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  1. Does anyone know any real details regarind the new EMT-B course that will be coming to NJ? The course is supposed to double. ANy details on what new skills/ scope of practice will be? What type of bridge course will be available to existing emts? Thanks
  2. My partner and I got into a discussion the other day. Let me preface my question with this statement: I am not asking whether something is morally correct, rather the legality of it: What is the law if while you are treating a patient (as an EMT), the patient divulges some personal information. Basically amongst telling over you their medical info they tell you over about certain things happening in their personal life (not medically related). You normally have nothing to do with the patient, but the patient feels close to you because you are treating him/her, so the patient tells ove
  3. The problem is, that they are trying to right the rules to allow patient abadonment, as well as driver going with L&S when no need for it. They are being written with out any legal or medical oversight.
  4. I'm glad to see that I am not completely crazy. I am supposed to try to dig up some legal paperwork to show them. I emailed the state, and I hopefully they will be able to help. I tried to explain, that if we were able to just say "we are not treating you", then why would we need RMA's.
  5. I just want to point out, that I am not really looking for debate over "right or wrong", (I spent over an hour at the meeting debating) rather I am looking for facts and regulations. Thanks
  6. I am embarrassed to say this, but this is one of the problems with volly squads, that there is no real rules and guidelines. The other night my (volly)BLS squad (in New Jersey) got into a heated debate of who is in charge during the patient transport. In particular - lights and sirens. I am of the belief that the EMT treating is in charge, and that if he/she based on the patients status, tells the driver (usually not even an EMT), NOT to go with lights and sirens. Then the driver can NOT use them. And if the driver does, they are opening themselves up to sever liability issues. The p
  7. That is the problem, we do not have any of that at all. I would be writing/developing it from scratch. I will have to contact the main hospitals we transport to and speak to them. Thanks
  8. Thank you for in the leads. I sent an email to NJ state. I am embarrassed to say this but we don't really have any manual. Our SOP's have not been updated in 10 years. I keep on pushing for updates, but the ones in charge just have the "if it aint broke dont fix it" attitude. And that if I think there should be changes, I should develop and rewrite them myself. I wish I could have sample P&P's and SOP's to use. Thanks
  9. Sorry, I should have said the "Notification clause" in the ryan-white act. Does anyone know how OSHA or state laws effect a volunteer EMT in New Jersey? Thanks
  10. With the Ryan-White Notification Act gone, what recourse do we have if we have been exposed? Thanks
  11. We are located in Monmouth county NJ. There has been reports thru-out the county of swine flu cases. I was not the one transporting, but from what I understand, the patient had complained of coughing a lot as well. However the entire time of transport, the patient did not cough at all. The crew that transported, stated that they had put on a NRB to the patient immediately. I do not know what caused the doc to say potential swine flu. Maybe the doc was just over reacting. One of the officers is going to call the hospital tomorrow to see if the patient tested positive. Are they still
  12. My squad transported a 16 year old with 104 fever last night. The doc in the ER said potential Swine Flu. How does that relate to the EMT's that transported? Also should anyone take any precautions around those EMT's now? I know where are supposed to have protocols for issues like this, but they have not been updated in about 10 years. Thanks
  13. According to Incident Command who is in charge by a motor vehicle accident? Fire, EMS, or Police? Thanks
  14. Any tax benefits given to volunteer EMS personal? Federal or New Jersey state? Also, what are the tax status LOSAP. Thanks
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