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  1. Whacker Gear

    Your welcome. I have not seen the knife care to post it?
  2. Whacker Gear

    I thought it would be fun to post whacker gear. Things we run across that are funny etc... Here is something I found on craigslist looking for some work pants.
  3. Is not wearing any pants!!

    1. mrsbull


      I'm wearing shorts!!! :o

  4. Hey Doc!! How are you? Been a LONG TIME since we talked. I miss our chats!! Hope things are FANTASTIC!!!

  5. Hey girlfriend!!! Did you PM me? I am the computer geek in not the right sense. I see you responsed, but don't how to get back to you. My email is, or I am facebook too. Linda Drake- Orcas Island, Washington.

  6. I V

    It hurts not going to lie but it is not a long term hurt. Big pinch/poke and hopefully they wont have to dig to get the vein. I wont let anyone near my hands cause someone once or twice got a nerve in my hand.
  7. Rip Brother! You are missed!

  8. Can someone PLEASE change my username BACK!!

  9. Can someone PLEASE change my username BACK!!

  10. Can someone PLEASE change my username BACK!!

  11. wassup mrs. bull!

  12. Baby's First visit to the Doctor...

    Too funny. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Pain Control Question

    LMAO a rash on the bridge of her nose. Apparently it was not a short term "allergy". Ok blonde moment does she mean her upper lip (from canula)?? No pun intended. (although it would have opened a few doors) ok it likely just did...
  14. Pain Control Question

    I did not clarify "sorry I thought I had". I put a reaction (sensitivity/adverse) to the drug instead of an allergy. Personally when I refer to an "allergy" I think shut down time anaphalaxis a TRUE med emergency. Not a ohh I am sensitive to something. I hear a lot of pts when doing my SAMPLE in my A part, what is the reaction that xyz does to you. If you say itching well that sounds (to me) like a sensitivity. My DD is allergic to Rocephin. It is not pretty. Now if a pt says I am allergic to penacillin and your reaction is you stop breathing then OK fair nuff that will HAVE to be relayed to the intake facility. Does anyone put a sensitivity to a drug on a pcr or only TRUE allergies??