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  1. how have you been "partner"

  2. to everyone that has given me a negative rating...I would love to know why as I have done nothing RECENTLY to deserve the said negative rating...so if you vote negative at least have the balls to tell me why

  3. wonders what he has done to deserve such a negative rating...if its from the past..as paramedicmike and others say...DROP IT

  4. wonders what he has done to deserve such a negative rating...if its from the past..as paramedicmike and others say...DROP IT

  5. wonders what he has done to deserve such a negative rating...if its from the past..as paramedicmike and others say...DROP IT

  6. all I have to say...and even then I can't take credit for it...so as Glenn Beck says "Game on progressives, we'll see you at the polls this November."
  7. most of my training is self taught or I picked up from various places. Now with swords and knife and the like I train at least 4hrs a day. so which do you want
  8. Answer 1 - We are already in debt so why not put us more into debt. So no I personally do not think it will work out Answer 2 - that happens to the best of us.
  9. I would like your opinion in the Obama HealthCare Reform thread I started

  10. CNN is a good news channel but frankly I don't care for that channel cause unlike Fox News (who ask the actual tough questions) all they ask (and this is just in general, i do not know if it was an actual question) "so how about them RedSox?" But I also agree that are former health care industry did need a change just not one that was jammed down our throats like this was. In my opinion Pelosi, Obama, DNC pretty much said sit down, shut up and just take it. Trust us we know whats good for you. If they do then how come they are not subject to the bills they sign into law...huh. In my opinion
  11. I am there with you and there are those on this site who would think I would be right throwing actually throwing rocks cause of "actions" that I "did" in the chat room. But contrary to popular belief I am a non-violent person, although I do get angry like everyone else in the world but it takes a h3ll of a lot to set me off. Yes I am close but at the same time I am not if that makes since.
  12. Tom is right, just because you don't like the bill that was passed does not mean go and throw actual rocks and that persons office or even send mail with baby powder in it. What that does mean is that in November when some of those ppl who voted for the bill are up for re-election you vote them out of office. Like Glenn Beck said in one of his shows this week "Game On Progressives, we will see you at the polls this November." So don't stoop to the level of actually throwing stuff or sending death threats cause if you do then your only proving that the left is right. that the TEA Party goers an
  13. this is why I opened this thread is for a debate/conversation....so threadjack away if you want, and with that said I am still a noob in some ways ya know and I will admit that...but I have also learned from my other mistakes from stuff that I have done in this site (those who know, know what I'm talking about) but with each "lesson" I learn something new...and I am open for ppl to correct me if they think i'm wrong
  14. I agree with that persons statement that if they had the child they should take care of it. Also like many Americans I admit our healthcare does need to be changed but not to the point where the gov't controls 1/6 of the U.S. economy. Pres. Obama does have a good idea don't get me wrong I just think he went about fixing it the wrong way... <--not sure who said that but I think that fits in this situation. DwayneEMTP is also right look at Waco. and like the uncle of a certain web-slinging superhero "with great power comes great responsibility
  15. your right he did not say that, but in my opinion that is what it will come to with the gov't paying the bill for the most part, and like I said before yes I am not cert'd so I don't know everything per se in the medical field but if I were cert'd as an EMT-B my first responsibility it to the pt. and no one else unless they are in danger and they are at the scene of any given call I may be on. But I am not cert'd so...but if I see something happen I will step up and care for that pt. till better help arrives.
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