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  1. mrsbull

    Hey Guys!

    Both of the kids were not breathing when we got to them. Baby was brought to me by a freaked out daddy.( to a freaked out but calm EMT btw) On vacation baby was drooling and blue, resp of maybe 1 (attempted by pt) I didnt really count, cpr was initiated on both kids (DUH). Baby #2 (2 yo) was down and blue prior to assist ventilation's. It was then when we realized SHIT my job does not carry Peds masks. Although we had a peds BVM. WTH!! I was unable to get any sounds AT ALL, although rise and fall was ok for me at the time. Baby #2 and #1 were both attached to pads. (Also at this time I was cursing my job in my head for not having peds pads or peds settings) Every time I would begin compressions her HR would go from 20s to 140, she was closely monitored and breathing improved with bagging then blow by (per my partner during transport). On calls like this we transport ALONE, 99% of the time it is with a freaked out parent or FM. An adrenaline filled ranger to take us to meet with ALS. It's a scary ride on a mostly guardrail less mountain. Thank goodness I do not tend to get carsick while providing pt care. I am too focused, however I can not sit in the back of a vehicle during a trip.
  2. mrsbull

    Hey Guys!

    Yes both kids were "saves". Nothing like seeing a blue baby on the ground. Scary. And Thanks!!
  3. mrsbull

    Hey Guys!

