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  1. I need assistance finding a medical director

    Ahhhh, as a businessman/entrepreneur, I always find it fascinating when people are 30 steps ahead of step 1. Your business is pre-destined for failure currently. A basic business plan would have included the need for a MD, how much to pay one and where to find one. The fact you have none of this, come online asking where to find one, indicates while your spirit may be true, your plan is not. Advice--Go back to the drawing board. Start all over and do the BP proper, from the beginning and quite seriously unless you have a financier, independent wealth or several top dollar contracts signed (pre-start-up? which is weird)....you are going to bankrupt in 6-12 months and that is me being very generous with time. You are going to need at least 500K of free flowing capital to scrape by...this is AFTER all your other expenses, start up costs, etc.
  2. Old folks Still here?

    I am alive. Have traveled to the Four Corners of the Globe and back...have done a million things most only dream about (nightmares included). Got lost in it all, had some setbacks, challenges, lawsuits, PTSD, mid-life crisis, therapy, revaluation of all things important and redesigning my life going forward. I REALLY need to get busy writing my book....would make a great screen play as well, has everything a good action/drama needs and then some. Bought a part time home in a very rural area, still flip flop between FL and my new home. Took a per diem job where nobody knows me just so I can be "on the ambo" again. Started two new companies and doing government work. Talked with Dust's mom recently via FB...was purging some old picture folders and I ran across a bunch from the FIRST and ONLY EMT City Meet Up in Orlando...she had never seen them so I shared with her. Blog time? Hey everyone...
  3. Increased Spam

    I am hammered with ads as well....never mentioned it.
  4. Hello. Fixing to go to Afghanistan.

    While John may have had those experiences, I assure you as an OHS medic on Kandahar you will not. Be prepared to deal with a lot of whiney people wanting the day off, sniffles, diarrhea and the occasional real medical emergency and some trauma such as lacerations or minor crushings. You will not see any limbs missing, shrapnel or bullet wounds. You will not be dealing with locals. You will quickly become a Fobbit who hangs on the boardwalk eating at KFC or TGI Fridays then getting an ice cream after. Hard drives not needed you can buy every movie you want for 2 dollars. Anyways, I do not have much time to expand on this right now...but email Dwayne. He can brief you in depth or if you have specific questions I can answer them when I am free. Do not overpack, you can buy what you need at the PX or order online. Easy cheesy...
  5. Topic Categories

    What am I? Chopped liver...?
  6. metal building, pagers dont work

    Leave the 80s behind and upgrade to a more effective system which accommodates the work environment you are in.
  7. hello

    It has been dealt with...in future (since you are new), please click on report button instead of commenting. Thanks
  8. What Do You Ask?

    Wal Greens has been selling these for years...may have seen them at Wal Mart as well but not 100% sure on that.
  9. Glad you went and enjoyed it, cannot wait for pictures. You summed it all up nicely....it is a wonderful experience and Doc has done a hell of a job year after year. I am looking forward to the other reports as well. Despite me accidentally booking them VERY far from the site, they didn't complain and rolled with it! For those who keep missing this, start planning now for next year!!
  10. Hello Everyone

    An intro or a dating ad/request? Anyways, welcome.
