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  1. I hope this wasnt someone who works in the medical field...Not too smart
  2. No i wouldn't especially, if there is obvious signs of death..I would comfort the parents and make sure someone from the family/friend stay with them for support... :wink:
  3. Dust..Whats really the problem here? Do you feel because people Volunteer their time for their community that you will never make alot of money as a Paramedic? I would never spend a year in school to become a Paramedic for 2 reasons..I think its crazy to spend $8,000 to become a Paramedic and get paid chump change when you finally do get a job, that you cant even survive on when you have a family..The other reason is this is not something i want to do for a living...I have a Bachlors Degree in Business Administration and i make a damn good salary..Soo if i just want to help out my community without making money for doing it then thats my problem not yours or anybody else's..
  4. Ladyfirefighter many people here dont believe in volunteering their time in EMS. I also volunteer for a ambulance corp in my community. I went from a EMT B to a EMT CC to be able to provide ALS services to those in need...Don't listen to them and feel proud in yourself for giving of your time to help people that need your care...I didn't get into EMS for the money but to help people..It's the greatest feeling in the world... :wink:
  5. Ok...Thanks for the info..I figured you could shock someone on a stretcher as long as u didnt touch the metal side rails..My darling friend and co-worker was telling me that u need to use a short board. I thought maybe i missed something in my training..Thanks again... :wink:
  6. I have a quick question which i'm sure many of you will be able to answer...Can you shock a pt on a ambulance stretcher without any backboard?
  7. Soon we wont have any jobs because someone will invent a robot to do what we are doing now..Lets spend the money for trainings and better education for medics and emts.. :wink:
  8. I agree with Dust on this one...I think there are better ways to spend $15,000....A pink cadaver means nothing to the family.. They want their love one back alive and kicking...
  9. .... A fool i'm not my dear...I'm sorry if you are one of those people that can't hear but still insist on being in this profession...I had to deal with other emt's that couldnt hear a word i was saying and almost put a patients life at risk..People that can't hear shouldnt be doing this job..period...If you can hear by using a better scope and not totally deaf then i dont have a problem with you riding in the back of a ambulance..If i was blind should i be driving a taxi for a living? I dont think soo...
  10. We all make mistakes....Nobody is 100% perfect.... :wink:
  11. I agree totally....I really dont think we should be wearing helmets in the back of a ambulance...I wont use the word bus because Dust has no idea that bus means ambulance..lol lol ..Sorry Dust..
  12. Dust you do make me laugh and thats a good thing. You have to be someone in their 50's because you are very set in your ways.You never know you might actually get to like a EMT- CC
  13. Dust have you ever been to New York? Who is talking about bus drivers? Here in New York we call a ambulance a bus. Tell me Dust do u have a problem with New Yorkers?
  14. Come on this is nuts...If i have to wear a helmet in the back of a ambulance then people should be wearing ones in their personal cars...There are more car accidents then bus accidents :roll:
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