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  1. rat115

    Old folks Still here?

    I'm here. I only get in about once or twice a month right now. I'm looking for a new place where I can get internet at home. Ugh!
  2. rat115

    Another EMTCity member passing

    Unbelievably sad. I'm going to miss her FB posts and just visiting.
  3. rat115


    I would suggest contacting NJ's Dept of Health. They are the ones who can tell you what you need to file and how long it should take got get reciprocity. Luck!
  4. rat115

    Passing of Island EMT - Member

    I've not been on here much in the last couple of years, but Ed was always a great contributer here. Prayers for his family and coworkers.
  5. rat115

    Have you heard of this illness?

    Interesting case point. I wouldn't have thought that swelling in one joint could be related to a "resolved" infection. As for why, I would have to wonder if some of the infection moved through the lymph system before the pt was given antibiotics. Then, the body recognized it after the primary infection was resolved. It then attacks what the immune system realizes as a return of that infection causing the swelling and reactive arthritis. Since it sounds like it self resolves, I would think that the body uses this condition to fight off another infection of what has just been resolved.
  6. rat115

    Searching Patients personal belongings

    Here, we're a rural enough area that we normally have PD on calls with us. The dispatcher will do everything possible to get a PD, SO or HP with us for calls on the highway or about Greyhound. (We get a good percentage of our calls off of Greyhound.) In those cases, we have the LEO search the bags that are questionable. We've had our PD offer to help by staying behind with the bus to bring bags from Greyhound so we could transport the pt faster. In those cases, the PD states that he can not leave the bag in the ED without making sure that there are no weapons in it. It takes it out of our hands. I've rarely been worried about weapons, but I'd be more than willing to ask someone if I were and go off of their reaction. I also make sure that their bag is out of reach during transport by putting it down in the doorwell for the side door. They can see that I'm no where near it and they can't get to it either.
  7. rat115

    West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

    Sad happening. Unfortunately, many small towns are built around the elevators. When any of those go, they make a big mess of more than just that property. Prayers with everyone touched by this happening.
  8. rat115

    Long lost and have returned!

    Welcome back!
  9. It can be dangerous. You've got to keep alert and know when to have a tough hide. I've been kicked and hit by a drunk with a head injury from a MVC rollover. I've been punched at by a guy who blacked out and would normally be calling me "Gorgious" if he'd not had quite so much. I had my boss threatened and another EMT almost punched by a suicide attempt who was wonderfully cooperative for me and another EMT just because of how we talked to him. I've been yelled at and cried on. I even had one of our local RNs threaten to punch me when she was drunk and going into diabetic coma because her BGL was so out of wack, and then she passed out just after turning herself on her stomach and vomiting so I had to prevent her from aspirating. (She's been pretty nice to me since she was told her condition when she was wheeled into the ED.) I've had drunks and sober come onto me and try to cop a feel. You will see everything. You will expericence things you didn't think you ever would in your life. If this is for you, you'll make it through.
  10. rat115

    Shit at work meets shit at home

    I'll tell you... I don't know how fast this is going through, but I hired an attorney today. She went to the point of offering to work a payment plan for the retainer so that she could start working on things TODAY. I am trying to do this in such a way that I can make sure that my daughter is safe but is not forced into something that she'll be uncomfortable with. It's a tough thing and this attorney was the one to bring up the questions about what she'd do if she got put on the stand in court. I feel really good about things right now. Just keeping on keeping on and praying that someone out there is looking out for all of my family. Don't know what else to do besides to keep fighting and putting one foot in front of the other until this is worked out. Thanks folks!
  11. rat115

    Shit at work meets shit at home

    Island, the kids' father is my exhusband. You are correct there. I will look into the DA's office. I know that the DA here won't look at anything like that unless it comes through LEO. (I used to be a Cub Scout leader for the DA's son, so I've been able to ask him questions.) I'm not going to take any action until I have talked to this attorney. I am going to ask her advice and make sure that my fannie is coverd completely. From there, I will either go to DHHS here or LEO if she thinks it would be a good thing. I am going to ask for "emergency hearing" paperwork to be put in, which requires that a hearing be in place within 7 days. Praying that I will have her home before her 15th birthday on the 3rd.
  12. rat115