  11. Wendy's Winning Entry: 1. I want you to present Dustdevil's best response to a scenario in which you learned something. Explain what you learned, explain how you felt when reading it. Was it something you should have already known, something you never heard of, or something you thought you didn't need to know but later on found out you did? http://www.emtcity.c...__1#entry132705 captainstandup said: What information are you going to gain that offsets the risk of digital examination and justifies delayed scene time? “Simple; if and when this patient is going to deliver. Both are extremely, extremely important factors. In fact, they are the only reason you are transporting in the first place. If you are going to commit to two hours with this patient, don't you think it would be the least bit beneficial to know those two things? Is there not a medically significant difference between true and false labour that makes that knowledge important to the medical professional caring for them for the next two hours? You bet your arse there is! It makes all the difference in the world, especially in a pre-term mother. If this is a normal, primip in early labour who has not even begun to efface yet, you're in for a leisurely ride. If this is a full-term multiparous mom who is dilating, then you can bust the OB kit open with confidence. But if this is a thirty-two weeker in true labour, you damn sure want to know that as soon as possible, because you have some major preparations to start making. I can guarantee you that the hospital wants to know that too, because they are going to want to have an airborne neonatal team to meet you at the door, and that takes time to to assemble. Yes, I know this is not standard, urban firemonkey, ten minute transport, 90 day medic school, DOT minimum curriculum fare we are talking about. Nobody ever implied that it was. But the fact is that the human body follows no protocols. It does it's own thing, and only on a semi-predictable basis. If there is one thing that is predictable in medicine, it is unpredictability. Expect the unexpected. The only to do that is to be aware of the potential of the unexpected, and to actively rule it out. You don't do that by waiting for crowning. How would you handle this transport anyhow? Sit at the foot of the cot and stare at your patient's vagina for two to three hours? I'd like to see that! But, if you have no idea what is going on behind door number 1, then that's really about your only choice. Not me. I have better, more professional options. It's just extremely sad that we are not educating our people to even consider those options, much less understand them. The very best thing about EMT City is that medics from so many different backgrounds come together to discuss a common theme. Therefore, we are exposed to so many different, and potentially great ideas that we would have never thought of while secluded in our own little system, where nothing ever changes. But to benefit from this, we simply must have the ability to think progressively and open-mindedly, considering the diversity of our patients and the diversity of our systems. We can't get stuck on this nonsense about, "well, we don't have to worry about that in downtown Los Angeles," or "my protocols don't allow that," or "that's out of my scope of practice," or worst of all, "I don't need to know that." That mentality is the reason that EMS is still living in 1972. Think outside the box, people! EMS is not about your personal protocols. It's about medicine! Get an EDUCATION, not just more "training" and cards for your wallet. Despite what your school taught you, it is not enough to know that there are 206 bones in the body, yet not be taught the names of even ten percent of them. You need to know all of them! You need to know about the physical properties and chemical functions of those bones, the names of their parts, and the names of the parts that connect to them. The best paramedic school in this country still barely scratches the surface of what anybody who calls themselves a "medical professional" should know. If your school was less than two years long, and required no scientific prerequisites, then you're screwed from the beginning. You start off way behind the 8-ball. And, unfortunately, the vast majority of you will never go any farther than that. I'm no super-medic. And the only significant OB training I even have is in medic and nursing school clinicals. But instead of just standing around and watching during those clinicals, I engaged my brain and soaked up some medically significant knowledge that applies to my paramedic practice. You can too!” When I first read this thread, back in 2007, I was still pretty green. I was under the impression that one did not do vaginal exams due to the risk of offending the patient and getting sued, and that the best option was to transport to the hospital immediately unless you could actually see a prolapsed cord and explain to the mother that you had no other option than to manually hold pressure off of the cord or the baby would die. This thread really opened my eyes to it being OK for me to provide uncomfortable assessments, because the consequences could be dangerous if I didn’t. What really struck me though was the idea of education and assessment, and not boxing yourself into your “protocols” when considering ideas here on the City. Dust was right. In this thread, he was emphatic, convincing, and yet humble. I used to go rounds with him, I used to fight him tooth and nail over different ideas, but this thread is one I had to specifically search for because I remembered it being one of the first where I really considered my lack of knowledge. I was only a year out from being certified as an EMT, and was still caught in the mindset of “being a hero” to some extent. This thread, with this scenario, really prompted me to start my intellectual journey to becoming a better provider. It also made me more aware of EMTCity as an educational resource; when I first started coming, I just thought it was a cool place to hang out and talk to other EMT-type people and somewhere I could argue to my heart’s content without real-world consequences (being intelligent doesn’t win you any brownie points, and people feel threatened when you want to actually explore a debate). After seeing this post, and a few of its contemporaries by other posters, I really started to understand EMTCity as another forum for my “education” and realized that education doesn’t have to come from the classroom. 