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  1. celticcare

    First responders and LMA'S

    Yes timmy am referring to the four day training course. I don't think it's that hard to insert an LMA especially when the size and weight range is written on the package/device and in the essence of protecting the airway where sometimes they may be the only rescuer to arrive, I'd rather they put an LMA down and secured the airway to then deliver respirations with cpr than try and struggle with an opa and mask scenario. LMA is a basic airway skill in a lot of ways as it is at bls professional level (nurse and ambulance) here in nz and I have faith and confidence in the students Ability to utilise the skill effectively. Like you say though, err on the side of caution. But then having faith in your students abilities counts too, Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. celticcare

    First responders and LMA'S

    Combis and kings aren't utilised here. Have never used either Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. celticcare

    The T ring

    The thought did enter my mind island.... Also expected big brother dwayne to comment first on that similarity
  4. celticcare

    High flow nasal cannula

    During my post grad papers it was discussed and has been utilised by some staff I know for cardiac arrest management if running a solo code (unfortunately still single crewed vehicles here in some places) and will chat to med director see if it being recommended as standard practice.
  5. celticcare

    The T ring

    Hi all, hope all is well with you guys and gals and happy EMS week. Was surfing the ol dubbayah dubbayah inter web and came across this.... The t ring for trauma of the fingers and potentially toes. This product is for sale on general first aid supplies websites. Has anyone seen or dealt with these? In the ER or Primary health option sure I could see these being used but in emergency prehospital environment. Just curious about the ideas with it. Their website is www.thetring.com I promise I am not sending on a wild goose chase Happy posting Scotty
  6. celticcare

    Scottys album

    Just various pics and pieces.
  7. celticcare

    Cardio aid LS

    Hi guys and happy new year to you all. Hope you are all well and sorry for lack of posting lately. Been a heck of a lot happening in the Scotty and family camp. Anyway, I purchased four cardioaid defibrillators and have had a hell of a time tracking down any manuals or other literature for them. They are ex Scottish ambulance service units. I'm looking for a user manual and a service manual. If anyone has anything or can help me with these devices I would be grateful beyond words. I have uploaded a photo of the units into my gallery so people can see what I am talking about. Thanks in advance and hope someone can help. Scotty
  8. celticcare

    Photo Contest

    Posted one, trying to find all my other ones.
  9. celticcare

    napier1 edited

    Still trying to find others, but this was one of our frontline trucks from my old station. Still love the Chevies
  10. celticcare

    Robert (Rob) Davis

    It's been nearly a year, just amazes me at how fast the time has gone where our friend has passed on. Was thinking about him a couple of days ago, especially with our little dustdevil (already determined that is what our baby will be nicknamed) on the way and just about how far each of us have come in this last year and how even this time later, his influence still remains with us all. Any thoughts to one of our founding fathers for a one year remembrance? Scotty
  11. celticcare

    Photo Contest

    I was thinking of either my new swimsuit in an ambulance or re-enacting my best scene of fifty shades of grey
  12. celticcare

    Photo Contest

    One photo per person?
  13. celticcare

    Starving student

    My paramedic program took you up to the theory and application of ALS. However it was a three year degree and you got a hell of a lot of practical in it and you come out practicing as an EMT b and then after a period of time you challenge for ILS and then after a period of time and acquiring a post graduate qualification, you may challenge for ALS. So in the world of EMS training it isn't always necessary to gain experience of working as an EMT whilst training at ILS or ALS level. Work hard and achieve the skills and knowledge
  14. celticcare

    Starving student

    Ahhhhh starving student, I remember those days, I lost most of my weight in Paramedic School (12 kilos in four weeks eeeek* Enjoy the site, talk to as many as you can, gain a wider diversity of knowledge and learn from all you can. Take care and look forward to your input Scotty
  15. celticcare

    Zombie apocalypse protocols.

    zombie Album: Scottys album Uploaded 28 Jul 2012 - 00:14 Muwahahahahaha