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  1. Similar to what ParaMatt_ said is to look at the Care Bears in the Orange County Area, the one thing I caution you though is that they do have a track record for injuring many people myself included. You will have to stick to your guns when it comes to lifting principals. I will also warn you that getting into 911 EMS in any part of SoCal is extremely competitive even in Kern County. I am going to catch a lot of heat for this but you will need to bolster your resume(depending on previous life experiences) with other jobs prior, either in EMS or out. Feel free to ask some more questions I will stick around for a while...
  2. Wow...talk about blast from the past...I was trying to unlock an old account that used an old email address and saw this notification...most of you won't remember me but a few you will and I am sure that more than a few of you would rather you didn't...
  3. Finally something good in the news.

  4. Bloody hell got pick pocketed some time today while I was out...

  5. Nah just crazy life I mentioned you in a post a few minutes ago.
  6. Second piece of advice always make sure you read posts (and links) fully, it will save you a lot of butt chewing around here. Anyway I was once a student that tried to take the 0 to hero medic mill thing and it just didn't work out yeah I know the cook book on how to do things but I couldn't understand why I was doing it. The cook book method is not what the best for your patient, sometimes the protocols don't work out the first time the way they are supposed to. (At the risk at starting to sound like Dust {RIP} and Dwayne) You have to have a firm grounded knowledge base for why things happen before you can get the higher knowledge on how to fix them. I have come a long way since I took my first medic course and nearly failed out to where I am at now, having taken the entire course load to fulfill prerequisites to get a degree as well as taking a medic course the second time around. I am 1000% better as a COMPETENT pre-hospital care provider now than I was at first, and that is the end goal right to be better at what we do for our patients? With that being said I still am not a great writer so forgive me Capt.
  7. I am in New York through the 9th of December working for the American Red Cross.
  8. My biggest piece of advice to you is even if you are wanting to stay at the EMT level is never stop taking other courses...take an A and P class, biology, O Chem anything that will better the knowledge in your mind and allow you to be a better provider all the way around. The other piece of advice is no matter how big and scary partners/preceptors might seem they have all been in your shoes once.
  9. So once again Greetings from some place besides my usual place of residence, I am currently typing to you all from Garden City New York so Richard B or any of you other NY folks that want to grab a drink or a cup of coffee give me a shout out I woulde be glad to oblige. You ahve to love this wonderful organization that I work for and how I never know where I am going to be going next.
  10. Tired and very frustrated certainly have had many better days in my life.

  11. Well someday I might actually make it to Louisiana but that day isn't today, in Orange Texas for the night.

  12. I hate mornings...good grief...and I really hate mornings that start before 0530-0600

  13. Hey guys I know I said I would be around for a while but alas that wonderful hurricane had other ideas I ship out at noon for that wonderful state of Louisianna. I will try to be on as often as I can but I make no promises.
  14. Deploying to Texas as Log WHS SV see y'all in a few weeks

  15. I am so ready to deploy it is not even funny, sometimes this being on the west coast is a little miserable. Oh well it will happen sooner or later.

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