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  1. I work as a security guard at a mall for my second job. In my always wanting to have as much knowledge as i can i have taken my basic guard class, baton class and chemical agent class. I will be taking my taser and weaponless defense soon also. So here is my question how many people here work in some other aspect that allows them to be certified in weapons ? What are you certified for ? Do you carry them at the job you are certified to use them for? We can not carry any of the weapons yet at the mall. But the knowledge is good to have. When they allow use to i will carry them at the mall. Please don't turn this into a why would a EMT need these and such. As i said this is for people who use them in the performance of on of their other jobs or details etc ....
  2. Arff312

    Growing up

    Wow i am only 20 and that made me feel old. Why was smurfette the only female. I got some for you. You remember GI joe. Cobra was a bad guy. Saturday morning cartoons didnt speak and were still funny. Saturday morning cartoons were made in america. After school specials. Gummy bears were not just a food. What ever happened to Gi Joe, Heman etc... ? I am sure i will think of more soon.
  3. Ok i work standbys for concerts and we dont have any ambulances. We just have wheel chairs and stretchers available. we have docs and nurses at our medical station. We call 911 for transports. I also work for Six flags and it is the same type of thing. No need for a ambulance if your not transporting.
  4. Dummies They can work wonders in beds, units, etc... Also the old code 3 when you turn on the battery is a good one. We have many here. PASS devices do make good alarm clocks but not when the chief is sleeping over.
  5. Actually i am a Firefighter that is what i was thinking about. I keep forgetting the fac that not all ems is government run.
  6. Ok i am mistaken i was thinking of a public safety originaization such as city ems, fire etc... as that is what i am a member of primarily. I am also a EMT for six flags and we dont get issued badges and would never think of getting one for them. Sorry i was mistaken...
  7. As to the badges making you look like a FNG i know alot of veterans who have a badge in there wallet. Hell they even wear them on duty. How do you look like a FNG wearing a badge if everyone has one. Is everyone a FNG. As for them requiring you to have something and not supplying it are you at least getting a uniform allowance ?
  8. Ok as far as the badge thing goes. I believe that they add to the professional look of the uniform.Yeah they sometimes may make you look like an offier But i would hope your department has taken steps to make the uniform distinctly different from the LEO's. If they require it they must supply it. I would recommend galls. But if every one is purchasing the badges individuallt is there at least a set design or is it what ever you want. As if it is part of a uniform it should be the same. Also uniforms are needed to maintain a professional image and standard of dress other wise we would look like a bunch of sloppy unprofessional slobs.
  9. ok that does not look like it is transport capable. My old dept that i was an explorer with b4 i joined the air force has a transport capable rescue. It actually has a gurney and all in it. But it is similar to the one shown. You can see a picture of it at :http://www.cgfire.org/media/rescue3pass.jpg. Or http://www.cgfire.org/rescue3.html
  10. Wow man that's almost exactly a yer before me. i was born mar 12 1985.
  11. Well i am an explorer advisor for a neighboring FD. Our explorers can ride 0900-2100. they are allowed to ride with any of the 5 stations. depending on training and experience determines what they can do. We have 3 explorers who are emt's. they are allowed to practice within their scope as long as its OK with the medic. as far as fire go they can fight grass fire with a firefighter with them, and defensive on structures. they can not go interior. any other questions let me know.
  12. Heck i am only EMT but ill try it. cant hurt huh ?
  13. I am a Full time Air force Firefighter, Volunteer Explorer Advisor and soon to be volunteer EMT for a event EMS service.
  14. 0OK well here it goes i was watching the apprentice and noticed that Donald trump made a comment about not liking the fact that one of the contestants used chewing tobacco. So i was wondering how many people here chew or smoke ? Also what is your opinion on this and do you do it on duty? Look forward to seeing the comments here. OK i accidental left out no. So if your answer is no please post it below.
  15. OK well i have a 1997 Ford escort. Fire fighter plates and Stickers on the rear window. I have a scanner and soon to be CB radio in it . I don't really carry any gear in it, just a first aid kit, My volunteer turn outs and that's it really.
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