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  1. Nice ride man take care of her and be safe...remember its not you that you have to worry about. It is all the other idiots.
  2. Hey admin as long as we are adding features can you enable the board for tapatalk....
  3. Wow Congrats to the Little Ruffle thats awesome.
  4. dang it I knew I was forgetting something....oh well I shall endeavor to do better next time your royal highney.
  5. Oh boy another language to figure out...it took me long enough to learn how to speak spanish and I live in little mexico AKA California...anyrate Welcome to the city mate have fun sucking up all the knowledge you can from some of us and watch out for the rest of us...and always remember All Hail King Spenac...
  6. Chris I have to say I started to write a post about cutting things nt needing to be cut but after I read your explanation I have to say I am sorry for jumping to conclusions anyway I am all for cutting if its necessary. And I am sorry but who are you and how do you get off putting down Wendy, Almost every post wendy has very valid points very rarely to you see people putting her down. Her post was appropriate prior to a gross misunderstanding by many people being cleared up.
  7. When my old service swapped out there old Ford type 1's we got sprinter type 2's and they have full LED packages. They are great we even had our scene lights as LED's the cool white ones not the warm white of incandescent and they work they are very visible to oncoming traffic or people the only major draw back at least in my area is they tend to reel the drunks in a little bit.
  8. Oh Retread.... One of my most fond memories of Retread or Retired as I called him....I was in Mexico on my tour and I was sicker than a dog I mean it hurt to even think let alone laugh well retread came in and he was havin one of those flu's that did that to ya well....he started tellin a joke and before long we were both laughin so hard we couldt breath it hurt so bad and it was so bad that my host family came up to check on me and see if I was ok. Well I finally got over that and he got over his flu but no matter what we always shared a bond from that. We spoke of that time often and wo
  9. Lone you would know you have been around since before party lines. Heck you might even remember the number of Adams ribs in Chicago being Dearborn-57500
  10. Yeah what siff said...sorry had just woke up after working a concert till three am...uggh should not post while half asleep...
  11. Well I just read about our third one....Actor Dennis Cooper has died as well....Art, Gary, Dennis
  12. This is goin to be a crazy day... Los Angeles and back in less than twenty four hours...

  13. This is goin to be a crazy day... Los Angeles and back in less than twenty four hours...

  14. This is goin to be a crazy day... Los Angeles and back in less than twenty four hours...

  15. I saw this on Charlie Daniels myspace page a little earlier and for those of you who arent really sure who Charlie is well he is a damn good american and a damn good musician. Anyway he has recently been publishing his thoughts on the political turmoil and in his words lack of patriotism going on in this country. The title of this blog was Wusses on the left of me and P****** on the right of me (censored if ya want the real title email me or pm me) anyway I have to say that I live in an area that is close to a Naval Base and well...most of my best friends are military and there parents were/a
  16. We use the power pro stretchers and they are darn useful but my concern with this system was noted earlier by some one else (forgot to quote it) are we just encouraging poor conditioning in the field by adding all of these lift assists devices what is going to happen if some one is poorly conditioned and has to make a bad lift across a bed or something to that effect.
  17. Awww poor Dwayne I was hoping to see some great pictures.
  18. We always new you were a smart ass but I guess this proves it......
  19. This is a great idea Dwayne I wish there had been something like this back when I was newer. I am still new and there is great advice in your post.
  20. annie realisticly this case has drawn some national attention in the medical world so would any place in the US hire her even....She might not be able to find gainful employment anywhere for quite a while.
  21. This most recent article brings up a couple of questions. First off, In CA the nurses both of them could turn around and accuse all of the prosecuting parties of libel which in CA is I believe a felony so that they would have to go through the same things that the nurses went through, and I would presume that the nurses would have a fair shot at winning the case against them if judged by 12 rather than shot by 1
  22. Well I am very happy for the nurse but has the damage already been done with respect to the potential whistleblowers now being afraid of retribution and she has already lost her job over this so wont it hang over her like a black cloud
  23. I am not one hundred percent sure what kiwi's vision is but I do know that it is not 20/20 and if Ben and I were not decent friends I would not harass him about it as for my self I am not afraid to call my self blind or half blind because with out my glasses that is exactly what I am.
  24. CDL Requires 20/40 in both eyes ben is correct in that statement I do not know if there is a waiver for monocular vision or not. Now also you must understand that part of working in the ems field is perceiving what is around you so if your depth perception is not functioning properly well then you might have a tough time of it but it seems like you have found little ways of getting around these problems....but remember one thing if blind people like kiwi and myself can get into ems then chances are you can as well..
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