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  1. CCEMT-P is a good course, I took it in preparation for taking the FP-C, only thing is alot of it won't make sense until after you have not only been a paramedic for a while but have worked in the prehospital transport field. Its alot of flight based paramedicine.
  2. Here in North East Florida, we are doing the F.I.T.H. Filed Induced Therapeutic Hypothermia. Which includes Vecuronium at 0.1 mg/kg, 2 1000cc bags of chilled saline which we keep in the rescues fridge, dopamine to raise the mean arterial pressure to or above 90, as well as ice packs. We only start after we get a return of spontaneous circulation ROSC. The we take our rescue pod ( ETD device ) off the bvm and just bag them regularly. We have 5 major hospitals in the area that are now on board to comtinue the care. With all this you have 2 large bore lines in the ac's and a IO. 1 saline 2 dopamine 3 in case you converted on lido and need to hang a drip.
  3. Alls you need is your school books and a site called rescueexams www. .com its a free site you sign up and it goes through the emt book by the chapter giving you test after test so you can find your weak points. Its got a great fire side to if you ever go fire rescue. Let me know if it helps.
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    Pics from Fla
  5. What I have come to find is after you've been through the schooling, EMT-B and Paramedic. You dont look at scenes as you would if you never went to school, instead of seeing a bloody mess, you see blood pooling in the lower areas of the body. You notice the the transitions the body goes through after death, as opposed to the horror of it. Maybe its just me but after school I never looked at scenes the same as say, people riding by or friends/family who found a deceased family member.
  6. Time to go surfing

  7. Time to go surfing

  8. Time to go surfing

  9. That was a really good story, I enjoyed reading that.
  10. How many of you carry printed Vial of Life papers to pass out to anyone who comes to your station, or stops your ambulance if you stage in different places. Theres so many people that dont know about these sheets that not only make our jobs easier but they can prevent possible mistakes from being made due to the pt being unable to speak for whatever reason, or a mother who is losing it and cant tell you what is wrong with her child. Something to think about. Get them printed and get them out there, its a free 1 page print of the vial of life website.
  11. Me and my crew follow the same line on and off duty, if theres a few of you, have one person go and pull bystanders to the side and get the info from whoever saw anything and from anyone who intervened. This of course is all for comparison once you get the story from the pt, it also comes into play if before you can get a good history the pt passes out. The more info the better Taking the people/person to the side and explaining to them to calm down and recall as much as possible I think is key.
  12. If you've ever been around the people who smoke a pack or so a day, they always have that smell on them, though gum may mask the breath, you cant mask the smell all over your clothes. I would think in the pt with minor illness or injury, they would rather have someone who doesn't smell like a ashtray
  13. Seems odd im asked to stick to the thread yet others sway off to put in their personal opinion, doesn't matter. As far as the thread goes, there is no reason for any service to have a EMS board to follow under and be QA'd under. Every report I write is read by 2 people in our QA dept, our medical director frequently stops by the stations to talk to the people and see where they are in their skills and knowledge. The one thing I have noticed that among all the people who post and post and read every article posted on every ems site, is why do I never hear anyone mention that there are a large majority of dual role dept's where you go either combat or rescue. The days of forcing people on ambulances is coming to an end, what kind of care will you get from someone who hates his job? Why do they want to be exempt?, I would guess because they are not ready to be a true ems provider, doesn't make alot of sense having no checks and balances when lawyers are behind you every move you make. I ask though, how many examples out there of this exact type of incident are out there, where are these incident most commonly located in the country (state). How new are the fire services, are they a volunteer service trying to go paid, were they volunteer fire and paid ems trying to combine into a fire rescue service. It doesn't make sense for them to want to do pt care with no one watching over them, this is 2010 not 1954. I would love to know the history behind this specific dept, and I will try my best to find it. Phil and Dwayne you guys feel free to message me with comments an complaints.
  14. Good question ruff, I dont have much input being, and as you know, my area has been fire rescue for a long time.
  15. It always amuses me how many of you "paramedics" blast the fire service, i'd like to see all of you " Top Notch " medics come down to the states where the service is combined. Unless im mistaken Miami/Dade, St Johns County and several other Florida cities/counties are doing more than most of the country, most of the firefighter/paramedics are the people on the helicopters as well as the local pvt ambulance ( which is a glorified geriatric transport truck ). But yet were firemonkeys, seems to me I work on a rescue in the fire dept, or a "ambulance" for those who are not familiar with our terminology. Those of us who care about our roles in this dual profession dont sit here and whine and complain and think of what negative thing to say to or about all of you who still work in single role depts, whose days are limited, fire/rescue is spreading like a wildfire. It does not matter why, it is happening everyday though. I saw someone post to fire half the firefighters, how about adding rescues and sending them through paramedic school, or doing like many here are doing, making you sign a contract stating you will go with in your first 3 years of service, which has been working to weed out the people who are single minded and think this is still the 80's where we had lots of fire, and medical was separate. Long story short, some of us work dual role, some of us care, just as it is racist to lump a whole race into one foul word, it is the same to lump us together.
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