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  1. While I do agree CBEMT I think it might be a little bit more productive to educate this person rather than just bash on the instructor. I mean after all not everyone can have a kick ass top notch think of everything instructor.
  2. First off do not be embarrassed about asking this question I had the same problem when I first became an EMT but I wasn't a member of this site yet so I didn't have anyone to ask I stumbled and bumbled through it. Good on you for using your resources. So my first question is you say you passed but do you mean you passed your course or the NREMT? If you passed your NREMT then you can start filling out the forms for your back ground check as well as your EMT-B Certification. I would not start actively looking for a job until you have that because most companies will not even look at your a
  3. I was in my 8th Grade and I had to get up early to be on the practice field for marching band and my father got me up early I went and just like I did every morning I started the coffee for him and I turned on the news on the tv by my bathroom and the tv in the family room and just as I turned it on they were showing a clip of the first plane hitting....my first reaction was a pilot made an error and boom... I went and I took a shower and when I got out of the shower I was wandering around with my tooth brush in my mouth I saw the second plane hit and I ran to my parents bedroom and said....s
  4. Uggghhh....how does one get the flu/cold when it is 95 degrees outside?

    1. Jeepluv77


      That so sucks. I hope you feel better soon.

    2. Chief1C


      I had a 103 temp last week when it was in the 90's here.. Now it's in the 50's.. early autumn.

  5. Saw that when I looked after you posted I must have just missed that going through my news feed...
  6. I have sent off an email to scotty however it hasn't gotten answered....I will try calling him in a few days....if I can find where I stashed his number.
  7. Hey Gramps your posts are back...

  8. You know a dream is like a river Ever changing as it flows And a dreamer's just a vessel That must follow where it goes

  9. There is one in east Compton...company I used to work for there had one right down the road.
  10. Oh Man annie that was great even if I am not married....
  11. I havent yet but will definitely give ya a hand admin when I get some funds in from these recent projects I have been workin on...
  12. I just got done working at a shelter for a brush fire in northern Los Angeles County and one thing that amazes me time after time is that even when people are in a bad spot they always are willing to help out someone who is worse off.
  13. Admin I just went looking to change my sponsorship from the year one to the lifetime help the cause one and...I am not seeing where the option is....perhaps I will after I have got some rest.
  14. Took a little bit of getting used to it and now that I have had the time to play with it I really like the new layout.

  15. So ruffles the other day I got into some bad sushi...yeah yeah it was raw fish...anyrate I had to hit the head all of the sudden while I was in the grocery store...so I went and it was a upscale ralphs clean and everything so I landed and not more than thirty seconds this dude comes in and starts combing his hair and I swear .....he must a been in there for twenty minutes. So here I am with everything locked down tight....he finally starts out and I let it go some other poor sap walks in now mind you as soon as I am done not a soul comes in.....I was standing by the hallway to the head for sev
  16. I like the hilary clinton toilet bowl cleaner personally but lets not get into the politics of these things eh???
  17. Mine was unintentional I was attempting to hit the multiquote button I will reverse it when I can in the morning sorry crapmagnet.
  18. Not only does FL have some great points but learn from the ones who have attempted medic before and who have completed medic before you. Ask Dustdevil I used to be very anti two year degree for a profession I never truly thought I would stay in but after having attempted medic school getting part way through and washing out I learned that the two year degree is the only way to go you have to have the solid foundations of A&P as well as psyc comms and other core courses to be a well rounded medic. Now I know that statement is going to create a huge **** storm from some people around here so
  19. Hey Ruffles not sure of the acreage but there is a place in pinehurst CA that has a great house and some acreage that backs up to wooded property (maybe includes) I see it when I am driving to my families cabin every weekend if ya want next weekend I can see if I can gather some more information for ya....
  20. Not positive but I think what the OP maybe referring to is the LA City DOT Ambulance endorsement that allows you to pick up a patient within the city of Los Angeles with out that you and your employer can receive stiff fines and you could be barred from picking up in the city again. Basically it is another way for the city to tax us but with out it you can only drop off in the city of Los Angeles.
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