2. Please find me your most favorite "Dust-ism" and tell me why it is and what it means to you. “If it is the intellectual challenge of medicine that excites you, then be a nurse. If it's the excitement of lights and sirens and badges that excite you, then be a volunteer fireman. It's not as exciting in real life as it looks on TV. And whatever excitement it does provide you very quickly fades, so don't go away feeling like you've lost out on anything. I was forced to give up EMS one time because of serious on-job injuries. Told I'd never be able to return, I went to nursing school. That broken neck was the best thing that ever happened to me, because it forced me to get off my arse and do what I should have done twenty-five years earlier, which was to get a real education, a real job, and start practising real medicine. You too should take your physical disability as a very positive thing, especially since you recognise it before wasting twenty-five years in a go-nowhere, low-paying grunt job like EMS.” http://www.emtcity.c...__1#entry236428 Man, where do I start with this? This speaks to me in so many different ways. This is some straight shooting, from the heart and hip, pure Rob Davis. This is in response to an excited kid who wants to get a paramedic science degree (who is still in high school ) but has hemanopsia due to a congenital problem, meaning he can’t drive. “If you want excitement, be a volunteer fireman. If it is the intellectual challenge of medicine that excites you, be a nurse.” I read this while the bitterness of not making it in my first prehospital EMS job was fresh in my mouth, and it cemented that it was OK for me to be intelligent and that nursing would feed my brain. The zing at volly fire guys along with the promotion of nursing as a profession, in an EMS forum, is pure Dust to me and something I think back to a LOT as I plug away through nursing school here. 3. Present a funny Dust post...may only be funny to you, but that's ok...we wanna see it! PAEMT980 said: Hmm, so as a volunteer fire fighter Im not professional? Hmm, interesting. Try "career" fire fighter. “Volunteers are professional too, get more respect because we don't get paid to do it. Please don't damage your credibility here by playing word games. You may BS the general public with that worn out chiche', but I've been at this business for nearly thirty-five years, so you're not fooling me. I don't determine a provider's professionalism by their salary. But, the fact is, if firefighting (or EMS) is not your paid, career profession, you are not A professional. Just because you are professional (which you very well may be), does not make you a professional. And just because somebody else is a professional does not mean they are necessarily professional. We all took high school English here. We know what the word means. As for respect, who in the world are you talking about? Who respects you? The kids who see you in your uniform? The people in distress who are just happy that somebody showed up, paid or not? Puhleeze. As Asys said, the fire service doesn't respect you. Professional EMS doesn't respect you. The hospital staff doesn't respect you. The cops despise you. They all think you are a wannabe. And the general public is oblivious to you until you show up at their emergency, and even then, they usually take you for granted because you are doing only what is expected of you. You have to seriously be stroking yourself to be feeling any respect for being a volunteer fireman.” Respect and a fin will get you a crappachino at Starbucks.” I laughed so hard re-reading this I thought I was going to die. Grammar-zing, and an epic one-liner at the end. I’m going to start using that line, and may actually add it to my signature… ;-) 4. Find Dustdevil's most harsh response to a newbie and then to an old guard (as that is what we liked most about him). NEWBIE RESPONSE: http://www.emtcity.c...__1#entry131224 firefighter523 said: Dust, this well respected person, (NOT), in this little egotistical community is just another toolbag, that just because he has a few letters behind his name thinks he his god!! “Are you hallucinating? Where have I ever strung any letters behind my name? I'd bet less than a handful of people here know what my exact educational credentials are, and those are people I know personally. I have reached a point in my professional existence where my credentials are no longer even important, because the quality of what I have to say speaks for itself. You, on the other hand, are thirty-one years old and have yet to attain any educational credentials OR experiential credibility beyond boot camp so many years ago, if you’re not just another fake warrior here, that is. And, at the rate you are going, it is very doubtful that you ever will. Scaramedic gave you a pretty good bitch-slapping there. Reading your history here tells us a lot about where you come from. A short while back, you were just a wide eyed little medic student, amazed and