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  1. Two Newfies, Bob and Eli, were adrift in a lifeboat. While rummaging through the boat's provisions, Bob stumbled across an old lamp. He rubbed the lamp vigorously and a genie came forth. This genie,however, stated that he could only deliver one wish, not the standard three. Bob immediately blurted out, "Turn the entire ocean into Molson Canadian beer." The genie clapped his hands with a deafening crash, and immediately the sea turned into beer and the genie vanished. Only the gentle lapping of beer on the hull broke the stillness as the two men considered their circumstances. Eli looked disgustedly at Bob whose wish had been granted. After a long, tension-filled moment Eli said, "Nice going Bob! ...Now we're going to have to piss in the boat."
  2. There was apprehension when the AED's were placed in the public, guess this is along the same lines. I hope for first responders to receive the training, not so sure about the general public.
  3. Does he have a bite of any sort. Had a pt. not to long ago that became septic from a bite. Don't know what his labs were but same symptom's with the heart rate etc. Or because he does nothing but sit on his ass, how about a blood clot. I have seen some very sore legs with clots.
  4. I am going with septis. Had a young guy get a spider bite on the leg. All the same symptoms. Was medivaced intubated with a 50/50 chance of survival.
  5. :DShe's pretty cute. She has the B-day as my son. Enjoy her as she will grow up so fast your head will spin.
  6. I don't think I have asked that question. Most people in town already know the gory details anyways.
  7. The first one reminds me of the story of when my husbands parents went to Hawaii and left 4 teen age boys home alone. Needless to say the day of their parents arrival they thought they had everything covered after the block party that lasted for 10 days. They looked at the linoleum floor and noticed all the cigarette burn marks. The parents didn't smoke. They went an got their aunts nail polish bowl that had about 300 colors in it and painstakingly matched nail polish to floor. For some reason, maybe because everyone in town was at the party, no one tattled on them. The parents didn't know a thing until maybe 5 years ago. True story.
  8. Sorry if I offended you that was not my intent. I was just curious if anything had changed.
  9. Ruff it is great that you are all okay and dealing with this, your family is lucky that you have the skills to help them. The most disturbing thing I got out of your post is the following quote: "this really pisses me off that we had to go through this and that I have to explain this crap to my daughter who I was hoping would not be exposed to something of this nature for another couple of years." The reason I find this so troubling is that in the US you have to actually think about having these conversations and or experiences with your kids. Not to say us in Canada don't have our fair share of troubles, but I'm not to sure how many of us feel we need to have the conversation of mall shootings etc. My kids are all grown up and they were raised in a small town that has had 2 murders in like 60 years. The last being about 20 years ago. So I can not remember your stance on guns but has this experience changed your position on gun control in the US? Again glad your safe Happy
  10. So back in Dec I was placing the stretcher back into the ambulance. I was not squared up and accidently hit the locking mechanism and in turn I walked into the stretcher hitting my upper chest area aka the boob. It really didn't hurt and I didn't think to much of it. Later that evening as I was getting dressed to go out, and I noticed swelling and some bruising. This happened on a Saturday so not thinking it was a big deal waited until the following Monday to go and see the doctor. After a good exam the Dr. stated that yes there was a hematoma and to come back if necessary. I also had made a follow up appointment as it was a WCB incident. So through out all of this there was no pain, but the area felt heavy and a bit lumpy but I was in the mind set that well it will take a while to heal and my body to absorb the blood. After the holidays I took a bit more notice and it really wasn't getting any better but it really didn't feel any worse so I patiently waited for my follow up appointment. The day of my appointment the clinic called and rescheduled for a few days later as my doctors plane was unable to land. I went in and holly crap I don't think I'v seen a Drs. eyes bug out so much and have him run out of the room to make sure the ultrasound girl could fit me in before she left town. To be honest this kind of scared the crap out of me. I went and had the ultrasound and when the girl said to me "how are you doing and I want to know if you are in a good place" I am assuming mentally. She sent the pics out right away and the doctor grabbed me to go to his office so we could have a conversation with the surgeon. Getting a bit more freaked out. We couldn't talk to him at that time but about an hr. later I was summoned back to the hospital. I had an abscess that had developed around the hematoma and was going to be put on IV antibiotics. If this did not work I was going to be medivaced to have it drained. I went into the emergency and the Dr. there started to ask me some questions. This is were the light bulb really started to light up. Have you been running a fever? I have been feeling a bit of chill in the past few days but I have not taken my temperature to confirm. Also In the past week I have had menstrual cycle and I take heavy doses of Motrine for pain. (Im old and it gets worst). Have you been tired? Yes but that is normal for this time. Have you been experiencing any pain? I have had no pain in the area. Have you been experiencing any night sweats? Yes but Im at menopause age and have chalked it up that. One thing that I had not mentioned to the Dr. is that for the past month or so I have had joint pain. Now this is not the flu type of pain, and to be honest I thought I was getting old and maybe starting arthritis. This pain was getting worse but never thought much of it. The best way to describe it is if you ever watch a 80 year old get off of a couch and how it takes a bit for them to straighten up and get going, that was me. So I am now an out patient with IV therapy every 8 hrs. and after the first dose, I can say I was feeling much better. I also slept for about 24 hrs. straight keeping in mind I was awake only for the treatments. Today is the first day of oral antibiotics. After 2.5 days of this I noticed that my joints were not aching and how much better I was feeling. I truly didn't realize how sick I was and was only a day or two away from being septic. It was also explained during the conversations with the Dr. that when women injure this area a lot of the time the body will calcify around the injury and that may prevent the hematoma from being absorbed back to the body. So there for it will abscess and in turn because of the calcification the body is unable to attack the infection. So the Moral of the story girls is if you ever experience this type of injury make sure you keep a better eye on it than I did, take the symptoms of infection very seriously and recognise like in my case there are other things that may be happening that will make you think nothing of it. The boys will be happy that you did Now the funny part of this is I have also discovered I am not as shy as I was before and had the flashing down to a tee. I think I traumatized the Dr. as by the 3rd exam he stated he did not need to see them anymore This also might be the best WCB claim ever lmao
  11. In this case I would not have boarded and collared. I would though have done a very good exam both verbal and physical. All of my findings would have been documented. I had a pt on New Years day who was fighting around with his brother and fell on cement. Of course both were pissy eyed drunk. Any ways I did not collar or board because he was resisting everything I did and flailing his head around. If I did I thought he would have done more damage if there was any. Went to the hospital and explained to the receiving nurse my thought process, he agreed but put on a collar anyway to cover his ass. As I am getting older I do go more by my gut feeling in few areas and I have also discovered that in my community I try to work with the hospital staff and have discussions on why or why not I do things. I have noticed that by doing this I have more respect for the nurses, and drs and they also have more for me. If you have a nurse question you on your treatment be professional and explain, you might be surprised at the response you receive.
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