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  1. Didn't work........I get a hefty one over 300 lbs once a week, but not arresting.....my company has 3 bariatric stretchers... My old trick is if we transport a patient out the ED I always tell them "you know the rule, 1 patient out and 3 patients come in".........out of the 10 or so times I've said this, it has worked about half the time....they have no sense of humor.... That is one of my own special "jinx" tricks....
  2. I work night turn, we don't get shit on EMS week.......
  3. I agree with 4c. Explain bike safety or how to call 9-1-1 for emergencies.
  4. I'm not new but I'm a fat butt!! 8 years of EMS made me fat!!!!! HEY!! I like them!!!! treadmill?? what is that?? hahahahaha
  5. I usually put like 50 cents then what I currently make, alot of online apps you cant put "negotiable", you have to put an amount.
  6. I don't think GPS is the best also, a Pittsbugh paramedic was showing me a call address and the "cross streets" on the MDT map they have last saturday which is based off of GPS, the address he was given was actually 2 blocks from where the"blip" on the map showed it and the one cross street was 5 miles away! It was nowhere near the street! The good thing is this was his district and he knew where to go, I made the comment to pull out the good ole map book! This is not the first time this has happened to the city. We have had trucks get lost at work taking patients to and from places becau
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    I don't open anything weird or strange. I delete automatically,
  8. Our lifting and moving is transferring another co-worker back and forth from stair chair to stretcher and back, and loading and unloading them from the truck on the stretcher. Needs to be better but, not my department.
  9. Half the EMT's/medics wouldn't pass that at my company!! sadly...........
  10. Maybe if half of California wasn't Mexican this wouldn't be an issue......still messed up that this happened.
  11. Oh ok....my company has a few pics also like that in the director's office, but those employees (supervisors mind you) just got a slap on the wrist. I work 2100-0700 and USUALLY don't sleep in the truck, just don't trust people, but I have dozed off on down time, really, who doesn't???? Unfortunately, we had a crew scratch a chest pain call because they wouldn't wake up......
  12. I am on both sides on fence on this one, it is stupid to have pics of that "look at what are security guards do" but on the other end its embarrasing to that guard especially if they are working that day you saw there picture.....
  13. Dust, The system in PA, well western PA, at least is retarded. Im not a big fan of how its ran here. Hopefully Illinois is better...
  14. HAHAH! Good one Ben.......
  15. When I was with the volly FD I hit my "oh shit" button like 4 times, all by mistake, not hard to bump, there is no code name, they just ask you if your okay. A code name would be clever.
  16. If only he would have gotten that damn side car.........
  17. Waiting for a point on this topic.........
  18. Never bothered me, suctioning doesn't either..........weird.
  19. I make more then a McDonald's employee.... I personally enjoy my four 10 hour shifts and the pay could be better, but Ill take it, I don't get that many rude patients either, on occasion, can't please them all
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