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  1. Very important one. Even if you know you turned it on...you never know who may have thought differently and also turned it on (in turn shutting it off) OR draining your tank and not knowing it (you are under the impression your partner moved the line to the K tank and, instead, left it on the D tank for a long haul). Also, if anyone is pulling your meds - make sure they hand you the vial with the syringe so you can also confirm which med is being given - trust no one. Heard of this happening on my own service where the medic asked for zofran and was handed the drawn up med and injected only to find out it was (I think) amiodarone. Error occurred because the vials looked similar and the person drawing them up didn't have his reading glasses.
  2. Wow. Most EMT classes are 1 semester or shorter. I did mine during summer session. I then completed the EMT-I (or now AEMT) portion in two more semesters.
  3. If you don't have to work and you want to be an EMT, then by all means take full advantage of the help your parents are providing. My daughter has moved back in so that she can work part time while she goes to school and I think it's a win/win situation! As to the ultimate question about getting work without the experience...it can happen if the market is right. And, go back to that networking/volunteer thing. Get yourself out there and schmooze!
  4. I'd start off with, can you complete the course without the funding. If not, you will (have to) figure it out. Then, maybe an accelerated course isn't for you. You may have to slow it down so that you can do both. Not everyone can do an accelerated course and keep up. There are other options out there. You can, but you may have to work for it and it involves networking. Doing a little volunteer work so people can meet you and get to know you is one way and, in my opinion, a very good way. Also, take the aspects from any job you've ever done and figure out how that can apply to the EMS industry. It may not be medical in reference but it could captivate the customer service aspects, etc. I don't recommend that as an option but you will do what you need to do if you want it badly enough. Toni
  5. tcripp

    Snake Bites

    Funny to see this thread come full circle. The original post was because of an event similar to the one the Captain just posted. Toni
  6. Mike is right. What does your gut tell you to do? Gain some experience...and maybe some cash to go towards your schooling or sit on your butt and wait until class starts?
  7. Understand that the material included in the AEMT is part of the total Paramedic program, so it's not like you would be skipping over anything. The question is whether or not you plan to work at that level. I, personally, think that working and gaining experience is never a bad thing. I also think I'm in the minority on this thought process. My recommendation is, if you can afford it, take the NREMT test at the AEMT level. Whether or not you stop to practice is up to you, but I believe you will find it invaluable when it comes time to test out at the Paramedic level. Toni EMS Instructor Texas
  8. If you read the requirements for recertification at www.nremt.org, you will see that you must be actively working where your ALS skills are being utilized - it doesn't specify where. Are you using your advanced skills while working outside of the US? If you satisfy the requirements, will your medical director sign off for you? Be actively working within an emergency medical service, rescue service, or patient health care facility using your ALS skills. Complete all requirements prior to March 31. Complete the recertification report in its entirety and submit the completed report prior to March 31. Demonstrate continued cognitive (knowledge) competency through continuing education or examination. If you recert by exam, how many chances do you get. ONE Exam Option Certified EMS professionals may make one attempt to demonstrate continued cognitive competency by taking an examination (in lieu of documenting continuing education) within six months of their expiration date (October 1 through March 31). As I mentioned, all of this can be found on their website. Toni
  9. Welcome to the city and jump right on in!
  10. This is in my back yard and scares the bejeezus out of me. People on the road now don't (well, didn't) go to posted speed limit so why do we think they will go the extra 5 - 10? This means they do nothing more than block traffic for those trying to go the speed limit. (Yeah...most of our drivers don't understand about the passing lane.) Now, the reason for the increase (as I understand it) is to alleviate much of the traffic that goes straight through Austin (IH35). They feel that if they offer the higher speed that many (especially the truckers) will pay the toll and get off IH 35 which is usually a parking lot and not a highway. I'll be traveling down that road in a few weekends. I'll let you know how it goes.
  11. Dylan has currently raised $780 according to his page!
  12. See...what did I tell you? C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S
  13. AK - about 14 years before that...before delivery suites and diaper genies.
  14. We've had a few female medics in this position...they pump when they can. Now we worked for a county/rural service so we could, on occasion, work it out with another crew to watch "their" backs while she pumped in station. Where there is a will, there is a way. And, to Captain...they make a double pump? Dear Lord...where was all this fancy stuff when I was nursing?
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