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  1. Hello folks! Stay safe!

  2. Hey folks! This is Don. Jess apparently had a brain aneurysm from the past surgeries she had from the complications of our son's birth. Her and I was not together and I have been through my own issues. Last time I saw her and our son was 2011. She passed 3 days after her 31st birthday. I remember on her 2nd surgery the surgeon told her she would not live past 30...…. Anybody want to talk please IM me here or catch me on twitter. https://twitter.com/DonaldJr1977 Thank you all and May God Bless You!
  3. Can't believe my profile is still here after a 6 year absence.....

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    2. Don1977
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      Welcome back don! 

    4. Don1977


      Hey Terri! IDK if I'm back, was just seeing if I was still on here and if this place was alive..lol

  4. Jess passed away July 16, 2016

  5. Hello all...I think I made a wrong turn cause I have not been on here since Lone Star was young.....well, wait.....internet was not invented in 1812..nevermind.. Anyway, been a memeber on EMTCITY 6 years now......wow....just saying Hello all!!!!
  6. wow.....I must have got lost....

  7. wow.....I must have got lost....

  8. Good luck buddy! Stay calm and ask questions if unsure, remember, "the only stupid question, is the one that is not asked"
  9. Phred, you old fart.....I been okay...could be better.. Jess and I aren't together anymore....I speak to her a couple times a week, I am back in PA and them two are in IL......Don't ask.... I figured I would come here and give some people a stroke..lol.....
  10. Hey Mike! I thin I made a wrong turn...lol Who you calling old, grandma?!?!?!? I made a wrong turn Terri...lol
  11. Hello all...its been a while.....

  12. Hello all, hope you have a great day!

  13. ALWAYS,ALWAYS,ALWAYS Safety first........1st thing I was taught in EMT class......
  14. Merry Christmas to all EMTcity members!

    1. Jessi


      Merry Christmas to you too :)

  15. It was a great 3 years while it lasted.....

  16. EMTcity lost a great icon......Dust...you will be missed, may you RIP.....thank you for your military service and for your words of advise on here.........

  17. Him and I had a few "debates", I will not say they were clashes. He always used the word "hose monkeys" for fire fighters which drove me up a damn wall, and I told him that, everytime he saw me in chat or on line he mentioned that word to irk me...lol. You will be missed Dust.... RIP buddy..
  18. I use to carry 3 note pads, 3 pens, pen light, big and small trauma shears, "bitch be nice" gloves AKA lifting/aggressive patient gloves, hand sanitizer (purel), multi-tool, glove pouch, keyring clip w/ portable oxygen key, 2 rolls of tape. I also had some flushes on me. They became weapons when RN's wanted to be funny...lol....and on a serious note, if a medic needed a flush and didn't want to dig through the IV kit, I had it covered.....and my portable radio, and of course cell phone. I have been out of EMS a year due to my girlfriend's health and my back now being jacked up from a forme
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