    Shit at work meets shit at home

    They are. Funny thing is that while these 2 kids are 11 hrs away from me and the jerk is doing this crap he's the one that forced my daughter into counseling. He's actually making her learn the tools that is allowing her to speak up. I'm praying that the attorney will help me for a reduced amount. I can't afford a retainer. Adding to everything else, my husband was laid off about 2 weeks ago. Yes, I realize my life sounds like a fucking soap opera. I want to get what I can worked out and ride out the rest. I wish. I've already tried to deal with the counselor in the school there and he'd never call me back. The police here want me to go to DHHS. DHHS says to go to the PD. It's FUCKED up!!!! I've already asked PD there to do a wellfare check and they wouldn't even go into the house. Thanks for the honest opinion. I appreciate it and may be PMing you to get some advice. I want to protect her. Part of it is getting her to quit worrying about "hurting dad" and "getting dad in trouble". I just keep repeating to her that it's about keeping her safe. The one that finally got her to open up was telling her that it might help get her dad the help he needs. Kind of wish it was a box of powdered soap and a roommate called "Bubba", but we're going to keep that from her and just keep supporting her so that she feels safe with me and her stepdad.
  13. rat115

    Shit at work meets shit at home

    Happi, I want to move SO BADLY. My husband doesn't because of his parents. His dad is starting to really show signs of dementia after having had a stroke about 6 yrs ago. Because of that, my husband wants to stay here near his mom. I am working on getting things taken care of with my kids. I'm having a hell of a time getting the local LEO to actually do anything. I am meeting with an attorney tomorrow to see if she can/will help me since I don't have $$ for a retainer. (The attorneys I've talked to want around $3500 for a retainer.) I'm also going to talk to DHHS to see if they'll get the ball rolling. I'm not letting this slide this time. I'm going to fight like a momma bear. Thanks for the hopes. Keep us in your prayers please.
  14. Help! Some of you know me from the time I've been on here. Those of you who do know that I've had some issues in my life. To keep this part short, I've got an ex with SERIOUS mental health issues to the point of having PNES, mentally and emotionally abusive to me and my kids. I kicked the ass out after a search that made me worry about my daughter. What most don't know. This year my mom, who was an alcholic was killed when she caused an MVC by driving the wrong way on the area interstate. My ex pushed during that time. Stress combined with lack of insurance had me down with H. pylori for 3 weeks. My 2 early teen decided they thought they wanted to move in with dad. (Think this had to do with him pressuring them. Actually know it's what it was for the older of the 2.) Now, the older (my daughter) wants to come home and has FINALLY admitted to me that dad's touching her in ways that are not right. Now, work.... 2 years ago, I ended up having surgery on my knee after being thrown into the back doors of the ambo because the EMS director/ALS provider threw a pulse ox and told me to get it and the driver gave a major diesel bolus. The driver and I have talked about it. The director/ALS says that his behavior had no impact on my being injured. He's being nasty and short toward me since I returned. I'm at the point that I don't know what to do. I want to confront the director, but I know he can be a stubborn ass about things like this. I am having a horrible time since my mom died because my mind keeps playing over and over "what if I'd gotten killed when I got thrown" and "my kids would have to live with someone who's really not mentally healthy to raise them". I'm in counseling to work through the issues that have come up, but it's really hard to get this counselor to understand the mentality in this volly department (there is no "paid" service within reasonable driving distance of the small town that I live in). I've actually had the counselor tell me that between what I went and am going through with my ex, the loss of my mom and my injury, she believes that I'm battling PTSD. Thoughts on how to get this individual to talk about this incident and take responsibility so that he will look at his behavior and lack of leadership qualities? Anyone else ever been through anything close to this? I know someone's going to crack about getting rid of the ex. Please don't. Things are actually that bad there. I don't want anything, even jokingly, that someone might find to say that I encouraged something (even his suicide, which he's threatened repeatedly).
  15. Can't do that. He lives too far away. Hmmm..... Nahhh! I don't want risk him infecting anyone else with his brand of insanity.