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  1. I'm a Mass paramedic and I'm beyond furious. I WISH Mass was a NREMT state because these idiots would lose their certs for life! The reason the punishment was so lax'd is because Mass is a union driven state and this comissioner has zero balls to revoke their certs...I hate the state of Mass, it's a freaking joke and the ONLY reason I hold this stupid license is for the extra $2 an hour pay raise that's in my bargaining agreement. These people are a disgrace! I wish I could get the names of everyone involved so we could plaster them all over every EMS website on the planet to make sure they are never hired again! These are the types of people that give the rest of us a bad name. This comminuty as a whole has worked hard to elevate itself to the level of the nurses/FF/cops and it's idiots like these people that set up back. Damn them...
  2. i'm with you Kate, more than you know...

  3. i'm with you Kate, more than you know...

  4. i'm with you Kate, more than you know...

  5. Thanks for all the support y'all. I won't deny that I'm kind of hanging on by a thread. I realize that once rock bottom is hit, and I'm sure I'm there right now, that the only place left to go is up. I just don't really see the motivation for it right now. I've had curveballs thrown in my life and I've successfully negotiated them in the past, but this one was from out of left field and like a rogue wave it's pretty much sunk my ship. I'm really trying hard to put it out of my mind. I just feel so violated and angry. I never would have thought, not in a million years, that she was capable of such acts but I guess the stigmata holds true that you never really know a person. Anyways for what it's worth I appreciate the support.
  6. She was a signer on a joint account we had together, but not the one she logged onto and took money out of. The police say it would be hard to prove it was her, whatever, I know it was. She's not had a job in a year, all the money that goes into that account is mine and we were never married. All the stuff in my house was purchased by me, however it was purchased through the joint account. She's not the account holder I am, she's just a signer. I'm sorry if I'm brief I'm just so angry and bitter right now. I'm so good at supressing emotion and dealing with stress that this has really gotten the best of me. I wish I could find a wonderful woman in EMS but they are few. It would make life so much easier. I have such a heart of gold and I really don't deserve this. The real sad part was that I thought we'd remain friends after all this time. I even offered to help her a little financially until she was back on her feet. I'm just so cold to everything right now.
  7. Since I really haven't had any time to vent to anyone else about this whole situation, I figured putting it down on paper, so to speak, would make life a little easier. I'm not unlike most of you, averaging 4 days a week but a total hours alotment of about 72 per week. Why, well the plan was to help the now EX get back on her feet and through school! So I thought.... I was at work on Sunday, my birthday to boot, when I found out she had logged onto my back account (not sure how she got the info) transferred money out and when withdrew said money zero'ing my accounts. As if that wasn't enough she didn't just stop there. She took my entire IKEA bedroom set, sleep number bed, my hi def TV, my new IMAC, and my god damn dog! Now I'm the type of guy that puts everything he has, his heart and soul, into a relationship and I work through problems when I know they exist. As a Paramedic it's my job to look after the well being, both physically and mentally, of those I contact on a daily basis. What I don't understand is both what I did and why this shit happens to me? We were together for 4 years. My previous relationship was 7.5 years and she cheated on my 3 times, her excuse was that I wasn't home enough. Now granted I was working 96 hours a week because we were on a single income with a new baby and putting myself through paramedic school at the time. I just don't get the female species, I'm a good fuc*ing guy. I don't get why this always happens to me!
  8. Agreed! Take it from someone who is a licensed provider in the state of MA but refuses to work there, nothing and I do mean nothing, will happen to these idiots. I suggest everyone of us with integrity write a letter to the DPS ALS liscensure contact: Lynn Doyle. Her email is on their website. This is complete crap and these idiots should be terminated, made to pay restuition, and be charged with purjury!
  9. I appreciate the intial info, I'm in NH. I'll see what I can track down.
  10. Speculation and scuttlebutt have reached my ears that the new KKK standards of ambulance lighting is requiring LED warning lights. My questions is, does this also apply to existing ambulances in the field now? Must they be retrofitted to be in compliance? I've googled the hell out of this topic and I can't seem to find squat. Anyone that can help would be wonderful!
  11. Personally I think it's the MiniMed! Can't stand that damn thing. It says there are bubbles in the line when there arn't bubbles within a mile of the damn pump. Hence the reason why my service is getting rid of them!
  12. I was a Medic in Las Vegas for a couple of years. If you're new and want the experience of a lifetime then yes, Las Vegas would be fun. Don't expect to raise a family there, not a great city for it (reason I left). It's a ballbusting system for sure! You get worked to the bone, hardly ever get off on time, and run a ton of BS calls. I'm not complaining because I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Most of my best friends still work there! AMR and Medicwest (owned by AMR) are the privates that transport. City fire (good guys) and Clark County Fire (complete wastes of space, money, air, etc) are the two first in providers. There is a lot of political struggling going on right now. FD's are being told to slash their budgets for face layoffs so they are pushing to transport. Eitherway it's a good place, great people, tons of drama (if you're into that crap). Send me a message and I'll give you contact info.
  13. Hey all! I've been charged with the task of researching and putting together cost analysis for my department regarding the replacement of IV pumps. We currently use the Siemens MiniMed III which at one time was somewhat of a standard in the EMS comminuty. Anyone who has used these pumps knows what a pain they can be. With that said the department is seeking something more streamlined, faster programming, more universal, and of course paramedic proof. Multiple pump channels is a must. Some interest has been expressed in using syring style pumps as well. I was hoping for a consensus of what your services use so I can get an idea and direction as to where the industry is going. Thanks for you time and I look forward to your comments and suggestions.
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