thankful at all the wisdom available to you here. Now that you have [allegedly] finished medic school, you suddenly know it all -- everything there is to know about EMS, medicine, and nursing -- and we're just a "little egotistical community" of “toolbags” with no credibility. That must have been one hell of a paramedic school! How many years long was it? Certainly it must have been measured in multiple years, and not hours or months, right? After all the discounting you do of the credentials of people you obviously know nothing about, you must be in possession of a greatly superior resume to ours. Let's hear it!” Quote You impress me nill with your ability to cut a slit into someones side to place a tube. Who the heck cant be taught that!!! “Congratulations, moron. That is exactly the point I was making. You finally comprehended something, but unfortunately, you didn't even realise it. Now, let's see if you have the intelligence to understand what that means.” Quote You are nothing special, skills are for monkeys like yourself, knowlege is power, and you impress me NILL with that also. “Like the knowledge necessary to know how to spell “knowlege?” Quite clearly, I am battling wits with an unarmed man.” Quote Most flight nurses did not and will not ever go through a paramedic program, no they go through a 3 month cheezy class and call themselves a paramedic!! I will be done my nursing education very soon... “So let's see... if nurses with four years of science based university education who spend three months learning the three weeks worth monkey skills that medics learn are "cheezy," then what does that make a paramedic with only that training? Cheezier? And you finished your cheezy paramedic school less than a year ago, but you will be finished with a "nursing education" very soon? Then what does that make this so-called "nursing education" you are almost finished with? Sounds like "cheezy" would be too mild a term for it. Fifty bucks says it’s not an education at all. Just another wanker who's going to throw away a few thousand dollars trying to buy a mail order degree from Excelsior and call it "education," then justify your abysmal failure by telling yourself you don't need all that book learnin’ to stick a "dart" in somebody anyhow. And, of course, if all our credentials don't impress you, why do you feel the need to get them yourself? The answer is obvious, but obviously it eludes your simple mind.” Quote ...something that the Marines paid for, don't worry, you will never earn that title!! “I live with three-thousand Marines here, arsewipe. And every one of them is the daily recipient of my deepest respect and my very best efforts. No, I will never be one of them, and never in my life have I ever had the slightest desire to be. I am perfectly content knowing that they all give me genuine respect, not for the oakleaf on my cover, but because they know I have spent a lifetime aquiring the education and experience necessary to give them every possible chance to get back home to their families alive and in one piece, and that I spend each day living the same risks as them in order to do that for them. One need not complete the Crucible to be a valued and respected professional here. And if that is the crowning achievement of your lifetime so far, then you're a sad individual.” Quote And for all those firemedics out there, kudos for having the brains and the balls for doing what you do, something YOU will never have Dust, BALLS!! “Your obsession with my genitalia is more than a little disturbing. But that's typical firemonkey posturing, so I shouldn't be surprised. It's one of the things that separates firemedics from real medical professionals. Regardless, I was a professional firefighter and paramedic when you were still stinking your diapers, tough boy. I established my "balls" under fire before your mother even thought about you. If you were a real, paid, professional firefighter with more than a few months of real experience, you'd know how patently absurd you sound. You'd also know how stupid it is to ASSume that being a firemonkey is any indicator of "balls." Just look in the mirror. And, of course, if the fire service had a lot less “balls” and a lot more intelligence and education, there’d be a lot fewer dead firemen.” Quote Keep being a puppet in the nice safe ER!!! When the medics out in the field need a bed pan, I am sure you will come running!! Enjoy, street skirt!!!!! “There is no ER here, dickhead. A real Marine -- which you obviously are NOT -- would know that. And the closest thing we have to an ER is far from safe. And compared to my Corpsmen, you wouldn't make a pimple on a real medic's arse. Again, the only person you are fooling is yourself. Sounds like the fire service is a good place for you. Maybe someday, you’ll actually get a paying job there. But I pray to God that department doesn’t do EMS. As for you becoming a nurse, I am confident I don’t have to worry about that ever happening.” OLD GUARD RESPONSE: aussiephil said: I am also a firm believer that while ems crosses both the health field & emergency services fields, it should not be run on a 'for profit' basis. Same for all healthcare. Health & Primary Emergency services should be a function of Government, with paid providors used as an adjunct for things such as sporting events with licensing controlled by the government to enforce regulations. This should be a state, not federal function & would allow for the use of statewide protocols etc. “There is not a single thing right in that paragraph. While I accept that it might make some sense from an Australian perspective, from an American perspective, everything in that paragraph is just dead wrong. There is not a single government agency in this country