    I know it has been a while since I have posted here. I hope to post more often. I had a Tummy Tuck 2 weeks ago and am doing fine. Just some residual shooting pain from the incisions and nerves healing that hurt like hell. I have moved into a new place and am trying to get it together. It is kinda hard when you cant lift more than a gal of milk (hell that is still hard). My son is coming for Christmas from Ohio and I am so thankful for that!! My tummy is flat and I am thankful for that too . I have a new home and a great daughter who is healthy and alive as well as a bf who is the same. I again am thankful. My last week of work before my TT, I had 2 kids code on me. As some of you know I work on the top of a mountain. We have 2 ems providers up there (usually) sometimes were alone. I was thankful enough to have my awesome partner up there with me when both of the kids went down. A 2 yo and a 7mo both girls. Both of the kids got to me emotionally. Nothing like seeing a parent beg and plead for us to "do something". Both kids are fine (that I know of) breathing and crying when transferred to local EMS who take out pts to the ERs because by law we HAVE To be on the summit for it to be open. The dad of the 7 month old. Was a fellow brother to us in the EMS field. He is a FF and an EMT as well. My heart truly broke for this man. However I realized just how important it is to be able to work on a baby ALONE but having "jobs" for the parent to do. For example this dad was an EMT, I had him do some "chores" as well as writing vitals down for me while transport and him seeing the trending upward of his child helped to calm him down and be a better (and more rational) support for his daughter. I dont have many peds pts. The occasional vomiting kid or bloody knee from running on the top of a mtn. But to have 2 codes in 1 week just before Thanksgiving has made me a different person and a more compassionate provider as well. I think this comes from me "being there" as a parent. I have posted before on a why I became an EMT topic so I will not go into it. As providers we often forger it is not ALL about treating the pt. It is about making a difference. I have also recently gotten my first "thank you" card from a pt. It meant more to me than any other metal or commendation, good grade, thank you or anything I have ever had. I can look it at anytime and be able to remember that I meant something to someone and I will likely never see her again. That is just one of the sweet parts about this job. It is nothing to someone but to me it is the world. Take Car ya'all Happy Holidays.
  4. Thaw was discussed. I have been there now for a bit however the lack of being able to take care of a pt better. For example not having the supplies needed. Not that not having lancets or fluids wouldnt be beneficial but it would help to access and establish care up there a bit better. I hope that comment makes sense. I know what I cam trying to say it is just not forming in my mind well enough to type out.
  5. They are (mostly) I think coming from the Company I work for. However I was told Med Control approved the "standards". On a side note I am 84 up there. We are talking 14,110 feet. Oxygen in the air is thinner and less of it. I do not know the %. Even in the city I live in is 92 is acceptable. As posted above I DO NOT treat from the monitor I treat from the pts appearance and vitals etc...
  6. It would be nice to meet another "city" person. PM me if you go. I will send you my # and we can meet up if you like.
  7. Well I could not think of a better title lol. This post is about my job. For those who dont know I work as an EMT on the top of a pretty busy mountain. I was recently asked to read/sign a few "standards" that some emts at my job have not either been aware of or things that they do not do. This is one of the "standards" as written (capitals and all) **Patients only need oxygen if they are BELOW 70% or if they are cyanotic (blue in the lips or nail beds). If patient is around 60% try to coach them up with out oxygen first. Have them sit down, drink water, and focus on deep breathing (in through nose and out through mouth with a small pause in between inhalation and expiration). ** NRBs should ONLY be used for EXTREME cases such as: Potential Heart Attack Patients, patients with severe head trauma, patients severe altitude sickenss and a nasal canula is not enough. What do you think of this?? I treat according to S/S. Not just the monitor. I also work at 14,110 feet. O2 is limited up there (supply) they want us to "conserve" O2. I understand that. It is difficult getting decent supplies up there. Let alone a pulse ox I can trust (another reason I treat the pt not monitor) I have no way of cardiac monitoring, we ran out of lancets yesterday. No IV supplies at ALL. No ALS for around an hour (less if flight is needed). However UP TOP we have to call in the Army for a Shinook due to altitude. We have to head down with a ranger to meet FFL if PT is not TOO Critical but needing flight. We also would have to clear a LZ of up to several hundred cars on top of the mtn depending on traffic that day. No idea on the time that could take. No LZ is kept free from visitors. STUPID I know!! I have to call a ranger to pick up (only 1 EMT normally) to transport an pt to ALS. So I have to wait for a ranger to get to the top, meanwhile I get als rolling. I get in with the ranger and pt. Head down a mtn (with lots of switchbacks). L/S depending usually lights tho... 2 days ago I was transporting (no seat belt on me) I have to sit sideways in the vehicle to be able to properly attend to my pt. The breaks locked up on the vehicle ON a switchback. If my pt was not already having an MI he just started :0. Also there is sometimes ONLY 1 emt up there alone and thusly we are not "allowed" to leave to transport. Thoughts??? It is scary up there with the lack of supplies/communication etc. I am not used to working in such a rural area. Any advice is appreciated. NOTE: We are also a free service up there. All "tips" are for our EMS fund.
  8. Today is the annual FF memorial here in Colorado Springs. Is anyone attending here? I plan on going. (I live 10-15 mins away.) It is at 1 pm. Oops posted in wrong place. Mods please feel free to move.
  9. I was living in Ohio. Columbus to be exact. I was giving (my then 28 day old son a bath). Got a call (did not answer it) during the bath. I called back a few mins later on to "see" who called. It was my friend telling me to turn on the TV NOW!!! I asked what channel. She said ANY!! Turned it on and thought so many things. Too many to post. Mostly Who,What, Why, How and etc... I was NOT about to leave my DS but I am/was more concerned about the fact that he needed me more. I also would have (maybe) been there had I been needed at that time and needed then.
  10. http://awtr.blogspot.com/2007/09/cake-in-jar.html This is a good idea!! (my ex is in the Army) and I would send him things from here. http://www.minimus.biz/ Minimus ships super fast and they are so nice. Thanks your hubby for his service.
  11. Your welcome. I have not seen the knife care to post it?
  12. I thought it would be fun to post whacker gear. Things we run across that are funny etc... Here is something I found on craigslist looking for some work pants. http://denver.craigslist.org/tag/1842515430.html
  13. OK that said (my responses) I have read no further than Dwaynes post. Off to read more!
  14. I went to EMT class in Wa State. I WAS checked for background in that state. I was also CBI/FBI Checked here in CO. That said, I also believe that just because you have a clear background check DOES NOT mean that you are exempt from you being a sexual predator. It VERY WELL can mean someone (you OR anyone) just has not been caught is all.. All in all it is scary and it also means be on your guard, watch your partner and be an advocate if something does not seem right for your pts. Be observant be aware and for goodness sake be INTOLERANT of any odd behavior.
  15. Plus the elevation. i know that going up you loose a liter of fluids going up in elevation and down. That is above 7,000 ft. I dont know about fluids going to almost sea level. I would imagine so as well. Good luck on your test!!
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