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  1. I am a big fan of the Power Pro! We have had them on all our trucks pretty much from when they first came out (we have over 20 in use, some with over 30hrs on the timer). My advice regarding the battery life is to remember that the original dewalt battery system is meant for the construction world (quick charge in an hour, then an 8hr recharge). The newer SMRT battery system is great. These cots are incredibly durable even during a cold Canadian winter. Like most of the previous comments, we use a FERNO stairchair to extricate pt's when there are stairs or if lifting the cot i
  2. Hi there, I am looking for recommendations for narcotic pouches. We have had good success with Firetech's (14) vial pouch, however we have are just about to add fentanyl, etomidate and it looks like ketamine is in the near future. Our fentanyl will be supplied in a 5ml volume and the etomidate will be 10ml. Any suggestions or feedback would be welcomed. Cheers, Brett H.
  3. YoYo, Speaking for myself "and hopefully" my brothers and sisters in Saskatchewan, good luck in your fight!
  4. We have been using the powercot since 2007, we have 24 of them and they have been god send. We continue to work hard at the concept of zero lift whenever possible and our injury stats are showing this. Mechanical wise the only real problem we have had is the replacement of the cot's switches, which we hope will be reduced with the newest generation of switches that have come out. Battery wise we have had no issues, Stryker attributes this to the fact we run them dead and change out at the station or ED. The powerload system looks interesting but I don't know if we will or when we w
  5. Not trying to make a point just sharing information is all.
  6. The attached is a link to the tentative agreement between the Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan and the Province of Saskatchewan. In a nutshell a nice 16% increase for the prehospital providers. http://www.hsa-sk.com/assets/files/strike/Memorandum%20of%20Agreement%20July%208%202011.pdf
  7. We have been using them in Regina Saskatchewan Canada now for a few years, excellent product with no concerns at all. Prior to this product we had been using a Surflo 14g IV Cathlon, the reason for the change was our employer (Health Region) moved total use of Safety Engineered Sharps Devices. Hope this helps, sorry for the late reply, I just noticed this thread. Brett H.
  8. You tube has some video, I will take some picks when it arrives and post them.
  9. Hi, We have a visit scheduled with Stryker to demo their new power loading system (sorry not sure of it's proper name). I am trying to do some homework before they arrive and was wondering if any service is using this system, and what the opinion is. We have been using the Stryker Power Cot now for almost 2 yrs. and love them, and think this system would be a welcomed addition. Cheers, Brett H.
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