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  1. MedicAsh

    Update Feedback Requested

    I think it all looks good. I am not having any problems with the popup box coming up. It came up once and I said not now and Ii haven't had it come back up since.
  2. MedicAsh

    MidWest Salaries

    I live in Northern Wisconsin and in my area Paramedics start out $15-$17 per hour. We are a county owned hospital based ambulance. We work 12's here. If you work fire EMS you get paid significantly more.
  3. MedicAsh

    Old folks Still here?

    Wow great to see some older names! I am still here. I did have a name change though. I used to be ashley_dpEMT
  4. I'm alive somewhere......I think *checks pulse*.....................Yep it's still there
  5. MedicAsh

    The Vending Machine Game!

    *Drops in used 7.5 ET Tube with a hole in the balloon* *Machine plays Poker-Face by Lady Gaga* *Ash blows out eardrums because she sounds like nails on a chalkboard*
  6. Working night shift tonight...Hopefully I will get to see the blood moon :)

  7. MedicAsh

    The Vending Machine Game!

    Thats why I gave it to the machine. Its a needle that I won't use anytime soon. I need the 20's and 18's I have in my pocket. LOL
  8. MedicAsh

    The Vending Machine Game!

    *drops in unused 24g IV needle* Machine plays Some random 50's song I dont know.
  9. MedicAsh

    Pediatric Longboards

    All of our backboards have the plasticy buckle straps for adults. That is what is favored by our service here.
  10. MedicAsh

    The Vending Machine Game!

    Out comes a banana flavored condom (giggle) *drops in a quarter*
  11. I am still alive LOL. I have been busy with work and life in general.
  12. Hey everyone, I am looking into some different pediatric spine board for our rigs and I was wondering what you all use out there. We currently use the NyCanCo Pediatric Immobilization Board but it seems like the crew here doesn't like velcro (I sure do miss my spider straps). Any suggestions?
  13. MedicAsh

    Canadian Temperature Scale

    Hahaha I love it!
  14. Anyone know much about this company? What kind of hours? Is it a decent place to work? That kind of info. Thanks
  15. MedicAsh

    Needing encouragement

    I honestly think that getting help professionally is a good idea. Find a therapist that you are comfortable with and have them to listen and help sort things out. Sometimes that impartial party really can help.