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  1. Late 20’s? 29? I remember he had moved to Calif. and lived with an aunt or something. But that seems like a long time ago, now.
  2. I haven’t worn a watch in years. It’s like a Oman when I do. Something bad is bound to happen! I would go with Ruff, though, technology helps.
  3. Most of the time, but don’t quote me, you’re okay with summary offenses. Some higher degree misdemeanor and probably all felonies should be reported, if required. But that shouldn’t keep you from becoming a better person. That won’t fall into a category that would make you a threat to others. Hell, it happens in EMS all the time, unfortunately.
  4. My condolences... He was a hell of a funny guy!
  5. Well, at least some of you are still alive. I had to BUY a domain name, to get into an email, to use software.. and all of a sudden it starts populating with old email. And then I seen this place... and I was like, how the hell am I supposed to remember the password for that? Anyhoo.. Still have a pulse. Actually, every single time someone asks me how I am, I check my pulse and just stare at them.
  6. Two muffins are in the oven. One says, it's hot in here! The other says, whoa! A talking muffin!
  7. My most sincere condolences on "Island's" passing, I enjoyed his contributions and sense of humor very much!
  8. We're allowed to carry it, we don't. The state recommended auto injectors. These things cost about $860. Not happening. State Police have it, issued, for free. They won't use it. Control the airway. I can buy a hell of a lot of BVM's for $860. That's exactly what I said during the EMS Advisory Committee meeting. Keep them breathing; and let the medics give them just enough to sustain life.. Our biggest problem has been people using K2, Spice, etc. There is a known heroin ring, and problem, but we have yet to see any OD's. - Now south of us, you'll hear three or four OD-Arrests in a clip.
  9. After my tax refund and retirement check, I could have easily taken the next fifteen years off. ha ha.. But, the company I worked for lost it's contract and folded, virtually overnight. I got out just in time. Got bored doing nothing. Lasted about two months, work EMS again.
  10. Our uniforms are like... A polo and BDU's. No place for a badge. Even if wearing a typical "uniform" type shirt, no badge. My thought on wearing a badge are this: Dude A: Has a gun, wants to kill himself, someone else, is drunk, high, et al. Dude B: Is wearing a badge (and has a gun to defend himself) Dude C: Came to take the loser of the battle to the ER. If Dude A recognizes Dude B as a cop, b/c he has a uniform with a badge. He may also recognize Dude C as a cop, b/c he has a uniform with a badge. I like to separate US from Police. People tend to be more open if we're not PD, and may possibly be less likely to kill us, if they recognize us as "Not the cops". Then again, they may just want to kill us, too. I don't know if that makes sense, I've been drinking.
  11. Can't afford to chat on a forum, you gotta work near 24/7 just to pay the bills. I think EMS is dying.
  12. Some study must have popped up. B/c something has changed. I used to buy NRB's by the case, now I buy like six..at a time. Six masks.. A cylinder lasts three months, vs a few weeks. Keep changing stuff, so it's cheaper to run a service. We could save loads if they did away with board and collars.
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