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  1. More general ed to fwork with starting next week. Almost there

  2. My words are not coming out how they are in my head. If I have any excuse for asking something that may seem like a no brainier (or that makes me look bad) to you guys is because I am not even in EMT school yet. I am still working on all my general ed for the AS part of my medic degree / certification. My EMT classes start in January, and I will be finishing all the rest by the time that wraps up in May. I will look at these as well. Thank you
  3. On my way to a party full of Oysters, Ribs, Tri-tip, Wiskey, and Harleys... Good times, good times!!!

  4. Wonderful, thanks to all. I read the posts of scenarios, and see the wide spread signs and symptoms. I can see how people process these and start throwing out different diseases that it could be based on the info they are given. I wanted to get my hands on something to start training my brain the same way. I don't expect to know everything, but it would be nice to say okay based on 'this' we can start looking at 'this' and gathering more clues and information to start working down the paths of what it might be. Plus I am very curious on how some diseases might mask others, or be totally different yet involve the same system / organ. As long as it doesn't backfire and confuse me more..lol Thats why I was trying to say overview since I am not a doctor, and its not my job to diagnose / treat, but I do want to have a better idea of what I am dealing with when it comes to patients to help them better.
  5. I have been looking to see if there is a single book on all / most diseases. Signs, symptoms, etc. When I try to find it, I get books on each disease, but nothing that groups them all together inside one book. There has to be one, maybe in textbook form for doctors or nurses. I assume that I am not putting in the right words for Google to narrow down the search. Thank you
  6. That is a sexy bitch...... Very very nice
  7. Hey baby are you choking? bwhahahahahahaha
  8. My class is over, I took my final on Tuesday. I worked my butt off in that class, and enjoyed every minute of it. I got my score today, and I passed the class with an A, and my score is 101%! I am so proud of what I did, and so thankful to those of you who pushed of the importance of this class. Reading things on here, hearing EMTs and Medics talk about patients, or scenarios used to be totally confusing to me. While most still is, I finally feel I have an better understanding as to why or how when it comes to the human body and treatments. I can not tell you how many times I read something, or during lecture that something would 'click' and made sense as far as illnesses or injuries etc. It makes me feel more confident knowing this will help me in my EMT class, and be a refresher for my medic classes. I am enrolled for summer classes to take care of my math and English. I will have a 12 unit semester this fall, and will take my EMT class in January. With that class under me, I will only have 5 or so units to complete my Assoc. in Science to transfer over to CC SF when I can join the Paramedic program. I hope to pass the EMT class, become certified, work, and finish off the 5 remaining units. Then within the year, or as soon as the program opens up for enrollment in 2011, I can submit my packet, and hope to be one the ones chosen. Again, THANK YOU. I could not be more grateful.
  9. Oh I love Nurse Jackie, but, with the way they have that one single EMT (who apparently has No partner) who is just a total bum kinda miffs me. But, Jackie makes up for that. lol
  10. My first knee jerk reaction was for those boys who wore the patriotic shirts. After hearing the story better from local news (I'm about an hour away, so its big here) I feel differently. In years past, there have been issues with students wearing both American and Mexico flags and it always causes problems. So, last year the school made it a rule for NOBODY is to bring a flag to school. These boys wore shirts, but did not wave flags, so yeah, technically they broke NO rules. I'm not stupid, I know they picked May 5th for a reason, and that reason was to either get attention, or to be instigators. I am pretty confident they knew there were gonna stir up some $h!t for that. I guess you have to decide if they truly broke any school rules or not. I don't think they did. I however agree with them either changing their shirts, or being sent home on the sheer fact they seemed to want to cause trouble or get attention. The Latino vice principal I believe did the right thing. However, I do believe that with whats going on with Arizona that the Hispanic community there is on fire and wound up tight, and looking for any excuse to be offended. I believe that they are the ones that turned this into a racial issue, not the kids who wore the shirts. And now, I think its gotten way outta hand. I really hope that this just dies down and goes away. It will be interesting to see how the school handles it from here on out, and how the surrounding communities decide to deal with it as well. In my humble opinion it never started out as a "racial" deal, but boys being boys.
  11. Oh thats right, no In N Out huh..lol Damnit! Thank you for the info (yes, that I should have gotten on my own - I totally didnt even think to look for info on here prior to me asking. Sorry about that.) I will save it, and look into as things get closer. The only thing I can do now is finish my Assoc. of Science degree. I think I will take my EMT-B in January as planned, and become certified as I get my degree. I can work and go to school while I start to get my ducks in a row. Then, if I do move I can have work experience, the degree, and be better prepared. Thank you Thank you very much. I will keep all of this in mind!
  12. I really have not liked CA, ever. I am an Army brat who was moved here from KY when I was 5. I have never "adjusted" to it here. I am a person who is in love with water, and rain - clouds, gloom, fog, etc. Someone a few years ago mentioned to me that I should move to WA as a joke, I have not gotten out of my head since. Here is the kicker, I have NEVER been to WA. I have been as far as Oregon, and that is where it ends. (BTW, I fell in love with OR) We are planning a trip up there next year to check things out. I plan on finishing school here before doing anything drastic, so I am looking way into the future, about 2 years. I am learning the different areas of WA, aside from Seattle. Can anyone who lives there, or who has lived there tell me about life up in WA. I will have two kids, ages (then) 15 and 13, how are schools? How about employment, esp. for medical / EMT-Medic jobs. I am thinking of staying here, completing my Associate in Science degree, and waiting to do any of the EMS training up in WA, (unless if I can get my EMT-B here, and be okay to transfer up there with out too many hiccups). I have plenty of time to think this through, feel things out, and plan. This is my first step, asking people with first hand knowledge. Then taking the time to actually go up there next year, and see how it really is in person. Thanks in advance
  13. No harm at all. I am not against teaching sex ed in the schools at all.
  14. And there are many positives towards healthy, smart, safe sex. I think that does need to be explained, and taught just as well. I am just not a trusting person. And, unfortunately, I can say with all honesty, I do NOT know what is being taught in my children's schools. For one thing, they are not in HS as of yet, and go to two different schools. I know that they did go over puberty in my daughters 5th grade class, but nothing at all about sex. I cant rely and hope that my kids learn how to be well rounded and smart people via the public education system. It is the job of myself and my husband to give them the tools to become productive wonderful human being who make the right choices in life. And when they don't, learn from those mistakes they have to make. I just do not feel confident or comfortable leaving that in the hands of teachers who are already overwhelmed.
  15. I plan on printing out all the full color, in detail pics of STD's that I can get my hands on and showing my kids! And, then after all the vomit is picked up, and everyones heads are done spinning....we are going to talk. Honestly, openly, with NO BS. I would love for my kids to "wait" till they find the special one, or they are married, or in their 40's, whatever comes first..lol But, crossing my fingers, and hoping for that will not make reality go away. They need to know, and will know all the aspects of sex including risks on all levels; physical, emotional, mental, etc.
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