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  1. $15 an hour as an EMT??????? where the hell you from??! Im moving there!! medics start at $12-14 here and EMTs between $8-11 an hour, depends on service and your longevity as EMT.
  2. hahaha.........nice
  3. As long as they know there job and what to do, It don't matter to me.......I've seen older medics/emts that are horrible
  4. depends on what state your in.........
  5. Just resigned from my VFD after 7 years, they tried to yell at me for not participating in the fish fry....I was working 12 hour shifts and Jess was sick a few times, sorry my family and job comes first and then had issues of how i screen new applicants by myself when no one the "committee" is never available, there is no way written in bylaws how to do it, Jess and I don't need that BS.......volunteer days are over for me.
  6. Very dumb......we all make mistakes, but come on now....I wouldnt say fire them, maybe a suspension, make the crew split the cost of a new toughbook, and watch mandatory safety videos.....
  7. Oh trust me, Jess and I resigned from the dept. She was a Fire-Police officer and I was a FF

  8. Don1977


    Richard, my patner(s) and I have gotten 20% discounts at Dunkin Donuts about 5 times now. I was surprised atually
  9. Well Ruff, I dont just blame the EMS for what happened, I blaim the city as a whole and that family and dispatch, etc... I m not getting into it again. I again feel, it wasnt right to fire her only because that was a phone conversation and not radio or face to face, HOWEVER.As stated previously, she was mean and I don't feel sorry for her.......she left her cell phone sitting in the medic room at one of our trauma centers, I found it and was looking at it, it had "Josie" written on it, so I left it sit by the computer I was using and when i was leaving I was going to turn it in, she came
  10. Don1977


    I use to get 21% with Sprint through my VFD.
  11. I knew this medic, she was mean and thought her shyt didnt stink, she always had an attitude about everything....so honestly this was just karma in my book.
  12. She did not say that on the radio, she said that on the phone to the medic who helps run the dispatch center, none of this was said over the radio by her. Lets face it, We have ALL grumbled and cussed patients out at certain times....NONE OF US are innocent. We might not have said it over recorded lines or to the patients face, but still.......
  13. Don1977


    Dunkin Donuts, Steak n shake and chick-fil-a does here......some local gas stations.
  14. The city needed a scapegoat for there blatent disregard for the weather and situation, unfortunately, she was it.....
  15. Initial story was all 4 to get suspended and when they served there time, Josie was to be fired. That was from the beginning, Dust.
  16. I don't think she should have been fired, all she did was state how over half of us feel IN A PHONE CONVERSATION.....really? There was nothing telling her she was being recorded and this was not stated over the radio. I believe they was all at some fault, Pittsburgh mayor was drunk at Mardi Gras and the PSD was out if town too, but nothing was done to them, we all knew here that this storm was coming a week and half, the dispatchers encouraged the man to cancel ems and the pt and wife cancelled multiple times. So I blame all of them including the DPW.....Pittsburgh EMS was just a great scapego
  17. This is an old article. Has drawn up alot of hostility here on the Burgh. I can go on about this but I'm not. I have commented n the other posts about this issue.
  18. We have 2 bariatric stretchers at work and use on at least daily. Suppose to have a supervisor for anything over 300 lbs...didnt get help today with 400 pounder and now im sore.
  19. We have a few EMT's like that write ups are a waste of time, they dont care......
  20. I wish we did, very helpful...but got to get the people to fill them out
  21. thanks for the warning!!!!! hahahahaha.. welcome back....I made my re-debut 2 weeks ago....
  22. My VFD uses VHF and my EMS uses UHF, UHF is better, travels further, Ive been able to talk to dispatch on UHF 50 miles away, freaks them out but ive done it. My VFD is switching to UHF within a month, should be interesting.
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