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  1. Hi all! Stay safe!

  2. That sucks, may he he rest in peace!
  3. Hello all! Stay safe! 

  4. Hello folks! Stay safe!

  5. Hey folks! This is Don. Jess apparently had a brain aneurysm from the past surgeries she had from the complications of our son's birth. Her and I was not together and I have been through my own issues. Last time I saw her and our son was 2011. She passed 3 days after her 31st birthday. I remember on her 2nd surgery the surgeon told her she would not live past 30...…. Anybody want to talk please IM me here or catch me on twitter. https://twitter.com/DonaldJr1977 Thank you all and May God Bless You!
  6. Can't believe my profile is still here after a 6 year absence.....

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    2. Don1977
    3. itku2er


      Welcome back don! 

    4. Don1977


      Hey Terri! IDK if I'm back, was just seeing if I was still on here and if this place was alive..lol

  7. Jess passed away July 16, 2016

  8. Hello all...I think I made a wrong turn cause I have not been on here since Lone Star was young.....well, wait.....internet was not invented in 1812..nevermind.. Anyway, been a memeber on EMTCITY 6 years now......wow....just saying Hello all!!!!
  9. wow.....I must have got lost....

  10. wow.....I must have got lost....

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