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  1. I can honestly say that if it weren't for Rob (Dustdevil) I would not be an EMT anymore, nore would I be a medic student hopeful who even though I will not walk out with a degree in EMS I will walk out with knowledge that will make me more than just a patch mill medic. I tried medic school once before and Dust (and a few others) told me you really don't want to go that route and me being the punk kid I was thought I knew better so I did it anyway and guess what I failed out. But that was a good thing for me because I walked out with my head held high and I drove straight from that little patch
  2. Good thing I took a cab to dinner tonight I had one to many to drink with deinner so I say good night world good night friends.

  3. Los Angeles just got hit with a 4.2 Magnitude earthquake centered 4 miles North of Pacoima per the LAFD

  4. I am ready to hang this bloody mouse...this is ridiculous.

  5. Note to self don't try to fly with out wings and a jet pack...this act results in broken bones...specifically your ankle.

    1. DeyKnight


      Welcome to the club! When I tried to fly I ended up face planting on a thin rug over a cement floor. Bit right through my lip, went into shock, and needed stitches. :) ...then again, my excuse is I was 4-ish. :P

    2. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      Tyler, one would think that after my 'flying lesson', you would have learned to practice landing before you tried taking off...

  6. I don't feel like the gloves excuse was a valid reason however the Paramedic was well within his right to refuse to assist seeing as he was "off-duty" he would not have been covered under any kind of malpractice insurance unless he maintained his own. With all due respect to you I would probably just drop it and say that you don't mention it to your service. You never stated if this medic even worked for your service so I am not sure what good if any that would do.
  7. This gentleman right here is well on his way to having said associates degree, which many of us (including myself) figured would never happen for one reason or another including the fact that this guy was once a anti-being a medic kind of guy. I am proud to say taht this gentleman and a few others that have responded to this thread are now people I consider mentors as was stated don't shoot the messenger just do the time. Take it from me man, I was a snot nosed EMT thought I knew everything about everything, I was told the same thing get your degree don't go for the patch. Well I didn't lis
  8. There old man I had the "stones to comment on your blog....BAH HAHHAHAH
  9. I think the guy who predicted the end of the world will be wrong again it may just end tomorrow because I actually agree with Flaming and I can kind of understand the logic behind that last post. And I never thought I would do this based on other posts but Kudo's
  10. With all due respect gramps I did not say I felt it was not useful I stated that it was not neccessary granted I based my opinion off the backwards state of CA where I live but still....I took and I feel like I was a better provider because of it. To the OP I do feel like it would be beneficial to you to take said course. I firmly agree that there should be a stricter requirement for paramedics. As you will see in some of my other posts on the education horse I am now a firm believer in the degree program thanks to the likes of Dwayne Dustdevil AKFlightmedic, LoneStar a
  11. Ok Flaming for starters there were TWO of us who stated that we would initiate physical violence against those people. And if it came down to it I can think of no better person to have against my back when it came time to start dishing out blows. Dwayne is probably one of the most intelligent people I know on this site. Knowing him through his posts and our conversations he would probably want to react physically but he would find a way to get out of the situation using that intellect. I have learned from much from him including great restraint I can only hope that if the chips were down I cou
  12. While I do not feel that an A&P course is necessary I feel like I would have and most other providers would have benefited from having one under the belt before beginning the EMT course. I don't feel like there is ever anything wrong with taking more courses than required. If it were me I would take it.
  13. To the OP listen to this man, he knows what he is talking about. I started my career as a EMT and then as I was starting to think about moving on to become a paramedic I ignored his advice and I attempted a "medic mill" I was doing fairly well until I failed a test and realized that the reason I failed said test is that I was having to study for the next two chapters before I had even finished the first. Medic mills move overly fast and give you the bare basics of information to be a "provider" I feel like I was headed towards being a "cookbook medic". I am now enrolled in a community college
  14. Dwayne its funny that you bring this up. I have seen with my own two eyes a gay couple completely wipe the floor with another gay couple because they were doing this exact suck and grope in front of the their adopted children as well as the children of numerous others at this dinner. No one realized what going on but the two couples walked out after being told to take the argument outside. They did and this location had some french style doors (I guess thats what you would call them) that we could see through and both members of the offended couple just hay maker(ed?) the two offending parties
  15. Hey AK, I agree with what your saying and I am not saying I am against the burial at sea but as Ruff has pointed out "our government has in the past ben less than truthful".
  16. BREAKING NEWS: A US official says Osama bin Laden's body has been buried at sea (AP) what more can I say....it sounds fishy....no pun intended...
  17. BREAKING NEWS: A US official says Osama bin Laden's body has been buried at sea (AP)

    1. tniuqs


      Use a blender for his brain and send the mulch to Abby @ NCIS ! You know just to make sure.


    2. FireMedic65


      Muslim customs... but yeah "oh we killed him and did tests.. but we got rid of the body so just take our word for it k?"

    3. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      Oh heah, since you (the government) have always been so forthcoming and honest with the citizens, I'll get right on the 'believing part'!

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  18. I heard that to Ruff and I also agree that some big attacks will happen in the next couple of weeks.
  19. To the original poster: It seems as though you’re trying to foist your personal views on everyone in this thread. While you personally do not feel that pornography is suitable for viewing in the public library, apparently those who set the rules in said library do not agree. While I do agree that pornography should not be accessible on computers owned by a governmental agency, I don’t feel that we should be limiting computer access by the general public (such as at the public library). Just because an individual CAN access ‘adult images’ on the computers at the public library, most w
  20. At least it's not ME getting the 'Gibbs slap to the back of the head' for once!
  21. I saw this floating around the internet earlier...but to the OP I don't see anything in that article that says they thought it was ok. Would you please site your evidence for that belief?
  22. There seems to be a growing trend here of Thats why I took the class...
  23. BAD JOKE WARNING Welcome to the city Biebers Baby
  24. I am gonna have to save a few topics on here for in the morning my brain hurts to much to try to decipher poor formatting/posting

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