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  1. Old folks Still here?

    Wow...talk about blast from the past...I was trying to unlock an old account that used an old email address and saw this notification...most of you won't remember me but a few you will and I am sure that more than a few of you would rather you didn't...
  2. Finally something good in the news.

  3. Bloody hell got pick pocketed some time today while I was out...

  4. Breaks out the windex and looks around

    Nah just crazy life I mentioned you in a post a few minutes ago.
  5. Breaks out the windex and looks around

    I am in New York through the 9th of December working for the American Red Cross.
  6. Breaks out the windex and looks around

    So once again Greetings from some place besides my usual place of residence, I am currently typing to you all from Garden City New York so Richard B or any of you other NY folks that want to grab a drink or a cup of coffee give me a shout out I woulde be glad to oblige. You ahve to love this wonderful organization that I work for and how I never know where I am going to be going next.
  7. Tired and very frustrated certainly have had many better days in my life.

  8. Well someday I might actually make it to Louisiana but that day isn't today, in Orange Texas for the night.

  9. I hate mornings...good grief...and I really hate mornings that start before 0530-0600

  10. Breaks out the windex and looks around

    Hey guys I know I said I would be around for a while but alas that wonderful hurricane had other ideas I ship out at noon for that wonderful state of Louisianna. I will try to be on as often as I can but I make no promises.
  11. Deploying to Texas as Log WHS SV see y'all in a few weeks

  12. I am so ready to deploy it is not even funny, sometimes this being on the west coast is a little miserable. Oh well it will happen sooner or later.

  13. @NBCLA I often wonder why you have a mobile site most of your stories can't be seen on a mobile site...I think I have seen one that worked.

  14. RT @LAScanner MID CITY: Resident found an unwanted Latin man w/ no shirt in his backyard, 2100 blk S. Bronson Ave. LAPD enrte to escort him to jail.