that is a model of efficiency and professonalism. The federal government has farked up every piece of healthcare that they have touched, including EMS. The government is the medical insurer (Medicare, Medicaid, Medical, etc...) that fails to pay upwards of eighty percent of the ambulance bills it receives. It's not time for them to take over. It's time for them to get the hell out. As for "for profit" private providers, they are the best of the best in American healthcare. In fact, they are the best of the best of Europaean healthcare too. Nobody in this country looks forward to being a patient in a government run healthcare facility. Anybody who can afford to do so chooses a private hospital. That's where the best care is available. Most any aspiring physician would rather get accepted to Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Duke, Stanford, Case Western, Vanderbilt, Loma Linda, Cornell, Washington, or Boston University (all private medical colleges) than the State University of Southern North Dakota - Bumfuck Campus (a government run college). My mother's health insurance (and other benefits) from her private industry job beat the hell out of the health insurance and benefits my step-dad gets from 30 years at his government job. The most clinically sophisticated EMS systems I have seen in the United States were mostly either private or hospital based. Things may be a lot different in your society, but there is nothing positive to come from government control of EMS in the U.S. Simply put, our government sucks at running anything but their mouths. They damn sure aren't the people who ought to be setting statewide protocols that would lower us all to the level of the lowest common denominator, resulting in every system turning into another Detroit or D.C. FD EMS, with nobody having any ability or motivation to excel. If firemonkey EMS is your golden standard, then you'll love the EMS set up by the government.” riskynremtp said: But, I assure the answers we're looking for is not in eliminating EMTs or volunteers, or even higher education. If, and I do say "if" that were the case, our problems would have already been solved. ^ Quite possibly the most ignorant statement ever made at EMT City. 5. Find one obscure fact about him personally (There are many buried here, but find one which sheds new light on the man). Dear old Rob was a Chixie fan. Oh yes… http://dixiechicksfa...files/index.htm He was a hard core fan, and purported himself to be a roadie ;-) Unfortunately, some of his Yahoo Geocities pages with pictures have disappeared. I’m desperately looking for the one of him with frosted tips. It’s hilarious. I knew about this way before his obituary. It mentions that he had friends in the music business… in some personal conversations I had with him, I learned that he loved the music biz and understood it in the way only someone on the inside can (I grew up with my dad repairing pro sound equipment and thus was exposed to musicians of varying pro levels at a very early age. It is a culture all its own.) I also thought it was absolutely hilarious that the Dixie Chicks was what captured his interest… not what I would have expected ;-) 6. What is your most favorite Dust thread in it's entirety? Why? I can’t pick. Seriously. I’ve spent a lot of time reading through old threads now off and on since he died, and pretty much any thread Rob posted in has some sort of value to me, whether it’s nostalgia, important teaching about the philosophy and practice of medicine, or just plain hilarious use of language in a way that I now realize that I unconsciously emulated from day one. I don’t know who all used to be on the Village, which is where I met Paramedicmike and Dust’s alter-ego (“Mother”), but he pissed me off so badly that he pulled me in. Maybe that was his intention from day one! In all seriousness, I can’t pick a favorite thread. I can say that I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of this, and I didn’t appreciate him enough. I actually think, after doing this project, that I seriously don’t deserve the scholarship because I didn’t give Rob the support he needed when he needed it the most. And that’s the honest truth. --Wendy CO EMT-B Fireman1037's Winning Entry: I want you to present Dustdevil's best response to a scenario in which you learned something. Explain what you learned, explain how you felt when reading it. Was it something you should have already known, something you never heard of, or something you thought you didn't need to know but later on found out you did? I’ve fallen and I cannot get up. Posted 06 May 2010 - 08:32 PM Ruffems, on 06 May 2010 - 01:09 PM, said: Ok, she's A&O X 3 She knows who the president is and she hates him. she also hates all "Them bastards in washington" She's a keeper! Save her at all costs! If it weren't for the weight and BP, I'd have sworn this scenario was about me. Well, and the gender thing too. He taught me the minute you stop laughing at your self your goose is cooked… 2. Please find me your most favorite "Dust-ism" and tell me why it is and what it means to you. His use of the Queens’ English spelling. To me it was just another way of him to stir the pot, and tell the world he is going to go against the flow and do things his own way. 3. Present a funny Dust post...may only be funny to you, but that's ok...we wanna see it! ·It was his facebook post sept 16, 2011 · To all of you that I have ever hurt or offended, I sincerely apologise. If it was since 2008, I blame the drugs. If it was before 2008, I blame it on the lack of drugs. Either way, I'm sorry! _______________________________________________________________________________ 4. Find Dustdevil's most harsh response to a newbie and then to an old guard (as that