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  1. Here is a link for Newfoundland. http://www.easternhealth.ca/WebInWeb.aspx?d=2&id=894&p=886
  2. I am at a loss for words to express how saddened I am to hear of Rob's passing. I had many a long chat with Rob over the years, and he will be missed. It is obvious from the postings here that he had a profound effect on a lot of people. I count myself as one of them. He was one of a kind. As a lot of us will not be able to go to any service may I suggest we set a date and time to meet on chat. I know many of us had many good times there with DD. Thoughts??
  3. Mine says 26 Nov 2005, I also think I was here before that, but as AK said join dates changed in 2005. The chat room is where i spent most of my time. Too bad it is not used too much any more.
  4. I know I am not around as much as I used to be, but why is there no one in the chat room anymore? That place used to be so much fun. OM
  5. Hi stranger, How you doing????

  6. Couple of other things? like think... Oh yes you have to have a brain to think... LOL
  7. No one is in chatt anymore??

  8. Humm Where is the "old crowd".

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      Hey wacha mean OLD ?

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      Them's fighting words ... just wait until I get my cane brb.

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      I am good Jeep, been busy Dwayne, only get on the computer once in awhile lately, OK tniuqs let me find my cane tooo...LOL

  9. Hay stranger whats new???

  10. Rock; I was actually referring to a recent decision by the Provincial medical director to allow PCP to start IV's. As for PCP's being allowed to provide home IV therapy. I am not familiar with this. I used to work in NS, (Moved out two years ago) so if something has changed i am not aware of it. It may have, they do have an 'expanded' role scope PCP, what they call "community Paramedic Program". Maybe it has something to do with that. Again i do not know what the training would be. Check out the links tniuqs suggested, there might be something there. Also check the facebook site( if you
  11. While Ont is moving backwards it is nice to see progress from Nova Scotia. Office of the Nova Scotia Provinical Medical Director The Primary Care Paramedic Scope Advancement Project Initiation Document (PID) regarding PCP IV therapy has been approved and signed. There are approximately 450 paramedics that will be required to take the training. See NS updates on their Facebook site: 'Office of the Nova Scotia Provinical Medical Director"
  12. From what I can find out when presented with a sudden change in working conditions (shift schedule) several people would not agree to the changes, and were told " your services are no longer required" the rest quit in support. There is also a roomer that they had applied for union certification.
  13. Officials are scrambling on the southwest coast today to head off a situation which could have left a large area without ambulance service. Ambulance crews have been summoned from Corner Brook to cover off emergency services in the Port aux Basques region following a dispute between operators and workers. Bob Patten, the owner/operator of Reliable Ambulance Services Ltd., says they received a request around 11:30 this morning to send an emergency staff to the area to cover ambulance services. Patten says the set-back in local services stems from a labour dispute. He says there's two di
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