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  1. A comment posted on CBC. Squinting I am a survivor of PTS or OSD (38 year .. A Domestic Veteran) so I speak with a bit of knowledge on this topic as 3 years ago I too was looking 6 feet down I asked for help and was treated as a criminal ...this despite the recent well intended legislation of AB Bill 1. PTSD is presumptive in First responders, Law enforcement, Corrections, Medics and our Fire Fighters RIP BRAD ! I have good days and not so good days, yesterday was not a good day as I knew with the media releases "innuendo" and links connected the dots ... no sleep, calls to non gove
  2. The "code of conduct/silence" must be broken, I suspect it comes from ACoP or AHS, but not criminal by OH+S, links to help lines and facebook link is broken ? HUH ? We HAVE to change the culture EMS to help our brothers and sisters.
  3. My bad ? Nope it would NOT work out, $$$$$$$$$$ just the idea of travel to another country would be unworkable. That Said: I live (as do you) live in one of the most beautiful places in the world .. YES the concept is excellent in my purview... For example, my ex Flight Paramedic Brother PTSI partner, becomes nauseated just at the smell of JP4 (jet fuel) for very good reason. (a Long, very Sad Story)
  4. I sincerely thank you for your support .. but Man, I have a difficult time just getting out of my G-damn house these days, just to get food, my new canine girlfriend, got me out to walk short distances almost daily, and tolerates me when I just cant go for a walk and she will not eat until I have finished. hence my lack of interest in food and not caring for myself, dropping from 200 lbs to 152 !... she is just a dog) but once again the focus in your link is on military not EMS. Somedays I believe that Front Line First responders are "a dime a dozen" or "disposable medics" .. as when I asked
  5. Et all: I would like to report in my latest research intel. First off the original topic, very sadly Kate has had some very bad PR (Sun Media) and in the Culture of the Canadian Military just does not understand, or are unwilling to even acknowledge this disorder (as much as I am not shocked, she was booed when walking by Gagetown a CAF base) WHAT ???? YES: in EMS we too are guilty of this attitude as well, I know I was ignorant with my best man (at my now dissolved marriage) a now retired Paramedic/FF/Captian and has been misdiagnosed as Bipolar .. very typical of the majority of
  6. Kiwi: Did you forget to mention me force feeding you to put maple syrup (tree sap) on your waffles ? It would have been far easier on you on the "hunting trip" when you put the snowshoes on facing the right direction <sheesh Kiwi !> and the RCMP horse just needed a translator to understand your ramblings ... THE END ........ of THIS work of fiction . Word of caution, Alberta Health Care Mental Health is non existent and the system is a broken system now... and besides no health care is free, its just part of our VERY high taxes, just too bad we the taxpayers have zero contro
  7. Yike's K you ARE the Dog Whisperer. Well she's not really snuggly (in that sense) BUT when she wants something, a complete suck up, just a typical bitch ... Squint looks for bunker for he hears/fears incoming I take a few of the local Shepherd crosses, Labs, and one Bluenose Pitty .. oh yes I forgot a Bermese (sp) Mountain Dog (he's bloody huge) for walks, many owners around my place should be "put down" for the lack of exercise they provide, for many dogs in yards or kennels and never get to run free, hence they become more aggressive. So I took it upon myself to run them all togeth
  8. ER Doc: could you define "lucky" to observe purulent urine .. Doc I think we have to talk LOL.
  9. Chewy: named because she ate a $400.00 seatbelt the hour after I adopted her, (everything is tied down in my rig !) she was "confiscated ???" by SPCA @ 2 years of age. I believe from her behaviours that she was raised in a basement or apartment, she will not go into a small kennel, then again neither will I ! Her original name was Chloe .. which according to the (RedNose Pitbull Relocation Program Policy) name change is a mandated requirement ... LOL . Short Hair minimal shedding, House trained, zilch to little "dawgy smell" and the only chewing/damage she has done was webbing on a hu
  10. Thank you for the more than kind offer, but until the "mobster" gets back to the thread I will hold off ... I would not want to destroy scientific evidence.. Hows that for evading the question ?
  11. Ok Ok .. I got this. Top sample: is orange juice. The Bottom: Rum and Coke, no ice.
  12. I have used this "spinal system" method frequently in fact at one time it was SOP for any suspected spinals for AAA and it it is superior, not only increase bed sores, and decrease amounts of sedation required but can reduce the incidents of stress ileus .. mobey I have little idea about the milkshake coloured urine , if I were to guess, perhaps an intra urinary polyps ... did it look white as in purulent ? Was pt running a temp ? Another idea off the top of my head, you mentioned that ETOH on board .. perhaps pt had a preexisting infection and initially diluted with mega volume's ...
  13. Most seriously, I just do not know what to say with these posts (very atypical) ..but accept to say thank you all for firstly sharing your stories/ lives and being honest with yourselves .. Joker21 .. I will never forget the day I met you at Junior Forest Rangers, your enthusiasm for learning AND better understanding of physiology and comprehention of the Rx interactions was in top 98% of EMTs and you were still in high school ! I so wish you could have met Rob Davis (Dustdevil) he would have loved you as his lil sister as do I. btw Dustdevil spelt it "Shyte" .... this type doest wash
  14. chbare thank you very much brother, you are one of the most non judgmental, brilliant and kind man I have ever had the pleasure to disagree with, but you just made me cry again. ps Don't tell Dwayne I said that !
  15. Thanks island .. the culture of EMS is oblivious .. better said, hides behind the "suck it up princess syndrome" we are just humans and after all the pain/suffering and cruel deaths we are subjected to0, its no wonder really, we are not superhuman but are expected to be, by employers. So 4 different experiments with SSRIs .. they did not help they made it worse, a pill does not take the years of memory away or make one feel "less depressed" I believe after all the research I have done is that constant bombardment with endogenous catecholamines, the crappy shifts, long hours without sleep
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