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  1. Ahhhh, as a businessman/entrepreneur, I always find it fascinating when people are 30 steps ahead of step 1. Your business is pre-destined for failure currently. A basic business plan would have included the need for a MD, how much to pay one and where to find one. The fact you have none of this, come online asking where to find one, indicates while your spirit may be true, your plan is not. Advice--Go back to the drawing board. Start all over and do the BP proper, from the beginning and quite seriously unless you have a financier, independent wealth or several top dollar contracts signed
  2. I am alive. Have traveled to the Four Corners of the Globe and back...have done a million things most only dream about (nightmares included). Got lost in it all, had some setbacks, challenges, lawsuits, PTSD, mid-life crisis, therapy, revaluation of all things important and redesigning my life going forward. I REALLY need to get busy writing my book....would make a great screen play as well, has everything a good action/drama needs and then some. Bought a part time home in a very rural area, still flip flop between FL and my new home. Took a per diem job where nobody knows me just so I c
  3. Hello to all EMT City folks---past, present and future. Some of you know me on a very personal level, some just know of me and some could care less...that is life. Regardless, now that I have awarded this year's CAP Lab Scholarship in honor of Rob Davis, my next step is to say good bye to all those I have come to know, love, and respect here on EMT City. Yes, it is true, AK is retiring. Writing this open letter has been a very difficult and emotional process. I have been with The City since 2004 and participated in many adventures because of it...good times, bad times, you name it I h
  4. Hello--I wish to announce the WINNERS of this year's scholarship. I received several excellent entries but due to the success of the CAP Lab, I am only able to send TWO individuals. I did attempt to send 4 but that plan did not succeed. Regardless.... Kate and Anthony were the winners. They both have received FREE airfare to Ohio, FREE hotel rooms and FREE admission to the CAP Lab. Congratulations you two and thank you for participating.
  5. You ask the wrong question....I could care less where she got the beads....my question is HOW she got the beads? With a follow up question/statement of "Prove it".
  6. Not a problem. There are tons of women there and it is not an issue. And if it were, I would state so...
  7. I am pretty sure there is a scholarship which negates any financial concerns unless you are simply unable to get away from work for 2 days,
  8. Paramedics Needed **The contract is NOT awarded. This ad is for CV collection to be submitted with the proposal. TMH Medical is now in the process of submitting a proposal for the staffing of ambulances in the Afghanistan region within military bases. Part of our submission process requires us to send qualified applicant's CVs with our response to the RFP. The contract is to be awarded no later than mid December 2012 with the early start up team mobilizing in January and all assets on ground by March 2013. I need 12 Paramedics, 1 Chief and 1 Asst. Chief. EMTs will be considered as th
  9. Giving this thread a bump....deadline is fast approaching. 42,000+ views little to no response.
  10. Absolutely never would I dress up while on duty, especially Halloween night. Personally I think it is a bad corporate policy to allow it.
  11. Yes i Have been offered and have taken both food and drink. No issue with it. I have even sat and ate a sandwich with a diabetic patient we had just administered D50 to--I wanted to make sure she ate, I made her th sandwich, she insisted I have one too...so we did.
  12. Every contract has an "Out Clause" regardless of duration agreed. I did not say ONE EMT could wreck it, I outlined ways an employee could negatively impact a service while trying to positively influence another just by being a good person with no evil intention. Pay attention...the evil doer "outlier" is exactly that...a rare statistic. I would almost prefer having the ONE evil doer within my company (as they are rare to start with) than having 100 conscientious employees working for my competitor--because ultimately they will improve that service through ideals and innovations just by b
  13. As a business owner, I employ non competes as well...no you are not dealing with nuclear secrets but each employee has value and intimate knowledge of how "the inside" works. If you are a good employee, which most are...you will try to improve whatever service you are working for. You may see how I conduct business regarding scheduling, inventory, whatever...something totally benign to you the non vested individual. To me, the owner concerned with profit, those tid bits of knowledge are valuable. I could have an employee improve my processes and help me with cost savings all by sharing know
  14. My error....it is OCt 31st.... Still expected to generate a lot more hub bub (conversation) than 24K views and nada....maybe people in general are procrastinators...I snatch up free shit!
  15. 24,853 views at the time of this writing. 1 submission. A free trip for a little bit of your time...I assumed my box would be full. 4 days remaining....
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