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  1. Tapatalk?

    Looks like all of us old timers are showing back up.
  2. Newbie

    I can't answer your question, sorry, but I do want to say congratulations!. They're sending patches now too?
  3. Spinal Restriction

    WTF? Back on Long Island we got a lot of motorcycle MVAs and that is where all of my transections came from. I think in 3 years of residency I saw 5-8 of them. I think I have seen one since.
  4. Spinal Restriction

    I've seen several transected cords that, well, weren't walking anywhere, but yeah, I've seen some ugly spine injuries come in through the waiting room.
  5. LT 1

    It's very possible that the person you are looking for changed their screen name. I vaguely remember someone with that name. Ruff, at what point does free speech end and misinformation begin (ie Bill Maher and vaccines)?
  6. Spinal Restriction

    It's funny how things change. In my days, early to mid 90s, long boards and c collars were gospel. We drilled on standing take downs constantly. Then again, MAST pants were still in use also. Look at us now.
  7. LT 1

    We all say and do stupid things when we are young. Lucky for me the internet didn't exist back then. No worries, welcome back.
  8. New guy on this forum

    Welcome to the city!
  9. Jonp

    Hello from MI.
  10. Hello

  11. Count me in. I'll put my EMS hat back on.
  12. Wages

    I honestly have no idea about the training/education/pay it takes but have you looked into EKG tech or phlebotomist? No offense but better planning in the future would go a long way.
  13. Please Help!

    This is a hard question to answer since every place does it differently. Let's start with where you are located. In high school, focus on graduating and taking science and math classes. In some places, EMS is college level and in some places it is not. Good college classes to take are anatomy and physiology, math, English.
  14. The good things are usually the little things that we don't even think about. Clear numbers on the house so it's easy to find. Clear pathway to the house and to the pt once inside the house. Dogs put away so they don't become an issue. List of meds/hx or meds easily available. Parents helping to calm a child instead of feeding into the stress and anxiety the child is feeling and making the situation worse. Although it was said tongue-in-cheek, calling 911 is probably the single most important thing they can do. Without it, nothing else happens.