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  1. tom5706

    Happy Holidays

    Thank you Cookie, and the same for you and yours. Tom
  2. Have you looked at EBay to find a replacement jacket just to ferret out the liner?
  3. Wouldnt a manual BP done by hand vs. Lifepak still be considered NIBP ??
  4. Chat is broken... "Group Name Error"

  5. Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Hope all is well with you!

  6. Dont' know if this qualifies as a first, bit a DUH just the same. Toned out at 2 a.m. been asleep about 2 hours) to a pt with abdominal pains. Arrive on scene to find an elderly Pt. sitting up on bed clutching a small waste can trying to vomit. Assessment revealed classic textbook signs of STROKE. Packaged him up and was heading out the door when ALS arrived. While giving report, I said "breath sounds are round and reactive to light". He looked and said OK, and how are his eyes. I realized what I had said and replied " clear bilaterally" We had a laugh over that one.
  7. Here are the tips from one of the best
  8. Hello new guy.. Let me be the first to say "Welcome" to the City. There is alot of talent here, and you should feel most comfortable. What level are you and years in service? Regards from western NY
  9. tom5706


    Welcome to The City. There is alot of talent here. Enjoy your stay, and visit the chat room.
  10. For the most part she can flap her gums and vent that she wont respond, BUT, until it actually happens, you got no case (IMHO) anyway
  11. Define "missing equipment". How do you know it is missing??
  12. Here is a good starting point.... www.homesafetycouncil.org/SafetyGuide/sg_fire_w002.asp T
  13. To the best my memory serves, the only time I was required to get tested was for the EMT class, as we would be doing clinicals at a selected hospital.
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