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  1. I know im getting old when I graduated with is talking about THERE kids graduating.......
  2. I don't smoke or chew, I have enough bad habits like chewing my nails, I'm trying to make ends meet now, thats $4-6 a pack I don't have. Personally smoking doesn't bother me if someone does it, but I think chewing is disgusting, smoke disapates, spit doesn't.........
  3. With that being said Dust, there still teaching here in PA that a LBB should be used in an arrest for a flat surface. I had an arrest last week and we used the floor just fine, then the reeves for extrication out of the house.
  4. Exactly Dust..........can you trust that person that sealed that cabinet and "checked" it?
  5. Truck checks are suppose to be done at beginning of every sift at my service.....but always isnt the case......
  6. If I had a buck everytime I was called a "medic", Id be able to retire.....
  7. I know the two district chiefs that are in trouble, Norman is one hell of an instructor, I had him for trench, CSR, and hazmat, I am devastated over him getting 3 days, Curry don't take shit, a bit cocky but im surprised, the other chick i dont know, but Josie......she is a bitch, shes arrogant, cocky and thinks shes hot, she looks like a bulldog, you should hear her attitude on the radio, I am not surprised that shes getting fired and involved in this, she gave me an attitude when i found her lost phone one day at a hospital......karma is a bitch....I blame city officials as well, not just th
  8. LOL......I won't comment, Ill just sit in cheap seats and watch!!!! lol
  9. .....*gets out the popcorn and pulls out a chair for this one*.....
  10. In my lifetime I watched probably 2 or 3 shows of Emergency......just didn't think it was a good show.
  11. Here is the report on this incident.... http://www.scribd.com/doc/26960692/Medical-Call-Review-for-5161-Chaplain-Way I can comment on this since I work basically side by side with the city EMS but I will refrain from my comments.
  12. I worked overnight that night, just document in PCR that time changed, especially if the time is going back.
  13. We have minimum Haz Mat Awareness. Refresh every year
  14. rescue me is horrible, it should be renamed to "dennis leary's "who will I fukk tonight on the show"

  15. Im not new, just havent been on in a year.......this March 31st marks 3 years I been on here..... Im Don or some of you know me as big dick bear.....inside joke.
  16. I was going to, but in PA, NREMTB isnt recognized.
  17. All this woman wants is attention...disgusts me.....
  18. Wow Terri speechless.........Im writing it down on my calendar as we speak.....
  19. Tell them your a doctor, they will believe you!!
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