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  1. Everything in EMS is getting lighter except the patients

    1. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      You people complain about 250 and up. Y'all don't know what a HEAVY patient is!

    2. Happiness


      I agree lone in our community it is not uncomman to have someone up to about 350-400

    3. Don1977


      I lifted patients between 350 to 800 lbs at least twice a week.....my company specialized in it

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  2. Mobis!!!!! You whacko!! I love it!! Your my hero!! lol
  3. I've always said "Its called volunteer for a reason".. No one forces you....
  4. Thats a good attitude..... I been a paid EMT for 9 years and very rarely get a thank you... EMS/Fire is something that is thankless and people take us for granted.....
  5. Hate to see what he did in high school.....
  6. Happy Thanksgiving all!!!!!!
  7. Yes.......the priorities in life...........
  8. Note to self: Don't get critically sick or injured in FSU EMT's district....I might be better off just walking to the hospital then have you respond.... Your dead on.......agree 1000%
  9. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and I live here now,I been an EMT for 9 years here in PA. "The center" as its called by the students has a more evasive medic program, they schedule all your ride time and hospital time and only the center can you precept with STAT MEDEVAC and Pittsburgh EMS. CCAC is the community college that offers the medic program and actually has a poor passing rates as compared to the center who has a higher rate and costs more but well worth it. I have heard alot of good things about the center medic program. Good luck buddy! Anymore questions, private message m
  10. I haven't had too many patients die on me, I did however had a 3 month old die on Christmas Eve morning 3 years ago from SIDS, it was an Inter-facility emergency transport with Children's hospital of Pittsburgh critical care transport team. This was a terrible way to end a 12 hour shift, I admit I did get a bit teary eyed for a few minutes, but mostly because it was a day before Christmas and the fact the child died at home and the mother was at work at that time had no idea what happened. I have cried over family death my step-mom and grandfather were ones I did not take well, especially
  11. Standards of EMS are down in some areas, try PA...wow.....glad Im moving away from the state soon...
  12. Artist formerly known as EMTDON970..had to change my screen name

  13. Tell him Richard, When your good.......
  14. So, in court which would be the "higher authority" The DNR or the state protocols??? The protocols tell you to use Adenosine, but the DNR tells you no CPR, etc., but you killed the patient only because the protocols told you to. Kinda between a rock and a hard place with this one......
  15. Wow..unreal...I would have some nurse's ass over that.
  16. Wishes Jess would get better and no more surgeries....

    1. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      Tell jessi-poo that she's done enough layin around! I hope everythings alright and she gets beter soon!

    2. scubanurse


      sending prayers y'alls way... I really hope it gets resolved soon!

    3. Don1977


      thanks all, she had a LP shunt put in, had two revisions and now its infected, its been hell the last month

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  17. there goes that donation.......

  18. I always told by a former fire chief of mine that, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask.......
  19. But in all fairness, It wouldn't be right for the Japanese to build a mosque or place of worship at Pearl Harbor either.....for example....
  20. Honestly, I dont have a problem with there religion stuff in NY, I guess they have that right, but it should not be allowed at the WTC site, thats pretty messed up.
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