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  1. It is hard... however if you work at it, it will last... i am currently engaged to a non-ems person. she has a hard time understanding and dealing with it at times... i run two 12 hour shifts a week... tuesday night and friday nights... but we work through it... and calls i either can't/won't talk w/ her about i can talk w/ my dad about since he was a FF/Medic for 31 years... she is understanding about it and we work hard to make the relationship last...
  2. AOxCarrot - a brain dead PFO'd - Pretty fucked up FDGB - Fall down go boom i will try and think of more.
  3. cause i am nostalgic.. i don't know.. i was talking w/ some people again about it... and was currious what the new people thought... had to saw... i am not going to bump many more... the one i really wanted to bump was the O2 fire one... i was just currious about this one...
  4. again just bumping up to poll the new people here
  5. hey i am somewhat back now.. and thought i would bump up some of my old threads since there are so many new people.. just currious what the new people think of these?
  6. I put long history of family psycosis... (sp?) i am 3rd generation fire/ems. great grandfather was a fire fighter, my father was a MFF/NREMT-P (w/ all the vowels and all the speciatly training for the fire dept) and now me... EMT - B, hopefully FF once i get ito the class if my department can get the paperwork done right.... (sorry sore subject i was supposed to be in the fire school that started tonight... but didn't get in cause of paperwork issues)... alright done w/ that little rant...
  7. BRING IT ON@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i may be a B but hey it can help me realize just how much more i need to go to school. lol oh well bring it on
  8. hey aslong as they let me keep my turnout gear (for safety of course) i don't care... the l&s and the uniform are nice... as someone else said... a nice bonus... but when it comes down to it i will take care of the pt and put out the fires nomatter what they do... hell like someone else said i have done pt care wearing jeans and a t-shirt. big deal... as long as you take care of the pt. and do your job (whether your actually getting a pay check or vol. like i am) that is the important part. just my thoughts on that
  9. Hey welcome.. we as well do not have a cadet program at my department.. but would support it if there was one because it is a great way to learn responsibility and how to give back to the community... good luck with it.. and sorry i couldn't give more info about other cadet.explorer programs
  10. I am referring to call volume and the types of calls...
  11. What are you? a white cloud or a black cloud or a grey cloud (sometimes white/sometimes black)? just wondering..
  12. Ridryder 911 you forgot to say have somethinig to do early in the morning so that you also need to get sleep (if you work a night shift like i do)
  13. we don't have LMA's here.. we use the combitube (all levels) or the ETT (E,I,P)
  14. its okay that you don't know.. i would say it but i am on duty... aw hell ... i am about to take my boots off anyway.. so it is Slow, Quiet, and boring... those are the no no words.. unless you want a call... lol
  15. currious about this do you believe that uttering the "S" word, the "B" word, the "Q" word while on duty will curse you and cause you to have a call? just wondering...
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