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  1. That must have been some scary stuff. I can't image being 18 and jumping out there. There is a reason they are the Greatest Generation.
  2. I can't answer your question, sorry, but I do want to say congratulations!. They're sending patches now too?
  3. WTF? Back on Long Island we got a lot of motorcycle MVAs and that is where all of my transections came from. I think in 3 years of residency I saw 5-8 of them. I think I have seen one since.
  4. We called them badge bunnies back east. They always wanted FD and PD, never EMS.
  5. I'm guessing that it was your loving and caring welcome.
  6. <starts filling out application to LVFD>
  7. I've seen several transected cords that, well, weren't walking anywhere, but yeah, I've seen some ugly spine injuries come in through the waiting room.
  8. ERDoc

    LT 1

    It's very possible that the person you are looking for changed their screen name. I vaguely remember someone with that name. Ruff, at what point does free speech end and misinformation begin (ie Bill Maher and vaccines)?
  9. It's funny how things change. In my days, early to mid 90s, long boards and c collars were gospel. We drilled on standing take downs constantly. Then again, MAST pants were still in use also. Look at us now.
  10. I would tell my younger self to stay away from medicine, but if he won't listen, then yes, go to med school.
  11. ERDoc

    LT 1

    We all say and do stupid things when we are young. Lucky for me the internet didn't exist back then. No worries, welcome back.
  12. According to Dr. Press-Ganey you are correct.
  13. PNES signs? Like Throckmorton's? Now that I got the childish urge out of the way, on to the OP. I'm not sure what you meant by saying that doctors are supposed to treat every seizure pt like they are having a real seizure. We treat pts based on history, exam and experience. Some people are faking and easy to spot, "I'm still seizing and need 20mg of Valium to stop!" PNES are not fake, they are a true psychological response to a stressful stimuli. Without more details from the OP it's hard to know what else to say.
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