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  1. Old folks Still here?

    Well, at least some of you are still alive. I had to BUY a domain name, to get into an email, to use software.. and all of a sudden it starts populating with old email. And then I seen this place... and I was like, how the hell am I supposed to remember the password for that? Anyhoo.. Still have a pulse. Actually, every single time someone asks me how I am, I check my pulse and just stare at them.
  2. Two muffins are in the oven. One says, it's hot in here! The other says, whoa! A talking muffin!
  3. Stupid Joke

    Two muffins are in the oven. One says, it's hot in here! The other says, whoa! A talking muffin!
  4. Narcan at the EMT level.

    We're allowed to carry it, we don't. The state recommended auto injectors. These things cost about $860. Not happening. State Police have it, issued, for free. They won't use it. Control the airway. I can buy a hell of a lot of BVM's for $860. That's exactly what I said during the EMS Advisory Committee meeting. Keep them breathing; and let the medics give them just enough to sustain life.. Our biggest problem has been people using K2, Spice, etc. There is a known heroin ring, and problem, but we have yet to see any OD's. - Now south of us, you'll hear three or four OD-Arrests in a clip.
  5. 16 Hours

    No, you can just call me Chief.
  6. I'm still alive. Woo Hoo. I started page 222 I feel speshl.
  7. Oxygen causing harm?

    Some study must have popped up. B/c something has changed. I used to buy NRB's by the case, now I buy like a time. Six masks.. A cylinder lasts three months, vs a few weeks. Keep changing stuff, so it's cheaper to run a service. We could save loads if they did away with board and collars.
  8. I just got a kitten. I should get another, and name them slow and quiet. I think Karma is broken, b/c nothing happened on this end. I could go for some trauma, and not the scratch my hand from "cat's" claws. I call him cat. I should probably get some bandaids and iodine.
  9. I'm still alive. Actually, I just got fired, so maybe I'll come around more often. It's winter, so this can be my hobby. Otherwise, I'm just mopey and depressed. Oh yeah. Slow. Quiet. You read it, you're jinxed. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA That was my 3,601st post.
  10. Dynamed smock in blue

    Just got orange and white as well. ha ha
  11. Dynamed EMS jacket

    I wear one of these on every call. Have three styles, two in blue, one in orange. Just because.
  12. 4.JPG

    Did you post the same thing on my Flickr account? I sold that on eBay ages ago. Too damn heavy.
  13. Seriously, though; what's the difference between Molson and Piss? I doubt they could tell the difference. My 3600th post. I had to make it worth it.