is what we liked most about him). Words are not sufficient to describe this FAIL! pinkemsprincess, on 14 May 2010 - 06:29 PM, said: They are quite capable individuals in many ways. There's only one "way" that counts, and that's driving. They are getting no training on that. Quote These people are not hobbyist. They are simply citizens helping their community, a term apparently vacant from the vocabulary of many on this network site. Yeah, and people who buy alcohol for an alcoholic are "helping their fellow man" too, right? Enabling a person or community to continue upon their destructive path is not "helping" them. In fact, it is the direct opposite of help. Quote Do your homework before you go bashing on other EMS agencies ways of working. Right... because in thirty-six years of working in Texas EMS, I'm sure there are lots of "ways of working" that I have yet to encounter. sounds like you are the one with an extremely limited frame of professional reference, if you honestly have never seen a community that size provide professional EMS. I have. But really, I don't care what kind of service they provide. I don't care how many people are killed or otherwise die due to their negligence. You get what you pay for, and they ain't payin' shyte. Quote This particular service can not afford to staff that many paid providers, not to mention they have 2 medics, 2 WHOLE MEDICS!!! Yes, they can afford it. They simply don't want to. And the reason they have a whole 2 medics (actually, only 1 according to the articles) is because they don't want to pay for them. Imagine that. Cause and effect. What a concept. Quote These are not stupid or lazy people. Nobody said they were. It seems that you are the only one implying that they are. But the really stupid people are the politicians that lack the common sense and community commitment to do the right thing for their citizens. Quote By the way, the State of Texas is perfectly aware of systems that work in this fashion. It is illegal for a system to "work in this fashion" without a written waiver from the State. They don't provide too many of those waivers. I'd be pretty surprised that they would do so for a community in a county that has a hospital-based ALS service. But yeah, they've done stupider things. Quote Because they have sense enough to realize that not every area will be needy of fully staffed and paid services. Nor could they afford it if they wanted to. There is far too much terrain to cover. Too much terrain for 2500 people? Nope. Think again. I don't know what your medical education was comprised of, but it obviously did not include any concepts of system management, or you'd know just how clueless you sound right now, and why everyone is arguing with you. Quote If your county is underpopluated, you simply can not afford paid services to the extent of what some people on here are suggesting. Bullshit. They can afford school teachers, and bus drivers, and janitors, and guys to mow the parks, and guys to change the oil in the city vehicles, and police dispatchers, and city attorneys, and a city and county judge, and all the other non-glamourous jobs that people won't volunteer for. They can afford EMS. I appreciate this as its his patented hard push for professionalism. While likely making the OP’s lip quiver. And never post on the site again. Game. Set. Match. 5. Find one obscure fact about him personally (There are many buried here, but find one which sheds new light on the man). That on his Myspace picture, and the one they used in one of his Obit’s was him on his desert deployment. One night I was flipping him crap about being a whacker, “Rob, seriously two radios?” “its ok one of them is gutted and I kept an I-pod Hidden in there.” ___________________________________________________________________ 6. What is your most favorite Dust thread in it's entirety? Why? “What do you carry on your person”. It’s the first time that he directed a post at me. I wore navy blue BDUS as it was issued uniform. He gave me a -1 for that. It pissed me off and I thought that someday I would get the better of him. And then we started in chat. And damn it if I didn’t discover an awesome guy. I think the funniest thing was, I only saw him as dustdevil. That old guy with a chip on his shoulder for professionalism, and a great guy to talk to. I didn’t know much about him previously being friends with Dr. Bledsoe, without him being a keynote at big ems conferences. He was just a cool online guy.
  12. Drum roll please......Our two winners who wrote excellent responses to the very difficult questions I posed are Fireman1037 and Eydawn. (Real names withheld unless they release them). Please congratulate both of them for sharing their responses and wish them well as they go to CAP Lab courtesy of Ruffems, Doczilla, EMT City Admin and myself. I thank you two for participating and I hope you have a great time, make new friends and continue to inspire other EMS folk in good old Dust Devil fashion!! I will post their replies soon for all to see.
  13. I am in the process of marathon traveling right now, Ruff is assisting me with logistics for the winner (s) and then I will post all details here.... Yes, we have TWO winners.
  14. Well folks...if there are no objections, I am closing the contest. Yes I am closing it about 8 hours early but I had to move up some travel plans and will be in transition for the next 48-72 hours. Thank you to everyone who participated and I will be back soon to announce the winner and post the winning submission.
  15. Just giving a bump because the due date is approaching and to date I have received NOTHING. All you needed was the time off and you had a free CAP LAB trip...I expected at least some attempts by now, but alas there is nada....