very valuable asset to the community.
  8. scubanurse

    Old folks Still here?

    I took a small break this fall to focus on family and school and work and now that I have a minute, I'm back! good to see some old faces pop up this fall. Sorry I've been gone, working 60 hrs a week and school has killed me. I was talking about you just the other week with one of my doc friends. He's gone to CAP lab with some of his guys and said he knew you...
  9. scubanurse

    EMT City 2nd sort of annual reunion

    I took a hiatus from social media while focusing on school this fall, sorry to have dropped off the face. I'd love to meet up and obviously Colorado Springs would be the closest, but I can try and make other things work as well. Sorry Ruff! Katie
  10. scubanurse

    Brother in Law - Police officer LODD

    I am so sorry my friend. I wish there was more I could do/say, you guys have been going through a lot. Please let us know if there's any gofundme or anything like that set up. I'll keep you guys in my prayers and thoughts.
  11. scubanurse


    Worst case scenario...intubate them in the field and transport to local ED for a narcan drip.
  12. scubanurse

    Finally made it back...

    Welcome back!
  13. scubanurse

    CHF & Low BP

    Dobutamine will help support his BP in the presence of CHF. His heart is pooping out, his pacemaker is keeping his HR controlled but not his cardiac output/BP.
  14. scubanurse

    swat medic

    Recently, I've been apart of some active shooter drills and MCI drills with SWAT medics. The tactic currently in use, at least in my experience, is team members initiate a sweep ignoring victims except a quick search for weapons, then a secondary team comes through to check the victims, stabilize with tourniquets etc and evacuate to the green zone. Rarely did the care they provided need the skills of a medic, but having the skills to rapidly triage in the thick of it is not something every medic has the skill to do.