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  1. last post was Feb 22

    I've been so busy with NP school, changing jobs, struggling with PTSD, and life that I honestly forget about this place until 1 in the morning when I can't sleep and see it on my bookmarks page.
  2. Another new guy, but perhaps a little different

    Welcome! Lots of seasoned folks here if you have any questions
  3. New To Site and Thanks for Allowing Me

    Welcome! Love working with the RRT's! I'm an ER/Trauma nurse and always fascinated by the amount of knowledge you guys have, very valuable asset to the community.
  4. Old folks Still here?

    I took a small break this fall to focus on family and school and work and now that I have a minute, I'm back! good to see some old faces pop up this fall. Sorry I've been gone, working 60 hrs a week and school has killed me. I was talking about you just the other week with one of my doc friends. He's gone to CAP lab with some of his guys and said he knew you...
  5. EMT City 2nd sort of annual reunion

    I took a hiatus from social media while focusing on school this fall, sorry to have dropped off the face. I'd love to meet up and obviously Colorado Springs would be the closest, but I can try and make other things work as well. Sorry Ruff! Katie

    Worst case scenario...intubate them in the field and transport to local ED for a narcan drip.
  7. Finally made it back...

    Welcome back!
  8. CHF & Low BP

    Dobutamine will help support his BP in the presence of CHF. His heart is pooping out, his pacemaker is keeping his HR controlled but not his cardiac output/BP.
  9. Ready for this journey

    Welcome! Stick around, ask questions, we're all here to help!
  10. Wait someone likes Mike?? weird. I think Mike is right though, first we need to figure out how to keep providers safe in the back. I've seen sick kiddos brought in with just the straps across their little bodies and that just doesn't cut it in an accident.
  11. Hello

  12. I'm really curious how 3 adults on backboards fit in the back of an ambulance... On the topic at hand, I've been the scared mother riding with her infant in the back of an ambulance and I was not a happy camper with how she was secured. If I had any other option, I would have done that but seeing as she was seizing, I was limited in my options. A lot of the EMS crews in my area strap the car seat to the pram using the seat belts and tighten down so the car seat won't budge and then put kiddo in the seat. This works if the seat hasn't been in an accident and if it has and you have no other way to transport a kiddo, then I guess it would work too. The problem comes with transporting a critically sick kiddo who isn't stable enough to be in a car seat. The way my daughter was transported was not safe as the harness they slipped over the pram wasn't designed for an infant her size and had we been in an accident, it could have been catastrophic.
  13. Jonp

  14. Smartest thing youve ever seen a patient/family member do

    Sorry for the smart assed answer Ruff, but the best thing a family member did for a sick/injured love one was stay out of our way and don't ask questions until the end.
  15. New / old guy