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  1. I really dont think so mom but also is someone else's life worth you not telling the truth about a medical "professional"
  2. I thought that there was but so far I have only found information to specific states....
  3. I agree mom but also how many people are going to be willing to blow the whistle after this especially if the prosecution wins this case....I mean all it takes is one blown whistle blower and that might be the end of it....
  4. A texas Nurse was charged with misuse of official information while blowing the whistle on a "bad doc". I know in CA that there are laws to protect whistle blower. However I do not know what kind of laws there are in other states... So lets get a rip roarin discussion going on this and see what we can hash out for thoughts on this.... http://www.cbs7.com/news/details.asp?ID=17849 http://sanantonio.injuryboard.com/medical-malpractice/texas-whistleblower-nurse-stands-trial.aspx?googleid=278006
  5. Got mine but was only a three x not size I asked for so gave it to me mum
  6. Well we need to make sure we don't go needin 911 help in georgia LoneStar is now an official emt....hopefully he killed enough in the classroom he wont kill em in the streets.....congrats lone and welcome back to the land of real medicine.
  7. Well phil ya did it again and you got me to snort on top of it that is a fairly good explanation not only for youth but for some members of this site
  8. I just had to make a short one hour flight....It took me an hour and a half to get through security and then I had to wait 2 hours in the terminal due to the plane having to be swept because some passenger checked baggage at the previous stop did not make it on the plane.... anyway I am rambling off topic: While going through security I had a set of earbud headphones that were not that great I paid 50 cents at the dollar store for them but they looked like nice bose headphones well someone wanted them and I was told they were on the do not fly list well at this point I thought I did not
  9. Loads very quickly here but terribly slow on my VZW blackberry....might be because I have miss placed the address for the mobile version of the site
  10. You get a fire department for the chat room puts a quarter in
  11. You get the one ya want rather than the one I thought....Puts a QUARTER BLOODY HELL Thanks mom for the award...
  12. You finally get your flight medic....puts a quarter in....
  13. You get susan boyle but she has a frog in her throat.....Puts a quarter in...
  14. You get a a nice bowl of pudding before bed.... Puts in a corner er....quarter even
  15. I just found out the CA task force three is loading on to a C-17 tomorrow morning (thurs) at 0900 to deploy as well as a full orange county USAR task force
  16. I agre phil this persecution especially for a decent deviant like your self.
  17. The news around here is reporting 14 after shocks over half of which have been over 5.0
  18. I see all kinds of problems with this procedure but I also know that enough of the general public will figure a way around this and so the circle will continue...
  19. As we all know I am a little bigger than your average EMT any chance we can get a couple in 4xlt
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