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  1. I'm here. I only get in about once or twice a month right now. I'm looking for a new place where I can get internet at home. Ugh!
  2. Unbelievably sad. I'm going to miss her FB posts and just visiting.
  3. rat115

    Online Gaming

    I've always been a table top gamer. Prefer a sit-down with friends and a game of D&D that's face to face. The online ones don't let you get a good game of "half-fling" going.
  4. List out the pros and cons of each thing you want to do. That may help you think it out. By putting it on paper, you can actually see your thoughts and share with those you're talking to on a regular basis about this decision. It's helped me with dilemmas in the past.
  5. I would suggest contacting NJ's Dept of Health. They are the ones who can tell you what you need to file and how long it should take got get reciprocity. Luck!
  6. Thanks, paramedicmike. Yeah. I moved. Working on getting back into things.
  7. Ask questions. Be open to what you're told. Relax because, if you're stressed over your ride time, you'll make more mistakes. Do expect some flubs. Write your class reports while the crew writes their reports, and don't be afraid to ask them questions or to read over because crews do that in some places and it'll help you learn to write a good report.
  8. I've not been on here much in the last couple of years, but Ed was always a great contributer here. Prayers for his family and coworkers.
  9. Dang! I missed this with everything going on. We'll need to set this up again. I'm pulling a major move in the next few days, so I'll be "jetlagged" while I adjust from MT to CT. Can we plan for sometime like the 5th-10th at 7 pm ET?
  10. Interesting case point. I wouldn't have thought that swelling in one joint could be related to a "resolved" infection. As for why, I would have to wonder if some of the infection moved through the lymph system before the pt was given antibiotics. Then, the body recognized it after the primary infection was resolved. It then attacks what the immune system realizes as a return of that infection causing the swelling and reactive arthritis. Since it sounds like it self resolves, I would think that the body uses this condition to fight off another infection of what has just been resolved.
  11. Here, we're a rural enough area that we normally have PD on calls with us. The dispatcher will do everything possible to get a PD, SO or HP with us for calls on the highway or about Greyhound. (We get a good percentage of our calls off of Greyhound.) In those cases, we have the LEO search the bags that are questionable. We've had our PD offer to help by staying behind with the bus to bring bags from Greyhound so we could transport the pt faster. In those cases, the PD states that he can not leave the bag in the ED without making sure that there are no weapons in it. It takes it out of ou
  12. Sad happening. Unfortunately, many small towns are built around the elevators. When any of those go, they make a big mess of more than just that property. Prayers with everyone touched by this happening.
  13. How's everyone settling in at the new place? I'd take the tredmill, but you're going the wrong way.
  14. rat115


    Congrats!!!! Good luck with baby and the new career. Happi is right. Kids will do things that drive you crazy, but it will be funny given time... even when they scare you to death.
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